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Breville Smart Grinder Pro (BGC820BSS) $158.40 (Free C&C) + $9 Delivery @ Bing Lee eBay


Greetings everyone, Bing Lee have finally dropped this back down to a great price, I believe it's the cheapest in a long time!


The perfect coffee needs a precise amount of freshly ground beans. But adjustments in grind size require different grind times to achieve a consistent dose.

Breville's conical burr Smart GrinderTM uses Dosing IQ technology to automatically adjust the dose whenever you change the grind. Choose between 'cups' for French press or Filter, and 'shots' for Espresso to get the right dose for your coffee's needs. You can even tweak for taste.

The Smart GrinderProTM still has an LCD display, 450g removable hopper, and comes with two grinding cradles for dosing directly into 50-54mm or 58mm commercial espresso filters. In addition, there's an air-tight storage canister, suitable for plunger or filter coffee.

As always, enjoy!

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  • I wasn't sure where else to ask… but do these have to be routinely serviced after X amount of years?

    • Nah not really. Just keep it clean every few weeks to a month depending on usage. Eventually the grinding ability will wear out.

      The smart grinder pro has a built in system to increase the life of it by essentially raising it a few mm by turning a dial in the burrs (like what you would do with a shim).

      Then heaps down the road you're going to probably have to replace the burrs or the whole grinder


        Spot on… Had mine for years and started not grinding as well lately.

        Changed the setting on burr from default 5 to 1 and gave me more life out of machine :)

        Great machine for the price.

        • I've received mine, so far so good.

          Just want question: When you rotate the grinding dial towards very fine setting, is it supposed to show more rotational resistance? Or is your grinding dial smooth all the way from very coarse to very fine?

    • As a guide - every time you get a new batch of beans (like a kg or two) before you start filling the hopper take it out and do a nice clean (follow instructions) with the brush that comes with the grinder. It's a really quick process and if you do it regularly you won't have troubles for years.

    • Just be aware, mine has this high pitch noise all the time when it's on and it's still there when it is off but plugged in. Found a few people online complaining about same. Called Breville and they just asked me to get it exchange from Bing Lee. It's not that audible during the day so it's not much of a big deal.

      • Yep I get that too. I only have a daily morning coffee so I just switch it off at the power point after usage. The only thing to keep in mind is the grind time resets to default when you do that.

        • +14 votes

          Just hold the time button in for a few seconds till you hear it beep. It saves the setting even after powering off.

          I do this all the time once I dial in different beans.

    • Besides from the occasional clean out chances are the plastic gear in the motor will wear out before the burrs.
      I had the old BCG800 model and had the gear give out before the infamous plastic impeller, which is now metal in this one but the gear is still plastic.

    • In addition to the other advice here, I've found Breville's customer service to be excellent. When my grinder packed up they replaced it with a new model for free, no questions asked, even though it was two weeks out of warranty. Really friendly and helpful staff.

  • Been using this for a couple of months, great grinder.

    • I've received mine too, so far so good.

      Just one question: When you rotate the grinding dial clockwise, is it smooth all the way from coarse to very fine? Mine gets a bit difficult to rotate after size 5 towards size 4, then gets harder from 4 to 3 and so on, as in you need more force to rotate it…

  • I bought this the last Bing Lee sale - it is absolutely brilliant. Once you test and learn with grind time and granule size, every cup of coffee will be impossibly excellent.

  • What do people use as a steam wand for milk if they buy this? I'm looking at the Breville Barista Express, just wondered if people who buy these separately also do their milk with a steam wand.

    • I use the Nespresso Aeroccino3 which I realise is cheating but it does a pretty good job.

    • I mean this is just a grinder. Most espresso machines are fitted with a steam wand if that's what you're making.

    • Glass milk frother and 40 seconds in the microwave. Easy clean up, perfect temperature control, and excellent froth.

      • Any specific one to suggest? Interested to get one at work.

        • This one which is at a great price at the moment.

          I broke the glass by accident so still use the plunger but now in a better glass receptacle, such as this

          The milk frother 'plunger', unlike a metal coffee press plunger, is made of plastic so milk doesn't stick to it, and it's rippled below, to help pass air through the warm milk. Same principle as steam in cold milk except in reverse, move it up and down quick and froth to your liking.

          Euphemisms aside, once you work out the right amount for your coffee and the corresponding heating time, you won't look back. Simple rinse and drip dry.

    • I purchased the barista express last weekend played around with it. It’s really good the wife loves my coffee and it’s. a HUGE step up from Nespresso which we used for many years. I was looking at Dual Boiler and this seperate grinder but size limits in the kitchen made me get the barista

  • Does anyone have any suggestions for the perfect grind size for a mokka pot with one of these?

    • It varies from bean to bean as different beans and roasts have different oil extractions. Start with espresso grind setting and make a test pot. Then make it coarser by a click or two if you find it too bitter (a sign of overextraction).

      • Thanks for the advice! I think I'm pretty close but I'll keep experimenting.

        • There's nothing quite like the feeling of nailing the grind settings for a bean you enjoy and then repeating it for family and friends to make the perfect cup of coffee. Very satisfying ☕😛

    • Been using this grinder and a moka pot for years now. Setting number 25 does the trick.

      • Thanks mate. I'm currently on 21 but I'll give 25 a try.

        • Don't take the numbers as gospel, it always varies based on the beans you're using, the temperature, how old they are, etc. Each grinder also seems to have its own idiosyncrasies, I've got one and so does my Dad and settings for one aren't the same on the other.

