expired [PC] Free - Hitman Absolution (Was $28.95) @ GameSessions


Play the game for 5 minutes to activate and keep on GameSessions forever. Or, pay $5 for the Steam key to keep (thanks mikeroxoz).

This game currently costs $28.95 on Steam and has a very positive rating.

Hitman: Absolution follows the Original Assassin undertaking his most personal contract to date. Betrayed by the Agency and hunted by the police, Agent 47 finds himself pursuing redemption in a corrupt and twisted world.

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    Another game launcher to the collection.


    So, to clarify, if I get the free version, I have to log into Gamesessions to pay or I can buy the steam key?


      If you want it free you will need to use their launcher, otherwise you pay $5 for Steam key.


        Thanks. So has anyone played this game? Is it worth $5?

        The Hitman series lost me when they went down the new path. It's confusing.
        I loved the series when I could just buy the full game and play it.

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          Absolution isn't the best Hitman game but it's still pretty good and fun, well worth it for being free. Only part of the game I didn't like was the emphasis on score, but I ignored it.

          You can buy the latest two games in full, first one was episodic but they released the full version and the latest one is just simply a normal game.

          Episodic worked for the game anyway


            @kaneissik: Thanks. So confusing though. Whenever games move away from simply buying the game, I avoid them.

            I read somewhere that the Division 2 wants to charge for storage space or something.

            After they burned everyone with the previous DLC! Was going to buy that one, but nope.


          What exactly are you confused about with the new games? The episodic thing? That is all irrelevant now as 'season 1' is complete so if you buy Hitman you get the full game, and they just released Hitman 2 as a full game.

          I'm playing Hitman 2 at the moment and it is fantastic.


            @stublu: Yes, the episodic thing. I have all the previous hitman games. Don't understand why they need to change it to this junk. It's also been dumbed down like a lot of other games this gen.



              @imurgod: Sorry but I think you're basing your opinion on some bias, the latest two games have been fantastic additions to the genre and are definitely not dumbed down. The latest game has a lot of different ways to do missions.

              The episodic thing wasn't an issue to begin with, it suited the game in how they were bringing out the content.

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          Is it worth $5?



    This trash isn't even worth it free. So glad they made up for it with the two newest entries!

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    So my concern is that McAfee seems to think their website isn't what it appears. Brings up a big warning that it is a very risky site. Seems a bit odd


      I started downloading it but it needed weird runtimes installed and the entire installer just seems odd also the other games in the site seems obscure so I cancelled the install and ran a scan it seems ok but not worth saving $5 for the risk


    Good game, worth more than $5. You follow a story line, unlike older and newer hitman.


    So whilst I trust the launcher, I don't trust their site, cause they don't accept PayPal, only credit cards. So I found the game for $7 somewhere else. That site does accept PayPal

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