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Zenify Pets 20-40% Off Australia Day Weekend Dog Products + Delivery (Free with Prime / $49 Spend) @ Zenify Amazon AU

  • Limited quantity availability - see product table for each item
  • Free delivery with Amazon Prime or when you spend $49+ on eligible items. If you haven't joined Amazon Prime yet, start a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime Here. You can cancel it anytime and your trial will still be valid for the full 30 days. Alternatively if you don't want to join Prime, just add other items to the cart to spend over $49 and the shipping will be free for you.
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About The Deal

Firstly, a HUGE HUGE thank you to all the Ozbargain community users who took the time to comment on the last deal and post appreciation for the time and care we put into Zenify’s last Ozbargain offer. It’s feedback like that we sincerely listen to and ensures we continue to raise the bar for the deals we share with the Ozbargain community now and in the future.

Today…… we’ve got a special Australia Day 🇦🇺 offer to celebrate the long weekend. We know we typically spend it outdoors with family and our best friends…. our dogs 🐶….. so you’ll find our favourite Zenify Pets dog products on special discounted prices for varieties with our national colours 💛💚.

  • Collapsible Dog Bowls
  • Interactive Dog Treat Balls
  • Pet Grooming Gloves
  • Hands Free Dog Leads
  • Dog Car Seat Belts
  • Dog Toys Variety Box (although not strictly yellow or green, we threw this deal in too to keep our furry friends occupied again when we all go back to work 🐶)

To keep things simple, we’re doing this deal without a coupon - just pure special offer price reduction.

If our last Ozbargain offer was anything to go by, you’ll have to be quick to grab your favourite items because there’s a limited quantity of each item at the offer prices and we’ll be keeping the Ozbargain offer updated as the quantity is exhausted. If the price of a single item has gone back up to RRP on the site before you see it on this deal post, it’s probably because i’m furious trying to update it as we speak and quantity has been exhausted. The deal URL is to the store, so that bargain hunters aren’t mislead by the one item we choose as the URL being exhausted.

We will expire the deal when all special offer quantities are exhausted.



If you buy ANY item from Amazon, please consider leaving feedback on the platform. Reviews help other Amazon members decide which product is right for them and allows stores like Zenify to know what we’re doing right, improve and update our existing product range to make them better or create new ones that have demand.


Good luck everyone! Grab a Australia Day Weekend Ozbargain and have a fabulous long weekend.


Collapsible Portable Travel Dog Bowls

[—> URL Link To All Bowls Here <—]

Variety RRP Ozbargain Aus Day Price % Off Limited Availability
Yellow XL 1000ml + Green S 400ml $6.95 $4.95 29% 30x
Yellow XL 1000ml + Yellow S 400ml $6.95 $4.95 29% 30x
Green XL 1000ml + Green S 400ml $6.95 $4.95 29% 30x
Yellow XL1000ml + Black S 400ml $6.95 $4.95 29% 30x
Yellow XL 1000ml $4.45 $3.45 22% 30x
Green XL 1000ml $4.45 $3.45 22% 30x
Yellow S 400ml $3.45 $2.45 29% 30x
Yellow S (White Rim) 400ml $3.45 $2.45 29% 30x
Green S 400ml $3.45 $2.45 29% 30x
Green S (White Rim) 400ml $3.45 $2.45 29% 30x
  • 🐶 FOOD AND WATER ANYWHERE — The perfect pet accessory bowl for travel adventures with your dog or puppy. With its portable and convenient design, you only need to pop up this foldable bowl and use it to feed your dog food and water on the go. After you’re done, simply folding down and you can continue your walk together and create more memories together.
  • 🐶 CARABINER INCLUDED — This pack includes an incredibly useful transport carabiner, which allows you to hang these bowls from a dog lead / leash, the outside of a bag, a loop of jeans / trousers. After feeding, you can carry this bowl elevated in the outdoor fresh air to dry, rather than going mouldy and smelly stored in the back of a training backpack with your other accessories.
  • 🐶 EXTRA LARGE SIZE — The extra large version dish is best suited to medium to large dogs. It holds 1000 ml (1 litre) of water, liquids, dry kibble biscuits, wet canned food or raw. The top rim measures 17.8 cm (7 inches) diameter and bottom narrows to 12.7 cm (5 inches). Expanded it stands at 7 cm and folds down to a slim 2 cm.
  • 🐶 SMALL SIZE — The compact version dish is best suited to small to medium dogs or puppies. It holds 400 ml of water, liquids, dry kibble biscuits, wet canned food or raw. The top rim measures 12.7 cm (5 inches) diameter and bottom narrows to 9 cm (3.5 inches). Expanded it stands at 5.5 cm and folds down to a slim 1.5 cm.

