expired Flybuys/Coles Express: Save $0.10/L on Every Petrol Purchase (Excluding LPG and Diesel)


Unlimited redemptions available per FlyBuys account / card.

Can be combined with other offers (such as in-store or supermarket promotions).

Come into your local Shell Coles Express and get 10 cents off per litre on every petrol purchase*.

It's as easy as:
1. Activate this offer
2. Purchase petrol at Shell Coles Express*
3. Present your flybuys card at the time of purchase

Offer valid Thu 17 Jan to Wed 23 Jan 2019.
Excludes LPG and Diesel.

Terms and Conditions
*The '10 cents off per litre' offer is valid when you choose the offer and spend a minimum of $0.11 on any petrol purchase (excluding LPG and Diesel purchases) during the promotional period from Thu 17 Jan to Wed 23 Jan 2019 at Shell Coles Express. The max petrol purchase per transaction is 150 litres in one vehicle and approved containers only. This offer excludes Adblue, Fleet Card, Shell Card, Motorcharge and Motorpass purchases. This offer can be redeemed multiple times during the offer period. To qualify for the '10 cents off per litre' offer, you must activate the offer before refuelling at any Shell Coles Express, and present your flybuys card at the time of purchase. You have been specifically selected for this offer and it is not transferable. This offer has been sent to you by flybuys. flybuys' privacy policy applies. Standard flybuys Terms and Conditions apply and are available at flybuys.com.au.

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  • +5 votes

    Got this earlier….. Activated it, but like always, even at 1o cents off a litre, Coles Express Petrol will still be 10 cents more expensive that the competition.

    Edit: Just checked fuel watch. U91 at coles express 129.9. U91 at the nearby 7 eleven or United 109.9.


    • +1 vote

      It is a good deal in Adelaide as price is 105.8 for 91 at coles express


        Yep used the Coles docket for 4cents off too. So paid $0.91 a litre which is probably the cheapest for anywhere in Adelaide for nearly 20 years or something.


      'YMMV' - I see what you did there.

      But, yeah, same here.
      Nearest 'participating outlet' is a few km past my locals and every time I've checked it's at least 10c more than them.


      If you are in VIC northern suburb, try Coles express Glenroy. They are selling at 108.9, IIRC.


        Right now, Coles Express Waverley Gardens (cnr. Jacksons/Police Rds) are selling 91 at 108.9c/L.
        Minus 10c/L for this offer, and you have petrol at under $1 per litre.

        Don't tell the neggers though who will swear black and blue Coles Express is always more expensive.
        In the immediate vicinity of this outlet, WW, United and 7-11 have all jacked up their prices.

  • +2 votes

    My Coles Express is 137.9 and the Puma up the road is 106.9


    never received this 10c off ever any know how to receive this offer?


      I've found that I always got this offer on a newly signed up FlyBuys card. The one that I've had for yonks would gets absolutely nada.

      Maybe just sign up another card under a different email.

  • +1 vote

    Only have me 8 cents this week :(


    I got 10 cents. Was traveling through Lithgow, noticed Coles Express was 20c more expensive.


    PM me your flybuy if you have the 10c pls

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