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Wi-Fi Outdoor AP/Repeater N300 High Power $49.99 (Save $10) + Free Shipping @ Wavlink Amazon AU


Product Features:

  1. High Power and External Dual Polarisation Antenna - With high transc
  2. Security and Flexible - Provides WEP,WPA/WPA2.WPA-PSK /WPA2-PSK data security, ethernet(POE) Support for Flexible Deployment.
    Passive PoE - Passive PoE(power over Ethernet) supports for flexible deployment.
  3. Up to 60 meter (200 feet) and allows the device to be reset remotely.
  4. Multiple Operation Modes: WL-570HN2 supports AP, Router, WISP as operation modes and under AP Router mode, it provides Access
  5. Point, Client, Client+Repeater modes for various wireless solutions.
    Durable Design - Weatherproof Enclosure, 15KV ESD, 4KV protection.

(Shipping charge is waived by Amazon when a product costs over $49.)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Due to Australia's draconian regulations, you will need to hire an ACMA registered cabler for a concealed installation of the Ethernet/PoE cable… unless you are okay with that cable remaining visible and running along the skirting boards, up the outside of walls, under the ceiling and across the floors.

    Due to Australia's lack of regulations, you are most welcome to install the outdoor unit yourself in as high and as dangerous a position as you wish. Basic safety precautions will not be necessary. It will be ideal to do it on a hot and sunny Australia Day long weekend in your beer- and sweat-drenched T-shirt, shorts and thongs after you have down a few coldies and your mates cheering on.

    • Just go try a day in the industry and you'll find no one is certified that go putting ethernet cables in roofs and under floors.

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        Practicality and legality are different. I stopped visiting WP and OCAU because of their blanket bans on cabling discussions and I don't want OzB to suffer the same fate.

        • Hopefully they don't ban those discussions here. Some of us are actually certified ;)

          • @Clear: I'm certified to say "Data 3 did it, the tag must have fallen off", and then let the 3rd party try and get anything useful out of Data#3's reference system.

            Even if the job DID exist you'd never find the record :P

        • Well you just need to look at the two dolts running those places to expect these sorts of stupid rules.

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      "Due to Australia's lack of regulations, you are most welcome to install the outdoor unit yourself in as high and as dangerous a position as you wish. Basic safety precautions will not be necessary"

      Councils have regulations on height, generally broken down into freestanding and from an existing structure.
      You may wish to check with your local council if intending on installing these beyond 1.5M of an existing structure to ensure compliance.

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        True that, thank you for pointing out the local regulatory requirements on physical structures. However it is most likely that the outdoor unit will be strapped to an existing TV antenna pole or a patio post.

      • "Councils have regulations on height" Nah, just go here and you can go as high as 103 metres and a few more.

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        If you're in an area with heritage zoning, you'll also be forced to paint it in one of the traditional colors used for wifi devices back in the 1930s.

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      Personally I prefer to wander around on the roof waving metal antenna during thunderstorms. I keep Australia Day weekends for the tradition of using petrol to light the bbq.

    • Not true, concelaed has nothing to do with it.

      What they do try on is to stick ethernet into the cabling rules in general. They tried this farce around 2000, and it was later changed to it may be, and it may not be, in the cabling rules. Then it was dropped for a while, and people forgot. Then tried again and repealed as a mistake. It started in the nineties and while not in my Austel exane or manuals, an instructor mentioned it. He said because a computer can be connected to a modem a network install had to meet Austel specs. That is it was a safety issue, which was the whole point of the cabling rules originally because of the installed cable's proximity to high voltage power cables. Problem was we had just been taught about line isolation devices, which a PC was, and a modem etc is today. Anyway contact them with Austel made it go away for over ten years, until Austel was closed.

      It was crazy as different inspectors would give different rules and reasons for CAT5 requiring licenced installers etc. Anyway it was all a load of shit. Though there is a new load of idiots running around these days so they may be trying it on again in the standard, though they are now using the excuse of "proper" installation to a standard foro the customer. Myths and urban legend have a habit of become ingrained in actual rules when humans are involved.

      Oh for the days of Austel, when an actual cabler with practical experience and intelligence sat in a office sorting the rules etc. A person you could actual call and get assistance from, even after hours.

  • what does that $49 spend mean?
    i have prime.. and i got freee shipping with spending only $29

    • You need to spend $49 or more to qualify for free shipping without Prime. Prime members get free shipping regardless of the price.

    • You don't need to pay shipping for this product regardless of whether you are Prime or not… It already costs $49.99 and is over the threshold.

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      Six of these? Outdoor repeaters? Maybe you're talking about indoor ones.

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    Edit: replied to wrong comment

  • I'm interested in this, and after any feedback.

    Pro: price looks cheap. Up to $120 on ebayAU, cheapest elsewhere was $60 in AliExpress. Looks like it might come with everything I need other than the mast to put it on

    Con: no manual, no independent online review.

    Anyone with experience of this product or competitors?

  • What type of POE is this? 802.3af or passive?

    • Passive according to the Amazon listing.

      • Ta!