$1000 Brake Pads + Brake Rotor from Ultra Tune (Ford Mondeo 2012)

Hi everyone, I had my 2012 ford Mondeo serviced today(done 98,000KM), got told I needed to change the all the front and rear brake pads, plus the 4 brake disc rotors needed replacing and they can't machine the surface as it'll be too thin(illegal). I questioned it on the phone as it's rare to replace 4 brake pads at the same time, also why would I need to replace the 4 disc rotors. So I popped in without prior notice to have a look how bad those brake pads or disc rotors were. They showed me the almost worn out brake pads(I wasn't sure it was from my car), also the disc rotors were about 1mm worn out from the edge, but the surface was perfectly smooth, no ridges or grooves. The manger insisted they must be replaced(legal issue again) after I questioned can't I just leave them as they are, because 1mm from each side won't matter too much as the new brake pads are at least 15mm thick. So I had to let them do what they suggested. They already changed the front disc rotor when I arrived.

Then after I came back, I kept thinking, how stupid I was to let them continue to replace all the disc rotor. I suddenly came to realise that those 4 disc rotor were definitely fine, there was no legal issue as such. Many cars would have that kind of wear on the disc rotors. I got cheated from my gut feeling.

They charged $260 for replacing brake pads(4 wheels), and 4 disc rotors for $490, labour for replacing these are $230. Total $969.

To give a little background about me, I am an Asian guy looks about 30Y old. And I certainly don't sound/look like I know much about cars. After I told the story to my colleagues, they all think I got ripped off.

Can anyone share some comments about this?

  1. Were the disc rotors needed to be changed? ( 1mm worn out each side, no ridges or grooves)
  2. The money they charge are reasonable? (I am in Brisbane Metro)
  3. If I feel being ripped off/ cheated, any place I can lodge a complaint? or deal with the Mechanic directly.

This happened in a Ultra Tune branch in QLD.

Thanks so much guys.



      Same agreeance balbags (:

      The bloke is bad mouthing a local store for nothing
      I hope they see this thread and never allow him back tbh

      If he come into my mechanical shop with this attitude I’d be charging him a smart ass tax


    Been standard practice for me that whenever I get a brake pad change, to have the discs machined. If the discs are too worn to be machined (visible by an outer lip on the rim for e.g) then they are to be replaced. Been doing this for years, and tbh your price is fine for front and rear replacement of pads and discs.

    What looks to your eye like a smooth surface is generally not the case, you’ll find that simply changing the pads will leave you with uneven application of the brake pads, resulting in squeeling etc.


    I got quoted $900 to replace two pads and two rotors on the front of a Hyundai i30. I decided to learn how to replace them myself from that point on. Saved myself at least $700.

    Your quote sounds reasonable for all wheels though.


    Pretty ok… i did recently replace the rotors and pads on xr6 and lexus and it is fair bit of work….for non mechanic

    Also quality parts will set you back $350-$400 depending on the car.

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    Without reading all of the above comments I'll give you a quick summary of my VW Touareg brake situation
    The Touareg is a big heavy SUV (2 tonnes) and it chews through the brakes and rotors every 30000-40000kms

    The brakes actually function extremely well for a vehicle of that size and it stops and feels as light as a hatchback, basically you get what you pay for but there's the catch. It costs $3000 to change them through Volkswagen!

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      Jeez, I hope they lube you up before they bend you over.

      Without knowing which Variant or year, took a stab at 2016 model TDI, about $190 for a pair of standard front/rear discs, or $300 for T2's, plus $100 per front/rear set of Bendix HDs pads. So about $800 for quality good brake.


        What do you. mean by "good" quality? Do you know what it takes to stop 2 tonnes at freeway speeds?

        I've had this conversation with VW and they've seen the problems with aftermarket discs

        Yes I might be able to find a bit cheaper from some guy who does "a good job mate" but it's not worth the hassle and life is too short to take those risks sometimes

        There will always be someone cheaper but I've learned the hard way that sometimes it cheaper to pay more! My insurance excess is too high to worry about being wrapped around a telegraph pole.


          Haha of course VW will tell you that. You can get oem brakes for your Touareg done for half that price, exactly the same parts, just straight from the people that make them for vw.


          Yes mate, I know what it takes to stop 2 tonnes at highway speeds. 2 tonnes is hardly a benchmark, when a lot of 4 door family cars weight nearly 1800kg.

          As for quality I was referring to DBA T2 slotted rotors, and Bendix HD pads designed to 4WDs, I would bet good money they will outperform OEM VW gear.

          But if you think they aren't good enough.

          DBA T3 4x4 Survival discs, https://automotivesuperstore.com.au/dba-dba42245s , https://automotivesuperstore.com.au/dba-dba42244s
          AND Bendix HD pads, https://automotivesuperstore.com.au/bendix-australia-db2229-...

