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Xiaomi Power Bank 3 Pro 45W 20000mAh $81, Zmi Aura 27W $63, Zmi 10 45W 15000mAh $76 20000mAh $95 Delivered @ MMel Amazon AU


New Xiaomi 3 Pro Power Banks have arrived! Performance on par with the Zmi 10, but with a lower price tag at the cost of minimal accessory included and no USB-Hub functionality, detailed specs in the table below.

Photo of new Xiaomi Zmi Aura 27W(left) and Xiaomi 3 Pro(right) side by side

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A few things to note before going into the nitty-gritties:

  • DO NOT use a parcel locker or PO Box as the delivery address, the couriers (AusPost or Fastway) will not deliver power banks to these. Better to use a work address or somewhere that will be attended as Amazon allows for authority to leave at a "safe" place.
  • The new Xiaomi 3 Pro and Zmi Aura 27W (QB822) do not come with a USB-C to USB-C cable, so it's recommended to get a quality one in order to charge/recharge at optimal speed via USB PD (explained by Belkin).
  • To fast recharge the power banks, it's recommended to use a high power (45W or more) USB PD charger.
  • Xiaomi 3 Pro has limited quantity at the moment, more will be available for order tomorrow. (Plenty available)

Specs Zmi Aura 27W Xiaomi 3 Pro 45W Zmi 10 45W
Price $63 $81 $76/$95
Model QB822 PLM07ZM QB815/QB820
Battery LiPo 20000mAh LiPo 20000mAh Li-Ion 15000/20000mAh
Feature Battery % Display, Low-Power mode Low-Power mode USB-Hub, Low-Power mode, Aluminium Body
USB-A Out (QC3.0, Huawei FCP, Samsung AFC) 5VšŒ‚2.4A, 9VšŒ‚2A, 12VšŒ‚1.5A Same 18W Same 18W
USB-C Out (QC3.0, FCP, AFC, USB PD) 5VšŒ‚3A, 9VšŒ‚3A, 12VšŒ‚2.25A, 15VšŒ‚1.5A, max 27W 5VšŒ‚3A, 9VšŒ‚3A, 12VšŒ‚3A, 15VšŒ‚3A, 20VšŒ‚2A, max 45W Same 45W
Multi-port 5VšŒ‚4.5A, max 22W 5VšŒ‚5.4A, 9VšŒ‚3A, 12VšŒ‚3A, 15VšŒ‚3A, 20VšŒ‚2A, max 45W Same 45W
USB-C Input (QC2.0, USB PD) 5VšŒ‚2.4A, 9VšŒ‚2.5A, 12VšŒ‚1.8A, 15VšŒ‚1.5A 5VšŒ‚3A, 9VšŒ‚3A, 12VšŒ‚3A, 15VšŒ‚3A, 20VšŒ‚2.25A, max 45W Same 45W
Size 149.3 x 70 x 25 mm 153.5 x 73.5 x 27.5 mm 160 x 81.8 x 21 mm
Weight 363g 439.6g 405g
Cable included USB-A to USB-C Cable USB-A to USB-C Cable USB-C to C Cable, 2in1 Cable
Made by Jiangsu Zimi Corporation Same Same

Some accessories to consider:

Contact Amazon Customer Service directly with this link if you would like to make changes to a pending order.

Since the power banks are very new to the market, any feedback or Amazon product review would be highly appreciated.

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  • +3 votes

    AU$65.36 @ Banggood for the Xiaomi however won't ship until after the 27th of Feb:

  • How do these compare to the one Kogan sells for $69. 60 W and bigger capacity This one

  • Keen for the powerbank 3. Anyone know if these are restricted on flights out of Aus?

    • +3 votes

      Its capacity is well within the airline regulation limit of 100Wh (roughly 27000mAh).

      • Is the 100Wh the total battery capacity of all devices, or just one device?

        I have a laptop with 97Wh battery. If I take a power bank, I'm over. Or is it ok as long as a single device doesn't exceed 100Wh?

