Beyblade Burst - Star Storm 2 Player Battle Set with Stadium $49 Delivered @ Amazon AU


A good deal for Beyblades fans as it gives you:
- Stadium
- 2 laucnhers
- 2 Spin tops

Ready to battle!!

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel K Keepa.

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    Are Beyblades back?

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      It's not, People just misunderstood me when I said let it rip!


      They actually only shortly fell off the craze ladder, and instantly jumped a few rungs.

      You had the original (which I LOVED) spinning tops with a mythical 'edge'.

      Then you had the far less popular 'Let it rip, then watch beasts fight in mid air' which wasn't very popular by comparison..

      NOW you have 'Burst' where the beyblades are spring loaded, and enough damage causes them to unwind and 'pop' apart.
      A 'Burst Finish' is better points wise than a normal out-of-spin finish.

      As far as me being an adult enjoying the show, it's not as good as the OG.
      But so long as you're watching the much less cringe worthy Japanese (or a direct translation) you're in for an OK plot.


      Good upvotes on your comment


    Bought one. Thanks OP! Going to use it for a bit then pass it over to my neighbours kids :)


    They have put the price up on this as I brought before Christmas for $40 so might be worth waiting to see if it goes down again. Probably still the cheapest way to get 2 beyblades and launchers, I brought a load of beyblades for my son for Christmas only to find he had lost one of the launchers, so then had to buy this as well as was cheaper then buying a separately.




    Good deal, same set is selling for $70 at toymate, with members getting a 5% discount.