Current Best Electicity and Gas Provider for Victoria

Hi guys.

Moving into a new house in Victoria and looking at best deals.

Thinking Tango for electricity and Momentum for gas?

Convince me otherwise.


  • go to the numerous sites where you enter in your usage details and it spits out a list of recommended providers

    • Yep, specifically this one:

      And the free $50 payment from the state government continues to apply until June 2019 (just for using, not necessarily changing).

      • already done :) but as bobbi said doesn't always give me RL thoughts on customer service

        • you wern't asking for thoughts on customer service. you asked for 'best deals'.

          anyways my 2c.

          im with momentum for gas and electricity and have no issues with them. they have the cheapest rates for my area with out the discounts fluff. customer service is ok too, theyre quick to reply to email enquiries and the issue sorted within one or two business days from memory. they issue rate changes well in advance so can compare with other retailers and their bills are easy to read and website is also easy to navigate. payment options are fine too.

  • Just remember that the cheapest isn't necessarily going to be the best, especially if you're the type of person who expects a high level of customer service.

    • yup hence why i asked the spectrum of people here on who they use

      • I personally use Powershop - They were the only ones that were able to connect me up quickly when I needed it. I like being able monitor my usage through the app (it's not exactly real time). Especially on hot days when I use my airconditioning sparingly.

        Although, I'll be honest and say that I don't know how their rates compare to other providers. It's just me alone in the apartment so I figure any differences in rates wouldn't be result in any significant additional costs.

  • Red Energy - for both Electricity & Gas.

  • If you want low prices, join and then call to cancel within the cool down period, they should put you through to customer retention team and they generally offer must better discounts than advertised online.

    I was able to get 42% of usage for electricity and 29% off usage for gas with Energy Australia.

  • I switched from Red to Globird on the understanding that the rates were cheaper based on Energy Compare.

  • Check out Alinta

  • Tango. Great service on the phone when I've had issues. It's cheaper than EA who were giving me a 44% 'discount'.

  • There different rates for different areas and different people's usage. You will will get multiple answers for you question, but does not mean it is cheap in your area. Do the hard work yourself and use instead of relying on ozbargainers trying to advise you.

  • Tango energy offer the best base rates. 18c per kW