expired Xiaomi Mi Gaming Headset US$47.07/ AU$65.98, Huawei Honor Flypods Youth TWS Earphones US$61.99/AU$86.9 Shipped + More @ GearVita


1. Xiaomi Mi Wired Gaming Headset USB 3.5mm Jack - US$47.07/ AU$65.98, Free Shipping

Coupon Code: MGameAU
Features: 7.1 virtual surround sound effect / Dual microphone ENC ambient noise / Colorful LED light design.


2. HUAWEI Honor FlyPods Youth AM-H1C TWS Bluetooth Earphones - US$61.99/ AU$86.9, Shipped

Coupon Code: FlypodsAU


3. Xiaomi MITU WiFi FPV 720P HD Camera Mini RC Drone - US$49.68/ AU$69.64, Shipped

Coupon Code: MTDroneA


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QCY T1C TWS Mini Wireless Earphones - US$19.6/ AU$27.4, free shipping, Coupon Code: QCYT1CAU3

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    Any thoughts on the fly pods?

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      They look exactly the same as the Huawei Freebuds. I got a pair of those for free with my Mate 20 Pro and here are my THOTS:

      - Sound a lot better than airpods, good enough to be the only earphones I use during my commute
      - Apparently has dynamic and armature drivers in them (haven't been brave enough to rip them open to confirm)
      - Gets pretty close to the advertised 3 hour playtime from one charge
      - Charging case is USB-C and charges really freakin quick

      - Sit a bit big in your ear so may not suit you if you have small ears, even if you change the tips
      - The touch controls work but they are fairly limited (play, pause, voice assistant)
      - Has a good seal in your ear so you can't hear other people in your space without taking them out
      - Call quality is decent, mixed reports, some people say I sound crystal clear others say I was a bit faint

      - Touch controls are SUPER sensitive and may take you a couple of weeks to get used to not touching
      - For the retail price you can get better sound in other higher end brands
      - The charging case is definitely not giving me an extra 10 hours. I may be an isolated issue but it honestly feels more like 6 hours of extra juice


    What's the trick here with the Xiaomi gaming headset? How can you offer it for so much below the retail price?


      The trick is stores usually make massive margins while pretending that they're hardly making any money at all.


      This is about US$10 lower than the cheapest I could find a few months ago when I was on the lookout for these…



      Thanks for your feedback. Just because we offer the cost-price for OzBargainers. It's the lowest price that we have offered. And the item is limited.



    Is this cheap folks?

    QCY T1C TWS Mini Wireless Earphones(gearvita.com) - US$19.6/ AU$27.4, free shipping, Coupon Code: QCYT1CAU3


      Have been posted (expired) for AUD 24 before. But 27 is still good. I paid 26 and am very very happy with them.


        How is the play time for music? It states 4 hours on a single charge before using the box to charge and I would be looking to use them on the train and on/off during work hours…so 8-10 hours in total.
        Is the box connectors with the ear pieces magnetic?

        My current device is a single bluetooth plantronics legend (one ear) and it has a 2x magnetic usb charging station things…so I never have to carry the charge box with me and I charge it at lunch time generally…lasts great.

        So I want something similar to battery/charging


          I think the battery life is around 3 hours or so from experience if you're not listening at full volume. And yeah the case magnetically holds the earphones in place (quite well actually). Haven't had to see how much charge the case gives nad it has no indicators so you might have to find out for yourself.

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