Any of the packs containing a XL bowl are the real bargain here, although the 400ml S variety are still the cheapest we can find at a local price. You’ll find the XL bowls are minimum $7.99 on eBay HERE and $5.00 via Aliexpress HERE . Check for volume and dimensions to ensure you’re comparing the right items to ensure this is a real Ozbargain.

Interactive Dog Treat Training Balls

[—> URL Link To All Balls Here <—]

Variety RRP Ozbargain Aus Day Price % Off Limited Availability
Yellow (Large) $6.95 $4.95 29% 30x
Green (Large) $6.95 $4.95 29% 30x
  • 🐶 MENTAL AND PHYSICAL STIMULATION — Without toys and healthy exercise, dogs are known to grow bored and engage in destructive behaviour. Going beyond the simple “fetch” balls of the past, Zenify’s uniquely designed interactive fun treat training ball is designed to keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated. Fill the ball with your dog's favourite treats of food and watch them roll it around, train, smarten, challenge and try to get the treats out.
  • 🐶 PROMOTE ORAL HYGIENE — Filling the ball with treats will attract extra attention from your dog or puppy. Without even realising, in attempting to get the treats out, the the special grooves of the toy can massage and help clean the teeth, gums and inter-dental spaces of your dog’s mouth.
  • 🐶 DIMENSIONS — 7cm x 7cm x 7cm

Make sure you’re selecting the (Large) variety here, because it’s not the small variety on special discount. If you’re comparing with other platforms, ensure you’re comparing the 7cm variety of product - eBay HERE and Aliexpress Here

Pet Grooming Gloves

[—> URL Link To All Gloves Here <—]

Variety RRP Ozbargain Aus Day Price % Off Limited Availability
Green (Right Handed) $3.95 $2.95 25% 30x
Green 2 Pack (Left + Right Handed) $4.95 $3.95 20% 30x
Green (Left Handed) $3.95 $2.95 25% 30x
  • 🐶 REMOVE LOOSE FUR, DIRT AND DUST GENTLY — These one-size-fits-all hair grooming gloves are essential for taking care of the fur of rabbits, dogs, cats and most furry pets. Fur can quickly become tangled if not brushed regularly and can lead to a build-up of dirt and dust. With the Zenify pet grooming glove, you can brush out excess hair, fur, dirt and kinks with ease.
  • 🐶 CIRCULATION STIMULATION AND PAMPERING MASSAGE — Not only does the mitt stimulate circulation, it also provides your beloved pet with a grooming massage. Pets prefer the pampering texture of soft silicon rather than the old style rigid equipment and accessories. As a soft glove with 180 silicon tips, it naturally adapts to the contours of your pet's body. Zenify’s pet grooming glove is therefore a great suggestion for nervous animals.
  • 🐶 EASY TO CLEAN BREATHABLE MATERIAL — The high-quality silicon layer on the inside of the glove means that it is super easy to clean. Fur mattes nicely together on the glove, but separates from the silicon effortlessly. The glove's outer material is breathable and quick to dry, meaning your glove won’t stay wet or get mouldy from moisture retention.
  • 🐶 WET OR DRY USE FOR GROOMED FUR — This glove can be used either wet or dry. For wet use apply a suitable shampoo to your pet's fur and gently massage it in with the glove. This is particularly practical when bathing your pet. For dry use, comb or stroke with a gentle, light pressure along the fur in the direction of hair growth until you feel that all of the excess hair has been removed and the fur is well combed.

The major difference between Zenify’s gloves and any generic ones that you might find elsewhere is the ziplock pouch bag that’s included. If you’ve ever tried to put a grooming accessory into a draw or cabinet after use without covering, you’ll soon realise why it’s essential. On other sites - eBay HERE and Aliexpress HERE

Hands Free Dog Leads

[—> URL Link To All Hands Free Leads Here <—]

