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[QLD] Street Fighter Arcade 1UP $199 (was $399) @ ALDI Labrador


Looks like more stores are now selling these off. This is the same 1UP arcade cabinet that has been on sale for a while now at ALDI Special Buys.

Mod: From comments. Also spotted for $199 in: QLD Ashmore (2), QLD Browns Plains (2), QLD Southport Park (4), QLD Forest Lake (5), QLD Beenleigh (?) NSW Coffs Harbour (3).

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    Thanks Garry

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    Coffs Harbour (Toormina) as well. After my purchase there was 3x street fighter and 1 rampage left. As stock was less than 5 I didn’t post deal.

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    I haven't set mine up yet and I paid original RRP. Didn't think these would go down in price much, and I thought they would've sold out

    • Do you have the receipt? Can do return and rebuy to get lower price.

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        yeah but i bought it a while ago like 3 months ago at least… and the prices have already changed…worth a try i guess

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          The receipt should show at the bottom that returns for the machine are valid for 12 months. Repairs and spare parts for 24 months.
          It’s listed as warranty so may or may not work.

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      Probably should have read/watched the reviews first.

      • didn't think they could screw something like this up. Anyway I could always mod it.

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          I'll take it off your hands for $199 ;)

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            @serpserpserp: Wait a year, and you'll be able to pick them up on Gumtree for $50.

    • All my locals also sold out too.

  • Anywhere in brisbane???

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      The stock I’ve found in north Brisbane has still been marked at $299.

    • $199 in Beenleigh, if you fancy the drive

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        not to Beenleigh

    • Mt Ommaney had a few.

      • For $199?

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      Five of them at Forest Lake(QLD) this afternoon….going out at $199….

    • They had about 4 left at Salisbury for $199

  • Worth it or nah? I’m more interested in the cabinet than anything else.

    • Pretty cheap at this price! Kogan are selling them for $650 😂

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      It isn't a full sized cab though, very tiny.

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      Better to look on gumtree, arcade forums or ebay if you are looking for an empty cabinet.

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        Nah just get some mdf and get plans online would be better :)

    • The artwork is fantastic. But the cabinet is tiny.

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    Yoga fire!

  • I am guessing it is too small and too cramp for an adult to comfortably play it.

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      Not if you sit on the floor..

  • Are these sold out in Victoria? Or have they been offered at this price?

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    I heard on a retro podcast that you can put a R.pie in there - i would pick one up at this price to mod

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      Tutorial on how to.

      Thanks to lostcm who posted them on the Vic price drop page.

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      It still seems like too much of a hassle for such a tiny cabinet. I wouldn't mind buying a full sized arcade cabinet with 30,000+ games, but the people making them only do it with an LCD screen. They look pretty rubbish compared to the old CRT's.

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      You are better off buying one of those dedicated arcade table controllers. This 1up machines are renowned for using cheap parts.

      • Thanks for the info.

  • Just checked a couple stores in brisbane. Still $299.

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      Tell 'em they're dreaming'!

  • Anyone in Sydney found this? Need one!

    • Last week Aldi Gladesville has the Midway version. I can't find the Street Fighter version. :(

      • Damn it in NSW as well looking for SF

      • I just looked the midway one up. It's not mortal kombat!!! What were they thinking??

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      No stock at Birkenhead Point, Gladesville, Rhodes, North Ryde (Macquarie Centre), Rydalmere, Top Ryde, Eastwood and North Rocks.

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        No stock at Merrylands or Wentworthville either

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      2x Rampage units at Broadway

      • Thanks. Picked up the last one.

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    Anyone seen any in SA?

  • such a ghetto labrador, scabrador

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    Anyone know is there any in Aldi WA?

    • Would like to know also

      • There were 4 in Kalamunda a few days ago.

  • Any more stock left in Sydney? A lot of stock few weeks ago someone posted. Just not sure which stores…

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    1 at Sunnybank Hills Aldi at 2.30pm for $199

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      Thanks mate now gonna drive 9hours there one tank of gas should do the trick!

    • None now. Picked up the last one. Thanks.

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    lucky none in South Australia

    • How can you find out?

    • Thanks, I'd love to get one though.

  • Decent price considering it was $500 but i wouldnt buy it for more then $100.. after reading reviews and seeing how limited/small it is. Buy a proper one where you can put all the good games on a 4 controller is best. Even if it costs $1500 ;)

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      $100 is a bit too cheap to expect imo.

      • I don’t expect it to go for $100 I just wouldn’t pay more then that

  • Pretty much rest assured Aldi won't be stocking these again in 12 months time.

  • There was 2 left in QLD Ashmore store for $199. I'd get one but wife said no :(

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    Just a heads up guys - I'd be expecting the store level discounts to be removed and the price to be locked at $299 until they sell out

    • Is there anyway to find out if there are any in SA or would I have to call all stores?

      • Call 13aldi

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          only in Kadina the report from that was 3 months ago though (called them yesterday.

    • When will they be removed

    • Interesting! Could you explain how/why store level pricing works and the constant different prices between stores for “clearance” items?

      • Store managers usually have the option of applying discounts to old stock to help move it on, but the store wears the cost of these discounts so this is reluctantly done and in a very controlled manner (usually to help move the last one or two units.)

        There are also discounts applied at a regional level that will apply to all stores in that region that have stock remaining. This is where the $299 price has come from.

        Stock is still moving at the discounted regional price so the business would prefer to move stock between stores rather than reduce it further in stores where there is little interest.

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    Got one in Browns Plains QLD, 2 more left for $199.

    • Do you know what time stores close?

      • Google it?

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          Google said they are closed this weekend

  • Looks Like there’s no more stock at VIC SE Suburbs

  • 4 left at southport park QLD, got 1 just now. Thanks OP.

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    Better getting a shield and putting on a retro app to emulate hundreds of different games

    • Yeah, but these do have better joysticks than the Shield. Would have been nice if the Shield came with two controllers for a really sweet setup (disclaimer: I have a Shield with Arc browser and Retroarch).

      • Can't you use Bluetooth controllers with the Shield?

        • You can, slight lag tho. Hard to find good SFII style ones.

  • Does anyone know the telephone number of any Aldi stores in WA that have this? Can you have it delivered or transferred between stores?

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    Thought Aldi were selling puppies.

  • I Purchased an Arcade machine 14 years ago for $900, I re-sold it 10 years later for $900. These things hold value people!

    also I check my local Aldi's Nothing :(

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    Amazing!! No one commented hadouken

  • Anyone make or find a riser for these machines?

  • Got the last one at Aldi Sunnybank. Thanks!

  • Got one of each. Drove from the Sunshine coast.

    They said that the other stores may be clearing at that price within the next couple of weeks.


    • What store?

      • I got Street fighter from forest lake. There were 4 left and I got rampage from mardsen, last one of the rampage. 3 Street fighter left yesterday.

  • Got some stools from Amart just the right size :-)

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    Official price change effective tomorrow, down to $249.

    • Thanks for the update!

    • up to $249? as they are $199 ATM

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