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[QLD] Sea World Resort Families (up to 4ppl) from $199/Night - Inc. 2 Days Entry Sea World, Movie World & Wet N Wild + Breakfast


Stay at Sea World Resort until 31 August 2019 and receive free buffet breakfast at The Shoreline restaurant, plus unlimited entry to Sea World, Warner Bros. Movie World, Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast and Paradise Country during your stay - for up to 4 people.

Packages start from $199 per room, per night*. Additional adults and children are $40 per person night including their theme park entry.

*Conditions & surcharges apply for weekends, school holidays and other room types.

Resort Benefits

•Direct monorail access to Sea World
•Free WiFi
•SpongeBob SplashBash Aquaplay area
•Daily meet and greets with the kids favourite Nickelodeon characters
•Kid's Club

I just booked a room late in Jan for $209 for the night for 2 adults and 2 children. This has to be paid up front when making the booking.

Such a great deal as it includes the two full days access to all three parks (I have confirmed over the phone that you can pick up your passes the morning of your check in and continue using the second day after check out.)

Can't even get just the park passes for anywhere near this price.

Only minor con: extra $10 if you want a microwave in your room!

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  • Thanks. Any ideas on how to include the mention of a buffet breaky in the title as well? I can't fit it in! haha.

  • Can you extend your stay by paying $209 more a night?

    • You can stay as longer, but the best value is from the one night stay.

      • +2

        One night stand!!!!

        • +2

          I would imagine they'd have one for each bed or even two if it is a queen/king.

  • +2

    Good deal but unfortunately I was there around mid last year and the resort is in need of an update, it's pretty run down.

    • +1

      I have family on the GC so I'm not even obligated to stay at the hotel if it's that bad luckily.

    • +2

      We stayed there when the last deal of this nature was on offer. It's very much in need of an update in some areas, but the rooms were okay (acceptable size and very clean). The dinner wasn't cheap and if I stayed there again I'd probably go out to dinner as there's tons of options in a relatively close radius that aren't too expensive. We went to Sea World the day we got there and Paradise Country the second day. Considering the price of two adult tickets to both those places we paid very little for the accommodation. I have to also say that the staff were lovely and dealt with some very difficult customers in the lobby in a very professional manner.

  • $259 for early-mid April :(

    • +1

      school holidays and easter.

    • Staying on 13 —> 22 Apr is full price, so double that…

  • +2

    we did this late 2017 and the only downside was that a lot of things were going through maintenance.

    but going during off-season was amazing when it came to lines, makes up for the maintenance.

  • +2

    I was there August 2017 and highly recommend it. Excellent value

    Breakfast was good, room was comfy, SeaWorld next door and the theme park 3 days pass were great. Honestly without the hotel room, tickets + breakfast for four would cost this much already

  • +3

    We stayed late last year for the last $199 promo for 1 night…that didnt include the breaky! the resort wasn't that bad! your only there to sleep! you will buggered anyway from long days at the parks! beds where comfortable and rooms where pretty good!.. some rooms where undergoing reno/new furniture, i thought it was great for us and the 2 kid. With access to all those parks you can't go wrong y'all! Good tip - Check in early as you can so you can go use sea world for that day… we stayed just the 1 night so used seaworld that day checked out the next day and could still use the ticket to get into movieworld!.. was awesome value!.

  • "Such a great deal as it includes the two full days access to all three parks"

    Sorry but how many passes do you get initially? 1 or 2?

    • +1

      it is a pass that is valid for two days to all 3 parks.

      • for 1 person?

        • +1

          For all guests. (max 4 people)

          • +3

            @serpserpserp: holy shit that is a bargain then…..wish I had a family of 4 to take advantage of the deal.

            • +33

              @Homr: Feel free to borrow my 2 kids.

  • +1

    Don't go on the 80's rides just stick to the buffet.

  • +1

    Anyone able to book for that price ? I have searched a few dates and no where close to $199

    • +2

      you can get $199 if you search the date within school term during weekday.
      for example 26-27 Feb.

      This is typical advertisement. it's FROM $199.

      • I found a few dates.

        • I'm sure you can find few dates.
          But it won't be the majority, especially around school holidays.

  • +22

    Great tip. I'll bring my own microwave. Cheers OP!

    • +4

      Booked for 30 January. Hey OP, which day you check in? You want to use my microwave? I may also bring the portable stove too with butane gas cartridges for the sausages.

      • You could walk 5 min North and use the free bbqs near the boat ramp :)

  • +1

    Highly recommended. Buffet breakfast was very good.

