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Alienware AW3418DW 34" UWQHD IPS Curved 120Hz G-Sync Gaming Monitor $1,399.20 Delivered @ Dell eBay


Even without cashback, I believe this is the cheapest ever?

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    Awesome monitor. Can't fault it at all! Got mine delivered within a few days from Dell.

    Managed to pick it up for $1360 via dell website with the cashreward promotion not long ago! $1399 is an awesome price!

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    Its a lot of money for a monitor without HDR, although real HDR is much more expensive then this.

    Seems like a lot of monitors are part of this sale.

    This looks interesting

    Samsung LC27HG70QQEXXY 27in Curved Freesync QLED WQHD HDR Gaming Monitor CHG70
    Somewhere between fake HDR and real HDR.

    $883.00 on Staticice
    $781.44 here https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/New-Samsung-LC27HG70QQEXXY-27in-...

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    why should you get this over the x34p? x34p much cheaper

    • -1 vote

      RGB that's why /s


        They both have dumb edgy styling and LEDs though

        I'd much prefer Dell's amazing support if something goes wrong but that's about it.


          As far as I know the Alienware has more RGB, but tomato, tomahto. Either way, both are decent monitors.

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      Mainly warranty, but both have their own advantages.

      Advantages to the Alienware

      Warranty - both are 3 years, Dell does advance replacement (sends you replacement first), and pays shipping both ways. Acer has you send yours in first, and you pay shipping. Shipping one of these isn't cheap.

      Advantages to the Acer

      Speakers (if you need them)

      8-bit + FRC (if you have a use for 10-bit)

      OSD control for gamma (biggest advantage in favour of Acer)

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    I pulled the trigger and got this monitor, can't wait to get it now on my new build. Cheers