Xiaomi Power Bank 3 vs Kogan 26800 mAh Power Bank

Looking to grab a USB-PD Power Bank for an upcoming holiday for Phone/Macbook and I've narrowed it down to the two options;

Xiaomi Power Bank 3 ( 20,000 mAh | 45W | 440g~ | $81)

Kogan Power Bank (26.800 mAh | 60W | 600g | $69)

So the Kogan does seem to look better on specs - but that comes at the cost of a higher weight.

My main concern here would be the quality of the Kogan one. Does anyone have any experiences with it?
I trust Xiaomi's QC for their Power Banks but a bit iffy on the Kogan.

Any thoughts or reviews here?


  • Gee Xiaomi vs kogan, like sky and earth. Yes spec and photos on Kogan looks wonderful but you'll cry when they arrive. Stay away from Kogan brand.

  • Xiaomi is made by ZMI and Kogan is made by whichever factory they found at the time. In terms of quality the Xiaomi will be better but in terms of specs on paper Kogan seems to be better. I personally would get the Xiaomi if 45W is sufficient.

  • Thanks y'all, super iffy on the Kogan quality so grabbing the Xiaomi.
    Extra 15W isn't too big of a deal and I'm fine with the lower weight on losing the 7,000~ mAh

    • You'll find that you just won't need to take an AC charger anywhere, unless going for a longer trip. I have a Surface 3 which uses micro-usb to charge, and it's just so convenient to only have to take a power brick, fits nicely in my bag, and does the phone as well.

      Xiaomi is good quality. I have older models of the 20k power banks, and my only gripe is that they're slow to charge. This new model should fix that.

      • For sure, I work outdoors remotely occasionally so it'll be super handy then.
        Especially for travelling and just needing the one USB-C to USB-C cable for everything is gonna be handy

  • I have the 10k xiaomi and still think its too big and inconvinient to carry around. 20k power bank is more stationary than portable. May as well bring charger and cable. Make sure you see and hold them first before buying. I would go with the lighter one.