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Cadbury Cooking Chocolate 200g $1.80 @ Woolworths (In-Store Only)


In store only. Online price is $4.50 per block.

Woolworths stock 3 types of Cadbury cooking chocolate blocks in their stores. Dark, milk and white.

Anyway in all my local Woolworths stores the 200gram blocks of Cadbury cooking chocolate (all varieties) are $1.80, reduced from $3.

The signs say "Clearance". It's possible they aren't going to sell the 200 gram blocks of Cadbury cooking chocolate anymore, or it might be they are simply switching to a new size/packaging.

Pretty sure this is a nation wide deal. Others might want to confirm in the comments.

Anyway all you cooks out there stock up!

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    Don't Woolies guarantee that their in store prices are the same as online, and they don't charge up to 10% extra like Coles does?
    I get it that this is a clearance line, and when physically shopping in store vs online you don't get the option of picking up that packet of steak that is on clearance because it's best before date is tomorrow, but it'd be nice if this nationwide deal was also available for online orders.

    I guess there's the fine print that I haven't read which states clearance products may not be available at in store prices online, so fair enough if that's the case. Still a good deal.

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    cooking chocolate

    I don't think anyone here can cook.

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    Does anyone buy this chocolate just for eating as it is?


    I read it's exactly the same as the normal eating chocolate.

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    I went to Woolworths in Docklands and it’s still $4.50 :(


      Argh sorry Prince. I am wondering if it was a simple packet change - in which case once the old pack runs out, price back to $4.50?

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