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Giro Chronos Jerseys - $19.99/$29.99/$49.95 (RRP $139.95/$159.95/$289.95), Kask Rapido - $59.99 (Was $129.99) @ Pushys


I was looking at the Pushys website for a new helmet and I came across a whole bunch of keenly priced previous season Giro Chronos Jerseys.

They look like $100+ level jersey for bargain prices. Note, there are different levels - Sport, Expert and Pro.




Full range:


Not entirely sure about the RRP they've quoted, but I know decent cycling apparel doesn't come cheap.

Some reviews of jerseys from the range. Not the exact jersey, but you'd be safe to assume they would be similar.




I ordered a few but haven't received them yet, so can't comment on fit or quality. But I couldn't resist the possibility of wearing Rapha/Castelli/Santini quality for a Netti/Uno price!

Kask Rapido - $59.99 from $129.99

Broke my Catlike Kompact'o and time for a new helmet.

Pushys have a sale on Kask helmets. I've never owned a Kask but tried a few and the straps are a cut above other helmets.

I went for the Rapido myself as it's a light entry level road helmet for standard commuter helmet price.

They also have different colours, and the Mojito is also on special.


Any cyclists with a large head and a love of the colour Azure will get a Mojito for a good price:


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  • You would have got an extra 15% off yesterday.


    Thanks for cleaning up my nooby posting mister mod!

  • Bought a couple of expert tops last week which I've now worn. Comfortable and nice material. True to size. Makes me go faster…

  • If I wasnt being hassled by the Boss to thinout the enormous Lycra collection of kits filling half our walk-in-robe AND if I hadnt been tempted by the extra 10% off code from Rapha a week ago AND if I hadnt just bought a new set of Giro empires in the January sales ….. this would be a great deal

  • Guys I'm a beginner. Where do I get value for money bib shorts, once i've got these jerseys? Also, whats Pushys return policy?


      Shorts and bib shorts rarely seem to go on decent special.

      If you don't mind being an advertising billboard, and you are the a size S, then the Torpedo7 shorts are reasonable quality.


      More here:


      I've not tried the bib shorts, but the non-bib variety are pretty good. I don't like the logos, but I can live with it when they on special.

    • I normally go for the dhb ones from Wiggle. There's a discount code for new users and they're pretty decent quality. Use that for commutes (30km) and weekend rides (60km) and have no issues.


        Thanks, I do have a pair of dhb shorts from about 8 years back. They weren't very high quality back then, although the pair refuses to die. I've read that quality has improved quite a bit. I'll give them another try, although they don't really go on special very often.

  • Yeah, I'm size S. Lucky me…


    Just received delivery of some jerseys and they are really well made. They are, as expected, quite a slim fit. I think I'm going to do have to lose a kg or three!

    Tempted to order more.

    • When did you order to get it today?

      • I ordered around noon yesterday but my items still haven't been dispatched.

        edit: I just checked my junk mail and the dispatch email was there so it was dispatched the same day.

  • Thanks op. Ordered a couple of the expert jerseys and the last kask mojito in M. I'm a beginner so these are a great price.

  • The Giro Expert jerseys are so good I ordered more!


    Just got an email advising the sale is continuing and now they have a 20% off code until 30 Jan!!!

    It's not on their website as far as I can see, but the code is: Code: JAN20

    That makes a $20 jersey $16.

    Or the $30 jersey, $24.