  • +7

    Holy crap we did this last year on the bargain deal, posted exactly 1 year ago I think.
    Such a good family holiday

    6, 8 and 37 year old kids (ok that last one is me) all had a blast.
    Sea world rides are ok but don't waste too much time there, movie world has some more extreme ones and wet and wild was superb also.

    I would probably go later in the year as we went in Feb and it was HOTTT! seriously humid, almost intolerably so, although it made wet n wild all the more fun

    I'll certainly be seeing if we can book in on this one again sometime

  • +1

    Gotta be with family/kids?

    Or can the gf and I take up the offer?

    • +2

      I tried to book a certain date with and without kids. Same price mate

      • +1

        I booked a king room for my partner and I in Jan. It’s the same price with/without kids. Just the room types vary

  • Can you realistically do all three parks in two days?

    You need one day for each park to enjoy and have fun without running around just to use them in two days.

    Two nights deal would be more ideal.

    • +1

      This depends on what you want to do and see, plus how long the lines are.
      We probably won't get to Wet N Wild, unless we are at Movie World and are sick of being so hot. They are very close together so you can (and I have before) do half a day at each one.

    • +3

      So pay for two nights?

    • -2

      Absolutely not. You cannot even do 3 parks in 3 days.

  • +7

    Should you arrive prior to check-in time please register your arrival with Reception to start your journey of fun and adventure and utilise the Resort facilities. If theme park tickets are included in your package these can be collected after registration with Reception, so you can enjoy the parks straight away. Sea World theme park is open from 10am, 7 days (excluding ANZAC Day and Christmas Day). Our friendly Concierge staff will be delighted to store your luggage until your room is ready.

    • Useful Post. Thanks.

      • Well if you are driving/flying from interstate then you just don't go to theme parks, normally people change, relax and then go to parks for fun.

        • +7

          I disagree, especially if you want to make the most out of your park access. Last time I arrived at 9am, left my bags at reception, picked up my passes and went around SeaWorld for a few hours, then came back just after lunch to check in. Had a shower, then drive to MovieWorld and spent the afternoon there. Following morning had the buffet breakfast, went back to SeaWorld for a few more hours, checked out then went to Wet&Wild for the rest of the day.

          I stayed 1 night and wanted to get the most out of it. Just depends how active you want to be.

  • Recommended, family had a great time, good to stay and only be 'quick' mono rail to sea world (every town should have one). The resort had good water park area at the pool for kids. Some cheaper rooms are dated but it's so convenient.

  • +1

    Was at SeaWorld last week, resort looks dated, but great value when including theme parks. We paid $328 just for single day pass for family of 4.

  • +2

    You are Legend Mate! My holiday hotel dilemma is now solved. Booked 7 nights in May for a very reasonable $1,580. THANK YOU! :)

  • If I stayed 2 or 3 nights, would it include entry to the parks for the whole stay? Or still only receive the 2 day pass? I tried to call but they're closed for the night..

    • +2

      You get access on every day,including checkin and check out days.

    • Yes. I stayed 2 nights last year.1st day sea world, 2nd day movie world, 3rd day waterpark.

  • +4

    Also available via discover Qld

    I found their site easier to determine room types etc when booking this earlier in the week (forgot to ozb post it :/ )

    Should be the same price

    They often have sea world deals like this,which aren't available direct via sea world

  • Does anybody know if they have parking onsite?

    • +3

      Yep, free car park available for guests near resort entrance (separate to the Sea World theme park). Usually had a few spots available whenever I've been there.

    • +1

      Yes, They have onsite and outside free parking.

  • Bugger…..have booked here for 2 nights in March for 4 of us (2 adults and 2 kids), $650 with no breakfast included. Booked through booking.com, anyone ever had any luck getting them price match AFTER a booking has been made

    • Booking.com should offer full rebate.

      • unless it was a non-refundable booking

      • That are currently refusing to offer it saying they can’t see the same room type available, despite me sending screenshots of a dummy booking showing it is.

  • +1

    Stayed there last year for same deal. Sure its not the newest hotel, but with entry to all three parks for 4 kids for 2 days. Cant beat it, and i live on the gold coast.

    Kids loved it!

  • now need to find cheap flights from SYD in GC around March 02

  • +2

    Awesome deal. Just booked for 1 night on Feb 2nd (Saturday !!!) for 3 adults and 1 child for $254.00 !! THANKS

  • Whats this "two full days access to all three parks" business? Website says:
    • Unlimited Entry to Warner Bros. Movie World, Sea World & Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast for your entire stay

    • +2

      Oh…don't worry i worked it out, Op only stayed one night and got a 2 day pass..pretty sweet

    • Would mean 2 full days if staying for 1 night = 2 days

  • +4

    Also for those who might be interested:
    Dolphin Discovery Presentations
    Staying 2 or more nights? Enjoy a free Dolphin Discovery Presentation, exclusive to Resort guests.

