expired Garmin Watches Reduced (E.g., Forerunner 235 Watch $229) @ Rebel (Free Delivery over $150)


Garmin 235 was at this price in December, but if you're still looking, old design but still solid, includes HR monitoring.

Also, Fenix 5 at [$549] (ends 27/1) (https://www.rebelsport.com.au/p/garmin-fenix-5-gps-heart-rat...)

Garmin 735XT at $349

Garmin 645 Music Watch at $499

Garmin Vivofit 4 at $99

Garmin 5S Sapphire $699

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    The Forerunner 235 is still a great watch. Bought 2 last Christmas for about $235 from memory (half RRP), and I am surprised the price hasn't really come down further than this since - they must have had a LOT of stock in the Garmin warehouse….

    Just be sure to get yourself a tempered glass screen protector off eBay - I've gone through a few of them but no damage to my actual watch face.


    The 645 Music has been $499 for quite a while - and if I was purchasing from a shop would get it from someone that knows the range really well.


    Was looking at this but apparently it pretty much only tracks running and not much else. That is my main grow with it.


      Yes, it's pretty much a running watch although you can install apps that purportedly help with other sports. The 735XT does multi sports but obviously costs more


        It does much more than just track running.


          Sorry you're right, it does indoor and outdoor cycling I just had those settings turned off on mine as I don't cycle!
          There is also an "other" option that I do use for gym, but I connect it to a belt HR and turn off the GPS as the GPS wonders about a bit.


        I have one and you're right in that it's primarily a running watch and does that really well.

        It has a range of other activity tracking (indoor bike, bike, run indoor & other). It struggles with tracking workouts/gym with the wrist HR jumping all over the place.

        I think it's worth it if you're not too serious about your training.


    The Forerunner 735XT can be had on eBay for $331.41 shipped.

    Not a massive discount but one nonetheless.

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    Great watch for anyone just starting to run. it tracks cycling and swimming also.

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    Just had a quick look on Amazon and they have Black Forerunner 735XT Run Bundle for $349 (5% cashrewards). Running band is worth $149 so sell and it works out even cheaper….


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