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Game of Thrones Season 1 Free Streaming - Australia Day Long Weekend Only @ Foxtel (No Account Needed)


This foxtel advert popped up on my IG, but I can’t find it any longer.

Foxtel is allowing free streaming of GoT Season 1 during the Australia Day long weekend. No account needed.

Yes, I know you can view it on other websites but at least you don’t have to deal with annoying pop ups


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  • They get naked

  • Never seen it. Might have a look.

  • Only watched the first episode but it was awesome! Looking forward to eight seasons of Ned Stark kicking ass and claiming the Iron Throne.

  • only 360p streams

  • I've never liked any 'serious' shows (breaking bad, walking dead, billions, Mr robot etc) and sci-fi/fantasy is probably even worse. I only ever enjoy and watch certain types of comedies. But I've heard a lot of people like this…is it anything special and worth watching?

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      yes, it is. Make sure you invite all of your family to watch together, fun time

    • No, keep watching the big bang theory.

      • Oh God no, I can't stand that. I'm just trying to see if this is any different to other big known popular series that might change my mind.

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          You’ll only be able to see by turning on the Tele, but you only have 2 days left to make up your mind.
          Winter is Coming.

          • @MITM: Well it's special in the sense that Winter takes over 8 years to arrive!

            and the fact that seemingly central main characters have no guarantee to survive

      • But there is the GoT sword beside the door inside Sheldon’s apartment.

      • <laugh track plays>

      • +3 votes

        the big bang theory is about as funny as it is scientific

    • watch atleast 5 episodes… and u will be devastated. so any years WASTED without this in your life..

      • I can do 5 eps, I thought it would be like 'watch one season'

        • ow, after 5 eps u will be watching 8 seasons. multiple times.

          dont start unless u have built up your sick days and can clear your whole schedule for a few days

    • I'm the opposite. I can't stand comedy/sitcom shows at all for some reason. I guess I'm just dead inside…

      • haha can't stand any comedy?

        • Can't stand sitcom style shows yes. Fine with comedy movies. But shows just get boring for me after a few episodes because they're so repetitive. Don't like big bang theory, or the office, or friends etc

          • @Ostrk: yeah I'm the same with sitcoms actually, anything with added laughter is generally bad. I like the office though :)

    • Why even click the link not even comment?

    • It's hard to recommend if you just generally don't like these kind of shows, although it is quite different to the ones you mentioned. You should probably just watch an episode to see if it hooks you. Just looking at the first season… aside from the very first scene there actually isn't a whole lot of sci-fi/fantasy. It's more a political drama with a bit of mystery set in a medieval type world. And as the show goes on, it just gets bigger and more epic with every season.

      • yeah I was more so just seeing how many episodes people would recommend before 'it get's good'. I sat through 5 grueling seasons of Walking Dead before I finally cracked.

        • It’s good right from the start

        • Wait, you don't watch Breaking Bad, Mr Robot, Game of Thrones, but you watched 5 seasons of The Walking Dead?! You time could be better spent on Breaking Bad, Mr Robot and Game of Thrones.

          • @supervigilante: yeah I know, I should've quit much sooner but everyone, including my teacher, insisted.
            I quit breaking bad after 2 seasons and Mr Robot after nearly one

        • You're not the only one who jumped ship around Season 5.

          But yeah, Game of Thrones is worth watching for sure. Have you got onto it yet?

          In terms of how many episodes before it gets good, I'd say it starts out good but ramps up to something else in the second half of season 1. If you can watch the whole season, you'll know 100% if it's the show for you or not.

          • @mekktor: yeah I've watched the first 3 eps. I can generally tell why something is good or interesting but I just personally get into it.

            That graph is super interesting. There seems to be bigger drops though, season 9 is dying. I heard Glenn and even Carl died. I feel like the only person left is Rick

            • @bkhm:

              I feel like the only person left is Rick.

