expired [PC] FREE - Distraint Deluxe Edition (DRM-free) - GOG


Another freebie from GOG.
You need an account with GOG to claim it (having an account is free in case you do not have one).


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    Thanks OP.

    Sorry to my paid games… I'll get around to each of you eventually, I promise (when good freebie games cease to exist).


    You are all welcome. Enjoy the game and have a nice day.


    Oddly enough, I just completed this 10min ago on android. After leaving it alone for a while.

    I really like the art style. The game is passable, it's more of a story than a game. I liked the 'chat' revelation in the ending.

    Beware Chapter 3 (the one with the mushrooms). Just give in and look up a guide on youtube. Seriously. Although I think the timer is shorter on android.

    It's worth your time, partly because it doesn't overstay it's welcome. It's just that bloody chapter 3..


    Thank you got it~


    Thanks OP. Thought I had it on GOG but it turns out I got it on Steam when it was free a while ago.

    Enjoyable game, it's short enough to play it through in a few hours.

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