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[Refurbished] Sony WH-CH700NB Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones $131.98 Delivered @ Sony Australia eBay


Ok guys, I think the cheapest its ever going to be.
$131.98 with Free Delivery. USE CODE: POOLTIME
Refurbished, but according to other ozbargainers Sony Store has a reputation of new condition with most often just slightly damaged box.
Im sure other ozbargainers can chime in on their experiences.

WARNING: Just looked up the details to the FIRMWARE UPDATE, and it says as follows:

"Firmware update 3.0.0
Optimises the headphones for Google Assistant
Installing this firmware will only make your headphones compatible with the Google Assistant."

As far as I know you can pull up Siri with long press of the button with default firmware. It appears if you update your firmware it may ONLY work with Google Assistant. Please do your own research before updating firmware. It is often difficult or impossible to roll back firmware.


Sony WH-CH700N Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones $131.98 with Free Delivery @Sony Australia eBay store

35 Hours battery life (When connecting via the headphone cable with Noise Cancelling ON :
Max. 50 hours)
Charging Time Approx. 7 hours (Fast Charge for 10 mins = 60 mins music playback.)
One touch NFC Pairing and Bluetooth.
Smartphone App + Voice assistant (Google Assistant with firmware update).
Supported Codecs: SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX HD.

From what I've read and heard:

  • Weaker noise cancelling than WH-1000XM2,XM3. These will do a decent job with constant droning sounds, less so with people talking/traffic etc.
  • Comfortable for people with big ears and big heads, due to large earcups and moderate clamping force of headband.
  • These fold flat, but XM3 folds inwards once more to become more compact.
  • Better battery life compared to XM3's (35 Hrs vs 30 Hrs for XM3)
  • Cheaper price appealing to those who just use casually/occasionally.
  • Sony has an app to adjust EQ to change the sound to your own taste. (I think once you set the eq it saves it inside the headphone, so no matter what you connect the EQ continues to work in custom setting [Please do some research on this as I am not 100%])
  • Voice Assistant is accessed through holding an actual button. Which most people find easier and less troublesome than the tap and hold of touch sensor on XM3.
  • Works wired and wireless. (So you can continue listening after battery is flat, although without Noise Cancelling).
    Good reviews. 4.3/5 Stars - Sony AU website. But if you want the best noise cancelling at the moment go for XM3.

Im sure other ozbargainers can chime in on user experiences.

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    Thanks -to the person who helped with the layout of title, it all fits now with the full words.


    free ear wax as well?!


    Thanks, bought a pair. I think i've lost my QC35s, will be interesting to compare the quality.


      Compared to QC35 mk1: Build quality will be cheaper, also the Noise Cancelling will be weaker.
      There is a lot of uncertainty about HOW it is weaker than the top end models.


        My theory is as follows.

        Firstly build quality (acoustics & isolation) to begin with.
        Then the design (placement/quality of mics) & software (algorithm).

        So lets look at the external noise for the sake of comparison.
        Noise 1. a constant volume of multiple frequencies (constant droning sound)
        Noise 2. a constant volume + additional intermittent high/low frequencies. (street noise, inside a cafe)

        If you imagine that electrical device which shows a wave/curvy line to represent signal/noise.
        Noise 1 looks like multiple lines which look like a hill, all very similar just big ones and small ones with very little intersecting lines.
        My thoughts are it is not too difficult to cancel out this noise, as it is easy job for the algorithm to estimate the opposite frequency/s that will do the best job of cancelling the noise.
        Noise 2 has the same hills as Noise 1, but also has random peaks (narrow tall hills if you will) and long almost flat lines (very flat hills) which are all over the place, appearing and disappearing, with lots of intersecting lines. This is challenging for an algorithm to figure out, what is the effective opposite frequency/s that can cancel out the noise.

        My theory is that cheap Noise Cancelling headphones with less isolation, and limited software can only do a decent job with Noise 1.

        While Top end Noise Cancelling headphones come with better isolation, design and software, so they do a decent job with Noise 2.

        I hope that helps with your deciding if these are best suited for your use scenario.


    sold-out.. sigh.

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