              Yeah, about that. I've got some bad news for you…

              You're right though, there were bigger drops in later seasons. I think what I meant to say was that you jumped off right when things started to turn against the show, so in that way you wasted the least amount of time possible. Personally, I stopped watching after Season 8. I don't regret watching it for so long, but some of the decisions they made (like with Carl) just left me feeling like I couldn't trust them to actually tell a worthwhile story any more.

              Game of Thrones… It would be a real shame to miss this show to be honest. Nothing else is like it. And you should know that the show later on is so much bigger than those first few episodes. But, it's up to you to make that call. At least you gave it a decent chance.

              • @mekktor: omg I just read that they're killing of Rick…who's going to be the main character now? Daryl? Also, has the story actually progressed or are they just raging wars from one place to another replacing team members?

                yeah I will give Game of Thrones a chance, I always do..it's kind of embarrassing that I only watch comedies haha

    • I hate GoT but it definitely has addictive qualities and after starting I ended up binging all seasons so far and then hanging out for next episode. Definitely not something i'd normally give my time though.

      It does have some comedic qualities though, it's not that "serious".

    • The reason why it's popular is because it's basically a soap opera but with violence and nudity so it's socially acceptable to admit to others that you like it.

  • Awesome I'll watch this with my mum since she's never seen it too. Is it a good family show?

  • Had it on DVD for a couple of years, never watched one episode lol

    • Yeah, we got rid of our DVD player too…

      • Dvd? That's too 2018.

        • dvd is from the 90s

          I do have a Bluray player but only used it a couple of times, waste of money…

          • @AMLagonda: We have tons of dvd & blu ray players just sitting in our electronic trash pile. I also took out all the dvd players in my laptops and added a second storage drive in them instead. The only thing in our entire house that uses disks and actually gets used somewhat is a PS4.

          • @AMLagonda: When your playstation and xbox can play the DVDs/BluRays having a dedicated Blu-Ray player is a waste of money unless you have one with a region free hack for international discs.

  • Can anyone recommend websites for free GoT seasons upto 7?

  • Season 1- jeez I watched that back in the days of Pirate Bay. Look how far we’ve come.

    • Actually quite a few pir8 sites have died during that period, both torrent, filelocker based, and Usenet indexers. GoT material posted on usenet always got nuked (DMCAed) within 24 hours so torrents and file lockers were the way to acquire the content without spending a fortune on Foxtel.

      • You want to know what's more annoying, spending a fortune on Foxtel, and having to download the episodes anyway because the downloaded content is higher quality (bitrate) than Foxtel. I was watching the episodes live last two seasons on Foxtel or recorded, and downloading them to watch later at night with my brother.

        • When pirates offer a superior quality to free enterprise companies, the companies should focus on improving their product rather than percucutive "freeriders". If I want to buy digital music, often lossy mp3 or aac is only available for me to purchase, not CD equivalent lossless (16b44KHz) or Hires Studio Quality 24 bit. All video should be available now at 1080 res with a sufficiently high bitrate to eliminate artifacts; many people now have TVs that can show 4 times as many pixels as the old 1080 standard.

          Some examples of digital down right: Bandcamp - (multiple formats available, 1 price for access to all, no geo-blocking, able to preview most or all of the tracks at lowish quality 128kb/s)
          Steam - Easy to purchase, fast downloads (you can choose your download service), hassle free updates, Steam Workshop for mods, games often have a multiple component that isn't available to pirates

          Streaming music services are reasonable good: for a lowish price you get access to most of the Sony, Universal & Warner catalog and quite a few other publishers. You only need to resort to piracy for material they don't carry, like Japanese produced music. My only complaint is that they generally have only the latest release of a particular album; post 2000 digital music is too loud (poor dynamic range due to brickwall limiting). Look up "loudness wars" for further enlightenment.

    • Yeah, now we're watching Season 8/9 from the pirate bay instead. Progress.

  • +12 votes

    Foxtel = 2.5 tines the price for half the quality of the competition. Oh and you probably have to watch adverts to boot. Also the reason we are getting a third rate NBN instead of 1st rate.

  • Well the midget Lannister get laid in this one?

  • only season 1, wow foxtel really giving it to their subscribers hey