expired Sony Alpha A6300 Mirrorless Camera with 18-135mm Lens $1249 + (Bonus $125 EFTPOS Card via Redemption) @ JB Hi-Fi


This is a good deal as the new model is coming out a6400 which reviews say it's little upgrades like flip screen for selfies and improved auto focus but the AF on a6300 is already tough apparently.

.4K Movie mode
.Lightning fast AF system
.11 FPS continuous shooting
.Built in Wi-Fi & NFC
.Newly developed 24MP sensor - Increased image quality

Body alone is $1200
Lense 18-135mm is $800

Teds sells this combo for $1800 but will probably reduce the price soon as they notice this deal lmao. Oh also Harry Norman's have this combo for around $1247.


Link to Sony Cashback Redemption

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    Buy it from Domayne with amex cashback.Or domane gift ccard with amex casback and buy from HN


      does it works like this?
      buy domayne gift card with amex. then buy the a6300 bundle in harvey norman and pay with domayne gift card + cash

      or did i get it wrong? anyone done it already?


        should work.

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          Excludes all payments made at Harvey Norman @ Domayne (Alexandria, Auburn, Belrose and North Ryde), Harvey Norman Commercial Division and Harvey Norman Insurance Replacement Division.

          that is 2nd term in the amex domayne offer. Which kinda confuse me..

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    The AF improvement on the a6400 is a fair improvement. Up to you whether it's worth the extra money to you, but its not quite right to say it's a small improvement. It includes much improved eye AF, tracking, and animal eye-AF. There's not much in the mirrorless world like it.

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      Yes looks very good - have been pondering upgrading from my A6000, but will wait to see what the A6500 replacement looks like and/or the prices to come down.


      The Northrups measured only 4 fps on it though with a kit lens. 6-7 with a GM lens.


    I have this camera - I feel that I got it cheaper though I can't remember. Fantastic bloody camera. Suuper portable (with the 16-55mm kit lens tho), takes brilliant images when I'm on my game. I don't video much fortunately but the video is super clear but it doesn't have in body stabilisation so it's really noticeable jittering when you're in 4K. For that you need the 6500 and I think the new 6400 has it too.

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    I wish sony would make IBIS the norm in this range of bodies.