Warning: Zapals Non Delivery and Don't Respond to Any "Help Desk" Tickets

I've got 2 orders, one from Feb 2018 and the other from 1 November 2018 and neither ever arrived.

I've created 2 help desk tickets (5th Jan 2019) and nothing but tumble weed, no response, nothing.

I've since created 2 more tickets asking for response for my previous 2 tickets. Nothing..

They obviously don't care.

I think I'll skip ordering from Zapals in the future, their level of respect for customers is just a bit too low.

I've also pinged (PM) the Zapals rep here and no reply.

Anyone else having similar issues?

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    If you paid by Paypal just log a case. I had mine refunded pretty quickly.

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    They wont response to any help ticket or paypal ticket , so you just open the paypal ticket when the time go by and you will get your refund.

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    Yeah my deliveries from this website are hit and miss, I have stopped using them about 4 months ago.

  • I use Zapals for either very small orders, or large orders that have a huge discount. Small orders I forget about and expect to receive a few months later, but so far (fingers crossed) they have all arrived. Large orders… same timeframe but I'll keep more of an eye on it.

    Zapals is one of those "very cheap but you get what you pay for" sites. If you're expecting good (any) customer service or support, you're on the wrong site.

  • heh my Zapal orders have always been a few bucks, reliability of order it shockingly bad

    I feel that Zapal and other stores that have ridiculous mail time should ave a warning in all their posts.

    ie 6+weeks actual mail time and complaints of not received

  • They seem to be using the cheapest form of postage they can for their freebies. Gearbest did the same years ago and that resulted in a lot of orders never making it.

    Thankfully other stores don't cheap out as much for their 'free shipping'.

  • Reckon that if by November I had not received an order placed some 9 months earlier I would not have ordered from them again.

    • Yeah agreed, but I didn't notice until after. I realised the November order never arrived so did a quick check on other previous orders and saw that one from Feb that never turned up.

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    I did get a reply for an error I had made on an item. Very small amount, so just wrote it off. You could just claim it through Paypal if it didn't arrive. Within the Paypal time frame though

  • I have had a real mixture. Some non-arrivals they have refunded, other non-arrivals they have not responded on. Only about 10% don't arrive.

    • …only my first order made it. 4x have not made it at all….will PP claim and never purchase from them again

    • …only my first order made it. 4x have not made it at all….will PP claim and never purchase from them again

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    Zapals have lost me.

    I just lodged 5 claims through PayPal for Zapals non-deliveries. The most disgusting thing I got was a 'delivery' from them in an undamaged but empty satchel/parcel. So I got what I paid for, the postage. Lodging a ticket with Zapals for these issues simply initiates an automated 'received' return email which is never followed up on.

    So my last 5 orders going back to early November '18 have now been lodged with PayPal.

    So Zapals got my money for those 5 orders, admittedly small amounts, usually their 'freebie' [cough] postage only (really?) but that's just me. How many others? I'm seeing really big dollars here. Is this looking like fraud?

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      after receiving my first and only successfully received order…am currently waiting on 4x orders all ranging from oct-november of last year. will be putting in PP claims this week and wont be ordering anything else from them again. had enough of waiting and am not going to f__k around with support emails over such small amounts

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      All 5 refunds back in my bank. Thank you Paypal for your protection in these matters.

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    yes im up for banning zapals from ozb…pretty crappy that i have to make 4 x separate paypal claims this week for low value items that never made it (or were never even sent in the first place??)

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    I think they need to be banned from Oz given this is now a repeating issue.

    I placed a reasonably large order with express delivery on Dec 12 and still nothing now over a month later. Raised two tickets and two direct emails to their email line, nothing but the automated we will get back in 24 hours. Weeks pass no response.
    Guess I have to reverse the paypal transaction. Damn.. really needed the order too.

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    Ordered x2 phone holder cases from a deal posted on here back in November 2018, lodged a complaint with paypal today so hopefully I'll get the $ back. Won't be using that site again it seems from all the issues here. Was one of those few $ ozb orders I place and seem to forget until it gets delievered, had been really wanting one of these so kept an eye on it luckily.

  • Since April, I've purchased 39 items from Zapals. Eight of these didn't arrive. I submitted a suport ticket and got a refund for some items and a coupon for another item, which did end up arriving, a few days after I created the ticket. There are some items of those 8 that I haven't submitted a support ticket for as of yet. While some other posters have not receved a reply to support tickets, mine was answered and I just kept replyng to the original support ticket for other items that I didn't receeive and I continued to receive responses.

    However, when I once had a question for them, which I sent using their online chat which was offline at time, I never recevied a reply to my email address.

    There are also six recent purchases, that have not shipped yet.

    Most of the items sent with Badatong did not arrive. The most recent items I have received were shipped with China Post, so hopefully they no longer use Badatong.

    I'll continue to purchase from Zapals because they are so cheap. However, I've been buying more items from Aliexpress lately than Zapals, as I've been finding them to be better in terms of shipping speed and actually receiving my purchases.

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    Just to add to the chorus, never received order as well. Also Zapals aren't responding to my ticket. Will never buy from them again.

    Would be good if the oZb site could be modified to attach a "risk rating" to a deal (seller).
    High risk - Things like flagged for non-delivery of items by a large number of people
    Med risk - Receive your product but have to do something dodgy in order to get it (e.g. create multiple ebay accounts or use VPN to avoid geolocation)
    Low risk - typical deals you'd find from most local stores.

