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Huawei P20 Pro $759.84 Delivered @ Amazon AU


down down down again! cheapest available! don't forget cashback!! Enjoy!


This deal was initially for Black only, but they just dropped the price for Twilight too!

Huawei P20 Pro Twilight

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Huawei, why wait?

  • Can anyone comment on the speakers? Do they sound good? Do they get pretty loud?


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    I got this price matched with Domayne. Using the Amex cashback will bring this down to $609.00. Decisions.

    • Yeah I'm doing this now with domayne.

      Was thinking of going the mate 20 pro for about 1060 with cashrewards from Amazon but that's almost $500 more expensive than the p20 Pro…

      Domayne online chat are dragging their feet though

    • If anyone have the amex deal and doesnt need the phone. Im willing to buy for $650. Pls pm if keen. Im at Brisbane.

    • Surprisingly Harvey Norman also price matched
      I was after the Twilight model .
      No floor stock . Have to wait for Delivery.
      Extra $7.95 for delivery.

    • Thanks for the tip. Trying this also now via chat/whatsapp

      Nope,no luck

      Unfortunately, we are now unable to price match with Amazon AU due to our Domayne supply of this product - there is no longer stock available. I do apologise for the inconvenience caused :(

      • +1

        But they never remove it from their website … tried a few weeks back and same answer. Their price match policy is useless and a lie.

        • Yeah,wouldn't surprise me that's their stock 'too cheap' answer.

          At $610 it was phone replacement worthy, but I'll live.

    • Not sure how you did that. HN and Domayne treats amazon as online store not physical store hence usually will not price match

  • Wow super tempting, but my s8 (although lagy) works with fitbit and my car fine. Hate to lose that functionality.

    The main positive I suppose of having a samsung.

    • Can't see any reason why they wouldnt work with this phone. I use my Mate 20x with my car Bluetooth and my ticwatch perfectly fine.

      • Mate 20 x, nice, going to buy that beast tomorrow with ebay app 10% off.

        • Did you end up buying one?

          • @mingofmongo: Yes, the 8GB RAM model in silver, so the Chinese version, for $1150. I know it will drop in price but I couldn't wait to get one.

            • @TRANCE: Enjoy. I presume you know where to go on xda to get info on de-China-ing? If not let me know and I'll give you a link.

              • @mingofmongo: Link plz

              • @mingofmongo: This one? https://forum.xda-developers.com/mate-20-x/how-to/guide-remo...

                I didn't use it though, I just uninstalled all apps I didn't want or were in Chinese and installed playstore, maps, youtube etc, replaced keyboard with google board. There is no Chinese apps left on the phone and the only Chinese left on the phone is the lock screen displays two small Chinese characters in the bottom corner which isn't an issue for me, but there is a way to get rid of that also.

                Phone runs fast!

                • @TRANCE: That's the one!

                  Yes it is blitzing fast. Not that i play fortnite, but it's one of the first phones to play it in 60hz.

                  I would still recommend using adb to remove hiboard (giving you back Google Now) and hisearch (annoying search window every time you drag down on the main screen).

    • fitbit doesn't work with Huawei?

      • Appears issues based on my searching.

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    At this price, they might as well give it huawei

  • This puts it in the One plus 6t territory. Do you guys think its better to get the oneplus or this for $609 (using the Amex cashback at domayne)?

    • I was also looking at the 6T but for oz stock I'll take this over the 6T.

    • I'm in the same boat, this was never on my radar due to price.

      I am considering this now instead of waiting for the Redmi Note 7 (which sounds awesome for the price) or the Honor View 20 which (I'm guessing will be around this price point in release in 3 days time)

    • Here is a comparison if you want.

    • +2

      For the same price I would get P20 Pro. 6T was good before with much cheaper price but not when P20 Pro at this price point

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    I swear Harvey's and Officeworks have pulled stock off shelves to avoid price match. None in Brisbane anywhere..

    • +1

      Just Order it from Amazon + 5% Cashrewards.

      • I also agree, went around to HN and only 2 stores had stock, one of which was most likely a demo … is anyone else finding this?

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    This is cheapest P20 Pro so far with local warranty directly from Amazon. Definately worth over eBay deals. No stuff around with Mobilcity or Allphones

    Just bought one thanks OP and good that I called out Twilight so Amazon lowered price!