Variety RRP Ozbargain Aus Day Price % Off Limited Availability
Green Hands Free Lead $12.95 $8.95 31% 30x
  • 🐶 HAND FREE LEASH — Enjoy a hands free dog leash that lets you freely use your hands without being worried about your dog running off. This is ideal for running, using your phone, pushing a baby stroller and more. Free your hands, use a waist belt.
  • 🐶 GREAT FOR RUNNING & BABY STROLLING — Your dog can comfortably run in front of you, or beside you, without feeling like you are stepping on their heels. The 125cm-190cm lead is long enough to provide plenty of room for both you and your dog but also short enough to not get in your way. Enjoyed by people running, walking, hiking and strolling.
  • 🐶 GENTLE FOR YOUR DOG — With its bungee leash, any sudden movement will be absorbed by the chord, not by your dog’s neck or body. This makes it a great choice for dog owners who want to avoid giving their dogs neck injuries.
  • 🐶 MULTIPLE USES — Choose to use it as a NORMAL leash, SHOULDER leash, SHORT leash, DUAL handle leash, SAFETY leash and even TRAINING leash. You can easily attach or detach it from the waist-belt to your dog collar or harness. Waist measures 28” to 40” and leash extends from 125cm to 190cm.
  • 🐶 NIGHT TIME USE — Special triple luminous reflective stitching on both sides of the leash provides everyone with extra safety at night so everyone is seen.

Things to watch out for here with specifications are extendable, length, handles and packaging. Plenty aren’t extendable, or if they are, they don’t extend far enough to be useful for most hands free activities. You’ll find Zenify Pet’s are extendable up to 190cm (most are a lot less), you’ll notice the two useful handles (near and far) and it comes in a ziplock bag to roll up and store away. eBay alternatives HERE and Aliexpress [HERE] (https://www.aliexpress.com/wholesale?catId=0&initiative_id=S...). Don’t be fooled by the tagline prices here - it’s normally the ghastly all-neon colours are the “lower” priced varieties.

Dog Car Seat Belts

[—> URL Link To All Belt Packs Here <—]

Variety RRP Ozbargain Aus Day Price % Off Limited Availability
1 Pack $4.95 $2.95 40% 20x
2 Pack $6.45 $4.95 23% 20x
  • 🐶 VEHICLE SAFETY FOR YOU AND YOUR PET — You want a safe and comfortable journey for you and your dog or puppy. This extendable bungee seat belt prevents them from jumping around in the car. Strap them in with the rest of the family, whilst allowing them to sit, stand and lie down comfortably. No need to put your pooch in the boot of the car. Drive with safety.
  • 🐶 UNIVERSAL BELT CLIP FIT — You want something that fits your car and your dog. With its 22mm standard width clip, you can relax in the knowledge that this car seat belt is designed to fit most car buckles. Increase or decrease the clasp to adjust the length of the lead to fit the smallest puppy to the largest dog.
  • 🐶 COMFORTABLE AND STRONG DESIGN — Your dog’s comfort means as much to us as it does to you, but we recognise the need to be secure too. Aside from it’s tough nylon polyester strap, this seat belt lead has adjustable length and a unique bungee design that extends elastically to prevent jerking or sudden movement. Make car journeys enjoyable for your dogs.
  • 🐶 WASHABLE AND EASY TO CLEAN — Pet products can pick up odour after prolonged use. For Zenify’s bungee dog car seat belt, this isn’t a problem as the breathable material is machine washable. Throw it in the washing machine to freshen it up instantly.
  • 🐶 SPECIFICATION — Adjust to fit all sized dogs. Starting at a minimum of 50cm of lead length, you can use the adjustable loop to extend to 74cm, after which the bungee provides another 14cm of elastic extension for a 88cm lead length seatbelt.

Most dog car seat belts are adjustable manually, but the major benefit of Zenify’s one is that not only is it manually adjustable, but it is part bungee, which is useful for an eager dog suddenly jerking. You won’t find this bungee version product below to this Ozbargain price. eBay HERE and Aliexpress HERE

Dog Toy Box

[—> URL Link To Toy Box Here <—]

Variety RRP Ozbargain Aus Day Price % Off Availability
12 Dog Toy Box $29.95 $23.95 20% 40x
  • 🐶 1 x Zenify pet fur grooming glove
  • 🐶 1 x Collapsable pet bowl
  • 🐶 1 x Cotton rope bear toy chew
  • 🐶 1 x Ball and handle rope
  • 🐶 1 x Dual handle ball and rope tug
  • 🐶 1 x Rope loop
  • 🐶 1 x Crazy 4 rope cotton ball
  • 🐶 1 x Teething star
  • 🐶 1 x Rubber teeth strengthening bone
  • 🐶 1 x Interactive dummy
  • 🐶 1 x Interactive squeak ball
  • 🐶 1 x Teeth cleaning roller

You’ll be hard pushed to find a 12 dog toy pack with as many great items as this for this Ozbargain price working out at less than $2 per toy. Collectively pulling together the variety of toys like this could easily set you back twice the amount anywhere else. Note, the grooming glove in this box is pink, so if you’re after an Aussie day colour, you can still grab one from the Pet Grooming Glove offer further up.

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