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Canon EOS 800D DSLR Camera with 18-55mm Single Lens Kit $777 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Been looking for a camera replacement and come across this deal. Everywhere else seems close to or over $1000.

This product includes Australian warranty and support
AU Manufacturer Warranty & Backup
24.2 Megapixel CMOS APS-C Sensor delivers images with vibrant colour and rich detail.
Learn how to take better photos with Canon's new Guided Display. Simple, easy to understand onscreen photo tips help you learn how to take better photos.
The 45 point cross type Auto Focus system allows you to pinpoint the exact subject to focus on for sharp and clear images
Dual Pixel CMOS AF, Canon's most advanced auto focus system provides fast and accurate auto focus when shooting stills including smart subject tracking of moving objects.

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  • Would you say this is the best value camera for a beginner?

    • This is above beginner level. Between beginner and advanced. Could save cash and go for a lower model that still does a ton, unless you’re serious about photography then go for this.

    • what Cnut said, and if you do get the lower model see if you can just get the camera body only, without the kit lens, because if you're serious about learning photography, more than likely you will get pretty bored with the kit lens very quickly and want to get something semi decent.

    • It would be good, however I'd suggest buying something second hand. Many many seco hand canons on eBay. I recently sold my Canon 550d and kit lens and got like for like $290. It's an older camera, but essentially the same as this, just a few generations behind. Perhaps go second hand and if you find yourself enjoying photography, you could sell again and buy something better without taking a loss. However if you find photography was a phase and sell the 800d, you're probably gonna lose a few hundred dollars.

      Every man and his dog went and bought a DSLR like 5-7 years ago, so plenty on the second hand Market that are perfect for beginners.

      • Buying second hand will require some basic knowledge and experience of DSLR and more importantly, the ability to check the body. Not only you need to check the shutter count, you also need to check the optical view finder and take some photos to ensure there is no specks / dusts / marks on the sensor (easier a fair amount of light and a plain (white preferably) background).

        Generally, for new comers, don't get a second hand body unless you have a friend who knows DSLR and can check it for you. Same goes for lenses.

    • Unless the dual pixel auto focus is important to you (1080p video with good auto focus, vlogging), you might want to consider other cameras (maybe mirrorless). There is a reason these mid level APS-C cameras are not in high demand. Both Canon and Nikon held back on features.

      The lenses are generally more important. The included kit lens is restricted.

    • Any reason you wouldn't just buy a m50 kit with the money over this?

  • Now that Canon have announced they've moved their entire lens development team to mirrorless (R mount, M will remain neglected) it's hard work getting excited about a DSLR.

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      come to think of it, now is the time to be excited about DSLR, if prices are going to drop. a lot of amazing lenses on EF mount, and a few great ones on EF-S. now is the time for bargains.

      • Not really, DSLR is in the current state due to Canon held back on videos for their DSLRs and Nikon struggled with video for a while. Then, you have mobile phones taking better and better photos (and have strong capability of videos), and mirrorless camp going all out (and Panasonic's full frame mirrorless is coming).

        If you in the market for entry to mid level DSLR, you really need to think twice, esp. if you are getting a 2017 model. Even if Canon introduced a successor to this model, we know Canon will held back a lot once again.

        On the lens side, the new mounts form Canon and Nikon clearly are technically better (they are larger so more light will be available).


          I had a conversation about this already somewhere in the threads. I don't care about video as if it doesn't exist for me. I am a photographer. and come to think of it, award winning photos were taken by Canon DSLR on EF mount, so that's all I need, if it's getting cheaper.

          • @DisabledUser213022:

            if it's getting cheaper

            I don't really see that happening anytime soon. If anything, the price of this particular camera is a good indicator - price isn't exactly dropping. Dual pixel auto focus is obviously the reason why this camera is still expensive. So, if video is no important at all, is there any strong reason to get this? After all, it is the key selling point of this camera.

            Those great lenses, they are not dropping in price. Price (or value for money) is one of the key reasons why DSLR is losing market share. And, let's not forget, the person taking the photograph makes a big difference too. Just having DSLR and great lenses don't magically transform someone into a super duper photographer.

            The fact that this deal has 5 + votes says a lot (neither Canon nor Nikon are making DSLR affordable). You and me both know the included kit lens isn't that great. It has STM - which is useful for video.


              @netsurfer: yes, I didn't mean this particular camera. I picked up full frame 6d for the same price a month ago.

              • @DisabledUser213022: 6D or 6D mark ii? Anyway, $777 for a brand new full frame is a great deal.


                  @netsurfer: mark 1. I used to have a 5d mark 1, and that's actually a great camera, too, for a lot of projects. can be had for ~400-500, but of course condition will be far from new. The colours out of camera were amazing. I still can't set up 6d to match 5d mark 1 on output.

                  5d mark 1 is lacking in a few areas though, like no lens profiles (fixable in post, though), no MFA (that can't be fixed in post sadly), so your lenses got to be perfect. low light performance delivered by 6d is outstanding, and the level of details I can pull out of it, but the colour and contrast treatment - I tried so many settings on the picture styles, I simply can't match the 5d. On 5d I would have the Canon recommended Neutral with Saturation +2, Contrast +2, Sharpness 4, with white balance on auto, and that was my setting in 99% of the cases. the same setup on 6d looks awful.

                  • @DisabledUser213022: Since you already have Canon full frame lenses, 6D makes sense. Full frame lenses cost money. Obviously, spending on good lenses makes more sense than overspending on body.

                    Canon though, do seem to hold back a lot on their DSLR cameras. I just don't get why they don't go more all out (Nikon is also somewhat the same). Purposely held back 6D's auto-focus so it wouldn't exceed 5D Mark ii (despite 6D has a superior CPU in there) - mirrorless camp don't do this kind of BS.

                    For work, full frame DSLR makes sense. However, anyone looking for APSC DSLR clearly isn't looking for a work type camera (unless it is for video - my mate wanted videos for his wedding as well and this was years ago, the photography company had multiple people using 600D to take videos - this was before mirrorless became popular).


                      @netsurfer: yes, it does outrage me a bit, there's no reason for recent full frame camera to perform worse than 10 year old 5d. focusing is fine, actually, I am not a huge fan of too many focus points. I use center point for precise focus (eyes in portraits, edges of objects for street photography), and leave in auto for landscapes since at aperture 16 it doesn't matter much what exactly is in focus (when it does I focus in central point). I do have experience with mirrorless Sony, and that was not bar at all, but I don't know, maybe I am just old fashioned, I didn't enjoy the handling.

  • How does this compare to the SsangYong camera?

  • how about price match at domayne and then use the amex offer of $150 of on $750 ??
    $627 is best price for this camera

    edited: Domayne comments on pricematch
    "Unfortunately, we would not be able to offer you this price match with as the Products with pricing set significantly lower than the recommended retail price or market value."