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30% off Ticwatch E Shadow Smartwatch $167.29 Delivered @ Mobvoi Amazon AU


No experience with watch but based on quick search it seems to rate ok. Lowest price I can find is $185 + delivery so it looks like a reasonable price.

From listing:
- Androidwear 2.0. Make the most of every minute.Get your favorite apps and watch faces.Request a car ride. Perfect your golf swing. Explore a new neighbourhood. With thousands of Android Wear apps, there's no limit to what you can do with your watch.
- Get your information at a glance. Check what’s important–like calls, text, and alerts–just like you check time.
- Follow your fitness progress. Measure your progress and stay motivated with built-in fitness tracking and coaching in every Android Wear watch.Choose from many apps like Google Fit, Strava, Runkeeper, Sleep for Android (Android only).
- Save time with smart help. Get all-day assistance from Google. Use your voice to ask a question on Google search.Get Google Now assistance for traffic alerts, boarding pass and “time to leave” reminders. Use Google Maps (navigation), Google Translate, and Google Weather.
- Enjoy your music right from wrist. Listen to your music on your phone or watch. Sync music to your watch and grab some Bluetooth headphones to go for a run without your phone. (Android only). Use many different apps like Google Play Music, Spotify, and Shazam (Android Only).

Mod Update 30/1: Available through today's lightning deals.

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  • No NFC, no google pay.

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      Which is fine at this price

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    Must be one of the cheaper ways to get an Android Wear watch. I recommend as there are so many apps and watch face options and you can take your apps with you when you buy a new Android Wear watch.

    • All those apps……… Although the downside is you have to deal with Android Wear which is the worst watch OS at this point. Given there are more watchfaces on Samsung gears, a Gear S2 would be a better buy and a better watch.

      • Not sure about that, Wear has been great for me for years and works well with other Google stuff. More watchfaces on Samsung Gear doesn't sound right, there are hundreds on Wear and so many customisable ones you could spend all your spare time creating new watchfaces. The reason why I like Wear is because you aren't locked in to one manufacturer (Samsung).

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          There are literally hundreds of thousands on Samsung, also you can make your own using one of many tools. I have both wear and gear btw. Gear is by far a better watch, especially with it's dial navigation. Software wise there are far more apps on wear, but I pretty much only use my watch for notifications/reply/Google Assistant/Watch/Fashion. I don't use it to play games on etc.

          Also you are locked into Google Wear, so you haven't avoided that. You are relying on Google to update wear and add features.

    • Wear24 and ZTR Quartz also cheapest ways to get into WearOS these days. If you can still get them ;)

  • New E2 and S2 were announced at CES last week - apparently battery life is a bit better, but still no NFC (although personally I am yet to have cause to pay for something with my watch).

    Pricing I think was indicated around AU$250 RRP, although can't find this article now.

    • Oz pricing not released yet, anything you read would only be guesses.

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    This sale is via the manufacturer's own Amazon shop, or you can buy directly from their website as well: https://www.mobvoi.com/au/products/ticwatch-e

    The discount is real (30% off) but they have similar discounts on a fairly regular basis. I'd suggest they're trying to sell out their stock of this model, which is now superseded.

    If you want something a bit more advanced, they also have the Pro version (includes eInk/OLED dual mode screen and Google Pay) and the new slimmer C2 model (also has Google Pay) but these are more expensive and not included in the sale.

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      The TicWatch Pro is currently $276.99 (25% off/$93 off) and there is an option on their website to get a free TicBand fitness tracker with it too.


      EDIT: Deal ends in ~2 hours from this comment.

      • What's the benefit of also having the ticband?

        • You could wear it at times you don't want to wear the watch or just give it to someone, I guess? For instance my wife is getting mine because she wants an activity tracker with a heart rate monitor. It's just an extra $60ish value for the same price as getting the Pro without it.

          • @mrWLSN: Good answer thanks. Do you know if the SMS notifications are the whole message text or just that you have a message from "X"

            • @namenotspecified: @namenotspecified: Unfortunately I don't have mine yet, but I've done a bunch of reading trying to figure out which Google Wear watch would be best for me. The watch should be like all Google Wear watches where you can read the same amount of text an Android alert would usually give you. The screen is a touchscreen and you can scroll through when there's more text than you can read on one screen.

              Have no clue about the TicBand.

      • Sorry linked to a deal that was expired.

    • The C2 looks a lot slimmer in photos but according to the specs, it's 12.7mm thick compared to 12.6mm for the Pro.

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    This is a great price for a fantastic little watch.

    I would definitely recommend it, although you should be aware that some of us do have bluetooth connectivity issues:

    (BLE stays connected, so you receive notifications etc but the internet connection via bluetooth seems to drop out intermittently - required for weather, google assistant and so on)

  • +3

    I have one of these.

    Battery life is ~18 hours with periodic heart rate monitoring (every 10 mins). About About 26 to 30 hours without. Run with ~50% brightness. There is also slightly more battery drain on the phone due to the services run.

    Its also very large on the wrist, the watch is so thick it gets caught on the most random things. Its also very light on the wrist.

    Performance is ok, occasional lag in the menus.

    Lack of NFC, is killer in terms of functionality.

    I used this watch to see if I would use a smart watch long term. since charging daily is a pain.

    • I pretty much agree about the battery life, but I have small wrists and wouldn't call it very large personally. Larger than a normal watch yes, but not huge or annoyingly big. You generally get used to avoiding having it snag on things.

      Haven't noticed much lag other than during startup or the occasional stutter. A friend purchased a Ticwatch pro and that thing was laggy..

      As for NFC for payments, you could try a Bankwest Halo? Not the same I know, but allows you to avoid taking the wallet around.

      • For me, I hit walls…snag on my back pack…and even trying to open a gate at my son's school caught on the fence to reach through a hole to get to the gate release.

        Doesn't the pro have a better CPU?

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    As nice as some of the features are i just can't justify the nightly charging that comes with it.
    I have an Amazfit Bip and love that it goes for 30-45 days on one charge with HR monitoring and using GPS tracking every second day for running. It does notifications from my phone and I honestly think that's all a watch needs to do.

    • Looking like a watch helps……Some people wear watches for usability and fashion.

    • Agree with greentea. I used to have a Moto 360 v2, which I loved until the Wear 2.0 update. Then the battery life got so bad that it would not even last a day.
      I realised that the most important thing for me was the notifications, and I got the Amazfit Bip last month. Functionality is pretty primitive in comparison, but it serves its purpose (for me).

  • I have a Ticwatch E. Had a faulty one replaced (GPS failed). Then the replacement was faulty out of the box (would download but not install system updates). Had a long battle to get the 2nd one replaced. Other than that I've been generally very happy with the watch. My wife's got one as well and it hasn't missed a beat. Got both at this price roughly 12 months ago

  • Deals on the C2?

    • That's what I'm waiting for too. NFC and not as bulky as the Pro.

      • Apart from that, any other major differences between the two?

  • Can confirm this is a great watch. Especially for those unsure about whether a smartwatch is good for them. It has all of the basic functionalities you can expect (bar NFC) and runs quite well with decent battery life as long as you don't have complicated watch faces with lots of information displayed.
    I got a black ticwatch E and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS MODEL because of its changeable bands, you can easily make it look like a completely different style with a simple $15-30 replacement band off eBay.
    I have personally got a black stainless steel band on mine and it makes it look quite smart and sophisticated, yet casual enough to suit almost any outfit.

  • Lightning deal just started on this watch for the same price https://www.amazon.com.au/Ticwatch-Comfortable-Display-Compa...