expired [PS4] Battlefield 1 & Titanfall 2 Ultimate Bundle $15.95 @ PlayStation Store


This bundle includes both games with all DLCs. Lowest price previously was $18.95 for PS Plus members and $22.95 for the rest. Now it's even cheaper at $15.95 for everyone. Great value, should be a nice pickup for those who haven't played them.

The bundle includes:
Battlefield™ 1 base game
Battlefield 1 Premium Pass with 4 themed expansion packs: They Shall Not Pass, In the Name of the Tsar, Turning Tides and Apocalypse.
Red Baron Pack, Lawrence of Arabia Pack and Hellfighter Pack – containing themed weapons, vehicles and emblems.

Titanfall™ 2 base game
Deluxe Edition content:
- Scorch & Ion Prime Titans
- Deluxe Edition Warpaint for 6 Titans
- Deluxe Edition Camo for all Titans, Pilots & Weapons
- Deluxe Edition Nose Arts for 6 Titans
- Deluxe Edition Callsign
Jump-Starter content:
- All Titans unlocked
- all Pilot tacticals unlocked
- 500 tokens to unlock loadouts, cosmetics and gear
- 10 Double XP tokens to help you hit the ground running in multiplayer.
- Underground R-201 Carbine Warpaint

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