          Try, someone there will have a guide to getting the extraction perfect for moka pots.

      • Have tried a few of the grinding size setting and I have finally settled with 17 which is the optimum for me.

      • 25 with a very light tamp works well for me too, although I use an 18 cup Bialetti which has a huge basket (6 shots / cups @ 25 grind which is just shy of a minute of grinding) and doesn't do too well if you pack the grounds down too much.

        Just experiment and you'll find a setting that suits your needs.

    • At the moment I'm using aldi lazzio dark, grind size 31, 17.0s extraction for a 6 cup pot.

      It will depend on the beans though.

      • I am actually using the Harris Coffee Beans. Bought some Gloria Jean's beans at Wollworths last week, but haven't used them yet.

      • I have been buying the aldi Lazzio ground for my cold drip. Now that I purchased the grinder I can buy the beans!

        I dont mind the aldi lazzio flavour!

  • being in melbourne no bing lee, wonder how close harvey or GG would get to this price ?
    be nice yo have the grinder over the weekend and no need to get to,post office for pickup.

    • Call and ask them. Then tell us the results.

      • Went in as they are handy ….$190 …not as cheap as eBay plus delivery but have grinder for weekend and no time off work to get to post office ….

        • I've received mine too, so far so good.

          Can I ask a question: When you rotate the grinding dial clockwise, is it smooth all the way from coarse to very fine? Mine gets a bit difficult to rotate after size 5 towards size 4, then gets harder from 4 to 3 and so on, as in you need more force to rotate it…

  • Pretty good grinder and same price I paid for it! Clumps quite a bit though but nothing a little WDT can't fix

  • Hey dowry!!!

    Thanks been waiting for ages for the price drop! Perfect for my cold drip!!!

  • I know this is for coffee, but what about herbs?

  • That's cheap, I paid $199 for mine June last year. Up to now, I am very happy with it.

    • I've received mine too, so far so good.

      Question: When you rotate the grinding dial clockwise, do you feel it's smooth all the way from coarse to very fine? Mine gets a bit difficult to rotate after size 5 towards size 4, then gets harder from 4 to 3 and so on, i.e. you need more force to rotate it…

  • I just gotta hand grinder for xmas. Better run that down before I get an auto grinder. Gaining a bit of forearm strength from grinding twice a day though!

  • Good grinder, much less mess compared to Sunbeams grinder.

  • How is it with pour over / filter?
    I still can't decide between it and the Baratza encore.

    • There's loads of different reviews of the baratza encore vs this. I'm glad I chose this one in the end particularly for espresso, but I think both would be awesome for pour over/filter.

  • Will this improve over the grinder built into the Breville “Barista Express” model? I have that one but would like to move to dual boiler at some point, unsure if this is worth getting ahead of time

    • If you make more than 2 coffees a day at a time, then buy the dual boiler.

      Otherwise Barista Express is enough! Coffee tastes the same after using both machines.

  • So, grinding experts, if you were going to get a hand grinder, what would you recommend?

    • If money is no issue I will go for the Lido 3. Much better consistency than those electronic once, if you don't mind hand grinding.

    • I have a Hario Ceramic Slim. Only hand grinder I've ever had though (was a gift). It does a great job, is easy to clean and once you have it dialed into the style your machine requires (and you like) then you just wack the beans in every morning and grind. If you change beans, it might require a tweak or two, but I've not needed to really.

      I think it was about ~$70. But if you can afford the high end grinders, they sound great. They probably give you a really granular grind, but I don't need mine super fine given the machine I run it through.

  • Can someone please recommend me a bean type - which I can preferable buy online - and the the perfect grind size for a cuppocino pot?

  • Have had mine for nearly two years i reckon. Great machine

    • Hey mate, when you rotate the grinding dial clockwise, do you feel it's smooth all the way from coarse to very fine? Mine gets a bit difficult to rotate after size 5 towards size 4, then gets harder from 4 to 3 and so on, i.e. you need more force to rotate it…

      • You should always tighten the dial with the machine running. This is because your pulling the burrs closer together and there's coffee fragments already in between.

        Winding the dial out is fine to do with the machine off.

  • How does it compare to the Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder?

    • Was looking into this previously, and from what I read, the Smart Grinder Pro (SGP) is probably on par with the Baratza Virtuoso.

      Main difference I could tell was the SGP could do a much finer grind which is better for espressos. Also, the Baratza has parts readily available so you can do repairs easily yourself with the help of some YouTube tutorials while the SGP needs to be repaired by Breville.

      Having said that, if you mainly do French Press or Pour Overs, either unit would be fine. Cheapest Encore I could find was around $200ish, so the Breville might work out better value for money.

      • Hey was the encore that you found less than $208.95?
        I am leaning toward it more since it might better in the long run!

        • I think we were looking at the same site. Is $208.95 delivered from Alternative Brewing.

          Let me know if you find somewhere cheaper, as I'm also looking at getting the Encore. Manual grinding is getting a bit tedious.

  • Thanks Ordered

  • Hi guys, the bedrooms in my apartment all border the kitchen so we're all conscious of noise. From your experience, what is the noise level when this grinding? Thanks

    • It is not too loud - nowhere near the noise of a blender. A kitchen exhaust fan on high makes more noise then the grinder.

    • I just got it today, it's pretty loud, maybe 2 or 3 times louder than the cheapo $20 grinder from kmart I've been using. I was surprised after hearing most people here say it's not very noisy…