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    Domayne took off the P20 Pro online

    • +3

      So did Harvey Norman. Very annoying as I was given a link through chat to pay for it at the Amazon price. Didn't rush it as he said the discount was available for 24 hours. Obviously the link doesn't work anymore since the product page has been removed.

      • I'm on the boat, want to have a second thought, now its removed

      • Yeah same with me, just spoke with live chat and he said link has been already used.

        • Isn't it cheaper to buy via Amazon and Cashrewards unless you have AMEX cash back?

        • Just unsuccessfully tried to price match with domayne also :(

      • +1

        Sounds like very normal they just won't bother price match by removing availability of the product

  • +1

    Case suggestions?

  • gave in, amazon + CR. Time to update from LG G6

    • me too!

  • The only thing stopping me get this is I am not crazy about the colour choices, I really liked the colours on the mate 9 and 10, But the main thing for me is the absence of any extra storage. Its great being able to backup to SD card, but also if the internal storage had issues.

  • Thanks OP!! Awesome deal

  • Thanks OP!! CR + TRS + a random 20 dorra voucher I didn't know I had laying around in my amazon account?! can't do all the math properly but it's one heck of a deal!!

    off topic, I've been a Samsung fanboy forever, so coming from an S7, are there some apps to help migrate all the data over from the S7 to this?

    • +2

      Yep , Huawei Phone Clone is available in play store and need to be installed on both devices.

      I also moved from Samsung to Huawei.

      Forget the stock email client, switch to Nine.

      Use Google's messages app for SMS rather than the Huawei one.

      Follow the instructions on xda forums to remove hisearch and hiboard.

  • Why not mate 20 pro??? That one is also on sale.

    • It's $1120.64 after the discount though. If it were under grand I would definitely get that.

      • I have ordered mate 20 pro and I am having second thoughts now since so many people are liking this offer.

        • The Mate 20 pro has a few advantages over the P20 pro, but not that of a bigger advantage that would warrant such a price difference. That's why a lot of people are getting this. If it's like $200 difference then no question, majority of the people would get the Mate 20 pro.

      • yep
        Almost 50% more expensive that the p20 pro
        so slightly less 'bargain impulse' worthy ;)

        • i just checked the differences again.
          features in addition to p20 pro
          1. QHD display HDR10
          2 Kirin 980 7nm processor
          3. 15W fast wireless charging
          4. 3D facial unlocking
          5. In screen fingerprint scanner
          6. 2 day battery life
          7. 40w fast charging
          This will do for me.
          i paid probably 150$ over in terms of real value in comparison to p20 pro but i will take it
          thanks anyways

          • @DisabledUser249845: Also, what about the wide angle lens and the expendable storage that the Mate 20 pro has over the P20 pro? I think there might be a few more extra features that the former has over the latter that I can't recall now. If the price difference is around only $150 then it's definitely worth it.

            • +1

              @AussieDaddy: Expandable storage as in Nano memory proprietary card is more than useless. You won't be able to get one at a good price or good availability and plus it's a non standard.

              Huawei is silly to use nano memory card. It is pretty much worthless so consider it not having one at all

          • @DisabledUser249845: Curved screen with an in screen fingerprint reader makes it virtually impossible to have a tempered glass screen protector. That's a deal-breaker for me. Not spending $1K on a phone that's going to be easily susceptible to a screen break. Plus I hate curved screens in general.

            Also, having played around with the Mate 20 Pro and looked at some of the user photos, I'm not that excited about the camera. Once you zoom in, it starts to look like an oil painting and the face smoothing is quite bad.

            Pixels still have better quality pics for my mind. But hard justifying their pricetag too.

            • @dontpanic: Is the P20 pro the same, I mean with regards to the curved screen, or not?

              • @AussieDaddy: No it's not. Flat screen and plenty of glass protectors available

            • @dontpanic: Hmmmm 2500 images and professional testing by dxomark seems to disagree with you there. Both the p20 Pro and mate 20 pro scored the highest rating for smartphones to date, besting the iPhone and pixel 3.

              • -1

                @edrift: I'm not saying it's a terrible camera, just that from what I've seen its not as pleasing to my eye as the pixel camera. Each to their own.

