This was posted 2 years 9 months 3 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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½ Price Red Island Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1L $8 (Was $16) @ Woolworths


This popular deal is back again for those who missed out. Choice review link thanks to KayDat.

Choice Review

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  • Is this better than cobram estate?

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      Cobram is their premium brand oil.
      This is good still

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      I prefer cobram.

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      Forgot to mention that Cobram and Red Island is made by the same company, with different quality/grade olives.

      • oh right, i thought different company because cobram has

        "exclusive pop up pourer"

        • Ha, I find it flimsy. Much better like the one on avocado oil bottle. No spills, no mess, it cuts clean. I find that exclusive pop pourer a bit of a gimmick. It wasn't once that it made a mess, oil dripping.

    • Nope, I use this for cooking and Cobram to use raw on salads and things like that

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    Not saying this is a bad product but, anything from choice is a load of ****.

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        Fraud is rampant in the olive oil business.

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          How does this explain the allegation about choice? Seems like a classic non sequitur to me…

          • @forrester: Choice is a private company that exists by businesses paying them for services.

            It is not therefore impartial and inaccurate.

            They have also been know to lobby on behalf of big companies (honey laundering scandal).

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          You're correct but Australian Extra Virgin olive oil have been tested to be geniune, many overseas ones are blends.

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    Great deal OP thanks for sharing, just bought one. I should mention though that Moro (which scored 67% on Choice) make an outstanding dressing for white fish like leatherjacket, when mixed with lemon and a herb. Goes to show a low score does not necessarily mean it.

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      Goes to show a low score does not necessarily mean it.

      Scores don't mean much when it comes to taste as everyone likes different things.

  • Can you only use this for salads? Or can you cook with this?

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      Depends what you mean by cooking. All olive oils have a low smoke/flash point so aren't suitable for high temps (eg deep frying). Browning onions etc is fine.

      I use olive oil exclusively for my cooking.

    • You can, and should, cook with EVOO. It's actually the most stable of all oils (along with coconut oil) and produces less toxic byproducts than vegetable oils at any given temperature. The belief that oils only degrade at the smoke point is incorrect, although you don't want to flog it anyway.

    • Thank you guys

  • is olive oil bad if you have cholestrol?

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      Do some people not have cholesterol?

      • I don't believe in Cholesterol it's big pharma trying to push their agenda

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      Olive oil is fine regarding cholesterol

    • No, olive oil is good for your blood lipids - ldl/hdl

  • How does it compare to La Española's ($7/L @ Coles)?

  • rochow 1 hour 59 min ago new
    "I don't believe in Cholesterol it's big pharma trying to push their agenda"
    Are you serious? Olive oil is proven to lower cholesterol.Google "Mediterranean diet".

  • I've had both Red Island and Cobram olive oil for salads and dressings, and I think both are tasty and very good value at $8/L

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    As someone in the olive oil industry, I will say that the cobram brand(my competitor) is good extra virgin olive oil(EVOO). Their parent company (boundary bend) are very selective when buying oils from other growers to put into Cobram bottles which is why they win silver/gold medals every year in competitions(blind judging).
    Just dont be fooled by the 'Moro' and other euro brand named olive oils. You want to buy Extra Virgin Olive Oil for the full health benefits. The other stuff i.e 'light olive oil' is rubbish and gives people the impression its healthier. You are just paying the same price for an inferior product.