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Up to 50% off Xiaomi & Minix (Mijia 360 Global $55.97, Minix U9 $167.97, Mi Pro 2 $30.07 Free Shipping) @ Apu's World


Hi, OZB Peeps,
Today we have a limited promotion on select Xiaomi and Minix models.
This promotion includes Xiaomi Mijia 360 Camera , Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 Earphones , Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones, Roidmi 3S, 70Mai Dash Cam, Mi Laser Projector and much more!
For the Minix we have secured a bulk deal on the Minix U9 with A3 airmouse, and selected USB-C products and unheard prices for local stock.
All products available on main landing page use code XIA to take a further 30% off.

  • Xiaomi Mijia 360 Camera (Global version) ( $55.97)
  • Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones ( $39.87)
  • Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 Earphones ( $30.07)
  • Minix U9 ( $167.97)
  • Minix U9 with Minix A3 airmouse ( $192.47)
  • Xiaomi 70mai (Global English) ( $55.97)
  • Xiaomi Roidmi 3S ( $23.77)
  • Xiaomi Laser Projector (Global Edition) ( $2239.30)
  • Minix Z83 Windows Mini PC ( $244.97)
  • MINIX NEO C-D, USB-C Multiport Adapter for MacBook Pro ( $90.97)
  • MINIX Neo C-UH USB-C to 4-Port USB 3.0 HDMI Adapter ( $34.93)
  • MINIX Neo C-4K, High Performance USB-C to 4K HDMI Cable( $34.93)
  • Xiaomi USB 3.1 Type-C to HDMI ( $41.93)
  • Xiaomi Mi Wi Fi 2 (Global version) ( $10.47)

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  • how do Mi Pro 2 headphones compare against Hybrid Pro HD piston? They're about the same price. They look like the Hybrid IV but black instead of silver.

    Paul, did you end up offering any deals on the 1More Triple and Quad driver earphones?

    • Hi, the hybrid pro HD are still a better model with the triple driver, the pro 2 are great unit for a lower cost. If you want the pro HD I can reactivate the old special buy price for you?

      I didn't get enough interest in the one more deal, so didn't pursue it.

      If you need anything let me know or send me a PM.

      Kind regards Paul Jo

      • Can you do the pro 2 earphones a few dollars cheaper? :P having a hard time deciding between AliExpress and your store

        • Hi there unfortunately not, there are many that have already purchased it wouldn't be fair on them, Aliexpress it's quite simple do you want them in 4-8 weeks or a few days.

          Kind regards Paul Jo

  • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/432479
    The Xiaomi Mijia 360 is cheaper from Gearvita. Link above

    • +1

      Their model is the Chinese version, ours is the global model. Native English CE standard.

  • Do you stock sonoff products as well? Or can you source them?

    • Sorry we don't at the moment, maybe in the 6 months.

    • It's meant for strawberries, but we don't judge how people use it.

      That's your choice ;)

    • I will judge how you use it. Shameful.

  • Do they provide tax receipt?

    • Yes it does.

      Kind regards Paul Jo

  • +1

    Thank you come again!

    • Yes please do.

  • Careful with installing Xiaomi apps on your smart devices - they require a lot of personal information and access to things it doesn't need.

  • any cheap android boxes around $50 delivered? i dont need it for streaming tv
    want an android box to use as a server

  • Hi All. So confused with all this Xiaomi stuff.

    I want to get 3x temp sensor. 2x smart smart power point and a couple of other things.

    Whats the latest gateway to get? Also what's up with Chinese vs Australian stock? How do I tell difference.

    Any other tips? Cheers

    • Hi we are about to launch a really new model which is quite affordable, it has 1 x control hub, 2 x window door sensors, 1 x motion sensor and 2 x wireless switch.

      I will pm you the details in the next few days.

      Kind Regards Paul Jo

      • +1

        Awesome. Please do

  • +1

    Not really impressed with how Minix have abandoned the U1, I know its older but theres not even any security updates for Android and no third party improvements available unless I flash non Minix software. Good kit at the time but Xiaomi seem to support their products for longer.

    • Hi the U1 is approximately 4 years old, so it's not likely it will get that much support.
      I believe there was lollipop update, the U9 has received Android 7.1 update recently.

      And it may receive an Oreo update this year.

      Kind regards Paul Jo

  • How long is the order processing time and delivery? I placed an order on Wednesday but didn't receive any further update after that..

    • Hi free shipping orders are generally dispatched in 3- 5 days. We have ton of orders booked in for Tuesday pick up as tomorrow is a public holiday.

      Please pm me your order number and we will make sure it's on top of the list and upgrade you to Courier shipping.

      Kind regards Paul Jo

      • Thanks, sent you a pm.

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