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Xiaomi Mijia 1080P Panoramic IP Camera US$32.2/ AU$44.8, Ulefone Armor 6 Smartphone 6/128GB US$334/AU$463.76,Shipped @GearVita


1. Xiaomi Mijia 1080P Home Panoramic WiFi IP Camera - US$32.2/ AU$44.8, Free Shipping

Coupon Code: MiCamAU


2. Ulefone Armor 6 IP68 Smartphone Global Version - US$334 / AU$463.76, Shipped

   6.2", 6GB/128GB, NFC, B28, Dual 4G

Coupon Code: UFArmor6


3. Lenovo B613 Micro Recording Pen 8G - US$26.82/ AU$37.2, Shipped

Coupon Code: B613Pen


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  • +5

    Are the NES consoles genuine Soulja Boy consoles?

    • +3

      His are probably better….

      Not sure how this shit is allowed?

  • So what is this exactly?

    • +2

      Short answer? Landfill.

      • Haha, so dont bother?

        • Personally I wouldn't. There's RetroPie kits available on eBay, you can build your own with off-the-shelf parts if you have the know-how, or for purely NES/SNES nostaglia purposes, buy the licensed Mini NES or Mini SNES Classic (which you can also hack & load your own favourite roms onto if you do so choose).

          Granted, all of these options are more expensive than the above, but you'll be much happier with the outcome vs a knock-off console that's more than likely loaded with mostly knock-off titles.

  • Was happy to give it a go but registering an account on that painfully slow website turned out to be a challenge. Still waiting for my “confirmation key”. Well done, you killed my impulse buying.

  • Anyone know if you can link more than one camera to the app? I'm trying to decide whether to buy another.