    • …actually not a bad idea if it could be implemented somehow
      in the meantime im posting a warning on any zapals deal i see here ….for the time being
      …as you can see the last zapals 'freebie' only got 3 plus votes and just as many negs thanks to other users also posting theyre experience with zapals

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    yes it seems like i'm one of the victims of above mentioned issue too - guess it's too good to be true when you see SSDs for that cheap :(

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    Had very similar experience poster's with Zapal. Have stopped buying from them and told all my friends. I reckon their stuff should be banned from OzBargain.

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    me and my partner had the same issue, our accounts were blocked after submitting tickets.
    tried emailing and help desk and tickets not responses
    have both contacted paypal for refunds.

    sadly you cant comment or neg the deal on the post as it's a few months old and has been closed

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    I purchased 6 solar lights/night lights that were supposed to be a dim light then bright when motion activated for my elderly parents. I wanted the exact lights I have myself.
    I received 6 solar lights, all with no dim light function, 2 were falling apart. These lights look similar but don’t suit my application.
    Did the support ticket with no response so through PayPal and they have offered me a40% refund. But these lights aren’t suitable. Should I accept the partial refund or ask for the whole amount?
    But yeah, never again.

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      …partial refunds are bullshit. insist on a full refund & let them know you will escalate to paypal if they decline…
      they should offer you a full refund straight back to your paypal account after that
      i had one of the other cheapy asian sites try this on me and this tactic seemed to work for me

      …now lets get serious and ban zapals from ozb so as to avoid these sorts of issues along with non delivery of orders and abysmal customer support

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        Have escalated to full refund.
        Will advise outcome.

      • So I get my refund approved. Yay!
        I have to return the wrongly supplied items with tracking. Boo!
        Of the $72 I spent I will have $12 left after postage. Arghh!

        So I contacted Zapals and they have upped their offer of compensation as long as I cancel my claim.
        Do I trust them? Hmmm. Dont't have much choice.
        If they reneg on the offer every Zapals post I will be chiming in.

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    I'm waiting on two items from Oct and Dec 2018. I have lodged another ticket. I would keep away from them. I think their business plan is for you to make an order and tell you it will take up to 60 business days hoping you will forget about it.

    They have also given me HK Post tracking numbers that are not valid. Afterwards they say they sent the items untracked.

  • Zapals just relied to my support ticket. It was an existing ticket, which I replied to a few days ago to enquire about 6 items which I have not received. They are going to refund me for all of the items. I just asked for an update on a number of items I've ordered in the last two months which are still processing and will post again with their response.

    • They are going to refund me as well for the items that have not been sent.

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    I am also having problems. Ordered something in Nov last year. Suppose to deliver by end of Jan. Nothing, multiple emails on my support ticket, nothing. This is unethical, so people stay away!

    • Try opening another support ticket. They are refunding me for the items which they have not sent (they said I would have to wait a long time to for them to be ahipped) and the ones I never received.

      This some of the communication from them.

      Sorry, as now we just come back to work from holiday.
      Items still not available.
      I'm afraid you have to wait for a long time.

      Thank you for shopping with zapals.
      We sincerely apologize for the delay in shipping your order due to busy peak season.
      We will cancel your order and process your refund within 5-10 business days. You'll be refunded to the same payment method used in the original transaction.

      • …so theyve been on holidays from october 2018 - mid february 2019??

        • The last order of mine that was shipped was on the 13th of December.

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    Yeah they've been a bit of a gamble in the past but they've got quite bad lately. I had an order disspear and they wouldn't refund, only give store credit which couldn't be used with any other code. I ordered something else with the store credit and it's also dissapeared. I have had items from them take upwards of 3 months in the past so I think they might rely on sea currents to get them here.

  • How I wish I'd read this forum before ordering from Zapals. I just ordered a 32$ item from Zapals few days back selecting 15-30 day delivery option, it was 2$ costlier on geekbuying still I ordered from Zapals as I didn't know about it's non-delivery issues, if I had read this forum, I would not have ordered from Zapals !
    Anyways now that I have ordered , how can I get the money refunded in case of non-delivery as I ordered from my bank debit card instead of paypal. Is there any way of getting my money back? Can I contact the bank ?

    • Open a support ticket if the item doesn't arrive and they will refund you. Normally you have to wait 45 days for it to arrive, but it may be different if you selectred the 15-30 day delivery option.

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    Haven't received anything since November either. After wasting my time with their customer service for a few weeks, I took it to PayPal. It took another month but I just had 5 (yes 5) PayPal cases closed in my favour. Never again.

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    Say issue here. Just had a purchase reversed and refunded on PayPal. My order was showing as "processing" for two months.

  • I thought it was weird when 2 items hadn't arrive in November. Thought it might've been mail theft but now I know better.

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    I bought Magic Eraser on 7 Nov and still waiting for delivery. Have logged a dispute with Paypal now.

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    I think Zapals will be shutting down soon. I have not received any promo emails from them, since the 18th of March.

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      What's their new name - seems these places trade under many names and drop them once then seem unpopular.

      Who should I avoid next?

    • same here…no promos in a long time

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    Zapals is shut down, its website is not working now.

    • Yep, HTTP 500 errors, which makes it a bit hard to check one's orders. I was going to put in PayPal disputes for about 4 or 5 undelivered orders but wanted to double check the order numbers and details. Annoyed that the 'freebies' got delivered but some bigger paid orders were not.

      Possibly covered elsewhere already, but I recently bought an item from the ShoppingSquare eBay store and it was charged in my paypal transaction as 'Zapals Tech'. Any relation to Zapals.com? I know ShoppingSquare = Apus Technology = Zapals Tech, but I don't know if Zapals Tech = Zapals.com.

    • yep…just noticed too.

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