          That is $1030 for all the pads and discs. So that is $2k in labour for something that should take 2 hours, max.

          This isn't about finding someone who does a "good job mate", or someone who is doing it on the cheap, this is about fair market price. But I'm not telling you how to live your life, you do what you want with your cash.


        And it's a MY2017 Touareg V6 tdi, a very heavy car, a lot heavier than a Golf or a Tiguan in case that's what you were looking at?


          No I looked at a MY2016 Touareg V6 TDI, which has the same brakes, but see my reply above.


            @AdosHouse: I think the price discrepancy is the discs themselves. The genuine VW discs are apparently much higher quality?

            I'm not happy paying such a high premium but the brakes are bloody good and have saved me a couple of times.


              @JTTheMan: Good brakes are a god-send, I am happy to pay more for good brakes, because I like to know that when I need them that they will work.

              Tried to see who makes OE VW brakes, couldn't find it. But pictures look like they have normal slot venting in them.

              If you want to give them a try, the T2 and T3 brakes from DBA are bloody nice. The T3s especially are designed for heavy 4WDs and will take serious punishment, have a read, https://dba.com.au/4x4-t3/ , DBA are my go-to for quality discs.

              If you want a bit of a read, DBA did a test with a 200-Series Landcruiser, a beefy 3 tonne 4WD, with brake testing with OEM and DBA equipment, https://dba.com.au/toyota-landcruiser-200-series-stopping-di... , it is an interesting read.


              @JTTheMan: My go to when I had my VY Commodore was DBA T2 slotted disc and QFM A1RM pads. With the braided lines and good brake fluid, I had a nice linear feel on the pedal, and when I needed to , the car pulled up real nice.

              More than once I had to plant the foot to the floor on the brakes because of some moron driver or pedestrian.


      Mine lasts 60-70,000km. I change all 4 discs and pads at the same time and it cost me $1000 in parts + a slab of beer to borrow my mates workshop, hoist and tools and about 3 hours of my Sat. This is with ATE Ceramic pads and ATE discs, all good OEM parts.


    kmart did the same stunt on wifes 2 year old car. i asked for the old rotors pads so i could check them they still looked fine to me. its a reasonable charge as rotors and labour costs are high.


      While I'm not saying the discs were or weren't still serviceable, the OPs discs only have 1mm of wear on each side before they are non-serviceable. Most people wouldn't be able to see 1mm of wear with their eyes.


    This is OzBargain, this is the place to say something is too expensive! Maybe be true OzBargainers and find him a better price on parts. Then estimate how much labor is needed. Ebay is good for cheap parts (of course adding a promo code)


    Next time for anyone who needs brake replaced, do some research first.

    It is very common for dealers charging 1000 to replace pads and discs for a vw golf.

    With knowledge and experience, remsa pads and dba discs or other decent brands from brakesdirect.com.au in brisbane can be had for less than 500.

    Plus labour or DIY if you are experienced and have mechanical mind.

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    Anybody in Eastern suburbs of Melbourne can recommend a car mechanic for getting a Mazda3 serviced? Has done 50k only 2011 model.


    Ultratune generally outsource brake jobs to another company plus their markup. If you need brakes done, go to a brake shop like ABS Auto. I get most of my mechanical servicing done at ABS Auto in Moorabbin (Melbourne Bayside) as it's a short walk to Southland… so you can drop your car off there, walk to Southland and get breakfast, a massage and do some shopping or chilling out on the free wifi before heading back… or go for a swim at waves.

    My bad experience at Ultratune was also with brakes, They charged me to replace front rotors, but never checked the back brakes (drum brakes on the swift), so after 5,000km the fronts were busted again because the brake bias was stuffed and warped the discs… Never again.


    I'm generally very reluctant to let the company servicing my car up-sell any extra work to me… you're put on the spot with no opportunity to properly consider your options.

    Any true ozbargainer should be changing their own brake pads anyway. The rotors are unlikely to need replacing if they look ok and work smoothly when driving around. I've never had to replace rotors in several decades of car ownership.


      Of course you are given an opportunity, you say "no thanks" and then consider your options.

      There is 1mm of spare disc material on a lot of modern discs, once 1mm is worn on each side the disc is binned. So a simply look isn't good enough, calipers are better.

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    I drive 2011 Mondeo and just got pads replaced and rotators machined.

    Ford Shop quoted me me about $400 per pair, $800 fully fixed.

    Then I checked with ABS,they applied special discount that about $340 for four new pads plus rotator machined.

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    Sounds like its not just the customers that get screwed by ultra tune.

    The Federal Court imposed the record $2,604,000 penalty after Justice Bromwich found the company had made false or misleading representations to a prospective franchisee and breached the Australian Consumer Law and Franchising Code of Conduct.

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