            • @dontpanic: It also has a bigger notch. I don't like curve screen and possibly issue with green tint. I'm staying clear from mate 20 pro no matter what reviews say

            • @dontpanic: I don't like curve screen neither. Screen film always come off

      • +1

        You ain't gonna see that much difference between p20 pro vs mate 20 pro for the price you are paying extra for.

        It's not worth the price difference of $361 which is another 50% cost of this phone

  • Does it take long for Shopback to send out a transaction acknowledgement email? I assumed it only takes a few minutes?

    • +3

      No, normally takes a couple of days

  • shipping email received
    Amazon showing other retailers how online shopping should be ;)

  • +1

    tried to look it up but coming up empty, how does warranty work for these? Do you send back to Amazon?

    • You post it back. Amazon will reimburse if you bought it recently but I'm not sure about two years.

      • cheers. had a chat to Amazon AU staff and was advised that they give 12 month return/refund warranty on this device.

        • 12 months warranty is a bit short. A device like this is expected to work more than a year. At least three years. Can you claim via statutory law?

        • the phones come with a 24mth warranty from Huawei..so not sure what amazon are referring to

          • @SBOB: That's stupid so we are suppose to claim warranty with Huawei rather than Amazon

        • i tried to clarify but i am not sure that the person i was talking to was AU based or knew what an ACL was. They simply repeated that it was 12 mth Amazon warranty, basically any issues with the device you return it for a full refund. After 12 months you talk to Huawei about the warranty. This obviously does not comply with the ACL

          • @tadere: Huawei has a warranty location in Australia,so it's a pretty easy process if you google it.
            Refund for first 12 mths is pretty good though compared to repair etc.

            • @SBOB: absolutely, I agree. I believe that their repair centre is in NSW so for those of us outside that state would include postage etc but I guess the savings are worth it.

  • Is it possible of unable to upgrade to next Android version if Trump orders the government to ban everything???

  • Note this phone although has high ratings has a weird beauty filter that can’t be turned off for selfie mode. Apparently you can use other apps but don’t know how effective that is.

    • Turning off AI on camera is good enough to not have saturared photos

  • What screen protector is recommended for P20 Pro?

    • It comes with a case and screen protector applied.

    • Ordered a tempered glass one off eBay.
      Also ordered tempered glass camera lens protectors

  • Getting great battery life with it. Around 4-5 hours SOT.

  • Wow that was quick! Gotta give credit where it's due to Amazon. Ordered Sat midnight and it's arrived already.

    • same

    • what do you think so far?

      • +1

        Well it was for my partner so I didn't get to muck around with it too much unfortunately. I'm using the Samsung S8+ and so I can only compare to that. But on first glance, the screen looks extremely nice. Pleasantly surprised the phone already comes with the screen protector on and comes with a nice thin transparent case as well. It feels fast, but i guess that's an unfair comparison since it's brand new…you would expect it to be. The software is still Android Oreo however, so hoping to expect an upgrade to Pie soon. Won't lie that i was slightly concerned about the design when i purchased it (I liked the Mate 20 look much better), but irl, it actually looks great. Camera's awesome, but only tested with a few pics and didn't get to export to see on comp.

    • hey is it Aus stock?

    • You had prime or just normal shipping? I ordered Sunday nothing yet. Sydney metro

      • prime here, but only standard shipping.
        Arrived today 2 hrs north of syd metro.

        • Non prime here still waiting don't want to activate trial until something big comes along

      • Normal shipping and non-prime mate, I wasn't in any rush to receive it, so was pleasantly surprised.

    • I ordered Sunday night and had it by Monday 6pm (I did pay for next day delivery).

  • looking for advice- buy the pro20 or pixel 2 xl? Also, will pro20 have a good resale value compared to pixel 2 xl? Thanks heaps!

    • Think pixel will hold value more then p20pro. Just less people know about it.

    • +1

      P20 Pro if you want a good camera, else pixel if you don't mind a potato camera.
      Check out dxomark review

  • Anyone got theirs from Domayne yet?

    • No not yet, i got email on sunday says my order is delayed and it's on back on order now.

      • Spoke to online chat and they said mine was being fulfilled by the Fyshwick store.

        Called Fyshwick store and they said they have no stock Australia wide and Huawei has no stock either with no ETA on when stock would arrive.

        Thinking to cancel the order and ordering from Amazon instead, hopefully keeping the $150 cashback from amex

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