  • Anyone have a line on a decent two week 3park pass?

    We're heading to the gold Coast (crown mantra) for two weeks in feb and haven't found a decent offer for them yet. :(

  • great deal

  • +5

    If you have entertainment book, book through there. You get another min 10% off. I found a queen room with view for $188 discounted from $230.

    • now you've made me sad
      Just checked and could have saved over 100 bucks going via ent book compared to the booking i made through discover qld earlier this week for 5 nights

      ozbargainer depression

      • At chompychomps…I just checked and can confirm the same package is 10% cheaper on the entertainment book :(
        Oh well still a good deal

    • Seaworld on the phone said deals don't work together?
      Can you confirm this is the case, as I would consider buying the entertainment book for the saving will more than cover it.

      • +1

        Booked 4 nights via Entertainment Book as suggested by QQPenguin, purchased today for $40 via https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/426422

        Can confirm 10% off this already great deal, minus the cost of the Entertainment book (which has other deals I will also be using for the trip)

  • Great find OP, now I need a flight deal..

    • +1

      Depends where from!

      The flights for the three of us Perth to Brisbane return are $450 return on Virgin. Booked the happy hour flight one way and used flybuys (to velocity) the other way. Score.

  • +1

    Thanks OP!

    Booked 5 nights in March for the 5 of us (3 kids under 8).
    We were due for a big family holiday… I guess this is it!

  • What type of room is this? How many beds?

    Resort Rooms containing 2 double beds,
    Studio Rooms containing 2 double beds and a small kitchenette, and
    Family Rooms which are interconnecting Studio and Resort Rooms. - I'm think it's a family room?

  • great deal i think we got it for $119 last year during the pool clean promo but without breaky?

  • not sure paradise country is included?

    what's the room package called?

    • Wierd - Room T&C doesn't match the main page…

      Stay at Sea World Resort until 31 August 2019 and receive free breakfast at The Shoreline restaurant, plus unlimited entry to Sea World, Warner Bros. Movie World, Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast and Paradise Country during your stay. <— main page

      Room only states : Sea World, Warner Bros. Movie World, Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast

  • I'm confused by this deal.
    It appears as though it isn't 200 for the room / food / tickets, but rather just the room. Selecting that option then you have to choose a more expensive one - around $400 to cover all three. This isn't very clear.

    • +7

      choose from the 'FAMILIES PLAY + EAT FREE!' packages after selecting dates
      pretty simple

      and it ranges from ~$199 to ~$250 depending on room type and weekends are a few more bucks than week days

      the others are their 'standard' non-sale deals/packages, of which one includes all the parks and is normally twice the price

  • Thanks SBOB. It's not very clear. Cheers.

  • +2

    Thanks very much for this. I had a booking in place for Feb with booking.com and I've just asked them to match this deal. They have already matched the price which is $330 less than the price I had already paid for 5 nights. Now they have gone back to get the theme parks added for the same price. Hopefully it will all be sorted by tonight.

    • That's great that booking.com were able to match the deal. +1 for them!

      • Hmmmm, booking.com lies. Now they say they can't match this second the deal finishes even though 3 reps promised they could.

  • Good bargain OP. Now need to find bargain for a family.

  • -3

    Just left seaworld. Had the worst experience possible. Electricity for the whole resort and theme park went out at 11:30pm and has not come back on(been 18 hourse since it first went out).
    No apologies or any communication as to what happened or when the electricity would come back. Ended up leaving early and got a refund. Will never ever go back even for free. Parking is also a nightmare. First in best dressed scenario. Good luck to all the people going and I hope this does not happen to you.


  • +2

    Same deal is available through Expedia and booking as well , You can use cashrewards

    Just booked one night with expedia and got the transaction tracked onto my cashreward

    • +1

      I booked through Expedia. Extra 11% off with MasterCard promotion. Cheaper than booking trough hotel website.

      • +1

        how to find this deal on Expedia? TA

        • Simple just tried it, proceed as if you were booking a hotel or pakage, select seaword from list. Room option lists room + 4 park. Slightly cheaper if you log in to expedia. and the code below takes 8% off

    • friggen MVP thanks man

  • +2

    Also use EXPCUPNSH08 in Expedia for more discount!

    • works 8% off. Thanks for this

  • -2

    People need to watch Blackfish before supporting places like this.

  • How do I get around from SeaWorld to movie world etc? Sorry, Gold Coast newb, does SeaWorld have bus transfers or public buses or is taxi expensive? Any help would be appreciated

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