Maldives and Japan trip - Travel tips?

Hey everyone,

Fiancé and I are planning our honeymoon trip (next year March) and have so far booked a 5 night package to the Maldives.

We're planning on spending some time in Japan afterwards, with a potential stop-over to Singapore prior.

Looking for any travel tips, first-hand experience or even recommendations for other places to consider going to after the Maldives.

Cheers :)


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    Singapore night zoo is amazing, highly recommend.

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    Wow two locations a long way apart.

    My advice for Japan is do it on its own proper long holiday. There is so much to see and do (and eat) in Japan, I would spend 3-4 weeks there minimum and go to heaps of the cities. IMO it’s not an afterthought kind of place.

    Singapore is great. 3-4 days there is usually my recommendation for first timers. Stay in the city in a nice hotel if it’s your honeymoon and have a day trip to Sentosa Island.

    Also since you’re near Sri Lanka, consider that instead of Japan. I’ve never been but hear it’s fantastic (and cheap).


      Hey Skramit,

      That's actually a great point. I didn't really think too much about the long travel times but may have to rethink my plans.
      I've spent 3 weeks in Japan and it was lovely, my fiance hasn't been so that's why we were considering it.

      Sri Lanka is very close to the Maldives so that's a good recommendation!


        Depends how long you planned to go to japan. As you will know it’s pretty awesome so would be a shame to just have a few days or a week for the fiancé first visit.


    maldives tips

    If planning to visit male (main island of Maldives and where the real Maldives is and most locals live) do this on your own before you goto your resort island. Boats cost one dollar or so from island with airport on it, But your resort will charge you $$$$ to go there from there island.

    Also the island where the airport is, is quite nice and has cheap hotels, so if only arriving late in arvo etc, I’d consider staying there a night, and one less day at the resort, given you are paying $$$$ to just sleep that night.


    I’d goto Sri Lanka over Japan, some cool shit there, nice beaches, elephants and people nice, also Sri Lanka host England in cricket in March 2020 and even if you don’t like cricket seeing a game there would be awesome just to witness

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