Adesso 40cm Tripod Fan $45 (Was $75) @ Woolworths


A nice wood effect tripod fan for this hot weather!

Marked down from $75

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    Really need a lot of space to put this.


      I have a similar fan and it sure does take up a bit of space but at least it doesn't fall over with a slight breeze like all the other cheapy fans.


      I agree. I've got $15 el-cheapo from Bunnings and have never had it fallen over ever.


    I'm looking to get a new fan. Is this any different from a $15 40cm fan? I mean, it looks pretty but does it function any better? Would a high-velocity one be better? (I have no clue about what high velocity means to be honest. Does it just spin faster?)


    Something something Kogan something something DC



      Actually what is so good about that Kogan DC?


        Something something Edison something something Tesla

        Actually I don't know exactly why. Cheap fans are usually AC induction motors and generate a hum and the design lends itself to being very cheap but not energy efficient.

        DC fans probably have a high frequency pwm to drive the motor slowly, with high torque and much less noise.


    Does anyone know if the legs and or blades are actual wood or fake wood?


    They also have a 45cm high velocity pedastal fan that is bloody good.
    It's selling for $27 down from $45 , so I grabbed 1 ,
    then went back for 2 more.
    One was a dud so drove another hour to replace.

    I checked Bunnings for similar large high velocity fans ,
    and they were $100-150.

    Still on sale at Woolies ,
    if you can find stock .

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