        • Firstly I think battery contained in an equipment is treated differently to battery by itself(i.e. a powerbank)

          But I'm not sure if you can bring more than 100Wh of batteries by themselves in total

        • https://www.iata.org/whatwedo/cargo/dgr/Documents/passenger-...

          Very clear instructions from IATA.
          Explains how big, how many and when/if you need airline approval.

          • @ripprind: I disagree about the isntructions being "very clear". I can't make heads of toes of it because they don't explain their abbreviations.

            It says 15 PED. Does that mean you can carry 15 portable electronic devices on the plane with you?

            What is 2g and 8g? And how do you know how many g's your equipment has?

            The table is a bit difficult to read.

            From what I can gather, as long as your battery is less than 100 Wh, you can carry up to 20 of them in carry-on baggage without needing approval. That does not sound right to me. And if the battery is inside the equipment and below 100Wh, you can carry 15 of them on board. Provided you don't go over the weight limit, I can bring 20 laptops with me?

            It also says if you're trying to carry electronics with integrated lithium battery into checked luggage, you have to remove the battery from the PED and carry the battery on board the plane as carry-on. Memo to IATA, we're in an age where most devices don't let you remove the battery anymore. Electronics these days are not designed to be user serviceable because people think unibody designs and water resistance is more important than being able to replace a battery yourself. Instead they'd rather replace the device entirely when the battery dies, which I suppose is what manufacturers prefer you to do anyway.

            This document also doesn't tell you whether you can bring your 100Wh laptop and a 100Wh power bank with you in carry-on. It doesn't say whether you can bring one or the other, or both. Just says 15 PEDs or 20 batteries, but not sure if that is inclusive or not.

            Maybe I'm just dumb, but those instructions are anything but very clear to me.

            • @lostn: 15 and 20, these are only new updates after the old rules inn place for a long time which had unlimited batteries under 100Wh.

              You can check-in Lithium batteries if they're installed in equipment, you can't put spare batteries in the check-in.

              It might not 'sound right' but that is the rule - I've carried over 30 lipos in a backpack on one flight. Yes they opened and checked it, but have no issue with it because each was under 100Wh.

              the 2g and 8g refers to how much lithium is in the battery. The amount of lithium is what they actually care about, but using the Wh is a convenient way to gauge the lithium content. No manufacturer lists their lithium contant but they all have an mAh rating.

              • @quick-dry: Thank you. So basically, instead of a simple yes, ripprind gave me the run around which took more effort on his part than a simple yes, and confused the hell out of me, as well as me needing to spend 10 minutes studying his pdf.

            • @lostn: Sorry to confuse you, but my intention was to give a definitive answer from the relevant authority. I myself find little satisfaction in yes/no answers from random people on the internet without reference.
              Especially considering that your question was not formulated for easy yes/no answer.

              To be honest I just really love that guide and it was no effort to post since it is saved in my bookmarks. Having read tons of them and made a fair few myself for my work I find it very well presented and clear. I was particularly pleased how in the very beginning they establish the guide specific abbreviations.

              I only hope the guides I made were as clear(probably not). And it goes to show how difficult it s to make a guide that everyone can understand - which in fact may be impossible due to different ways people process information.

              For example

              It also says if you're trying to carry electronics with integrated lithium battery into checked luggage, you have to remove the battery from the PED and carry the battery on board the plane as carry-on. Memo to IATA…

              I'm not sure where are you taking this from and what is the problem, since : If devices(PED) are carried in checked baggage:
              ā€¢ measures must be taken to protect the device from damage and to prevent unintentional activation;
              ā€¢ the device must be completely switched off (not in sleep or hibernation mode).

    • The Xiaomi Power Bank 3 Pro which falls below 100Wh (which is the maximum Wh for carry-on baggage).

      To calculate Wh:

      (mah)/1000 x (V) = (Wh)

      (20000mah)/1000 x (3.7V) = 74Wh.

  • Does the Zmi Aura 27W (QB822) have lower power output mode like the xiaomi 3 pro?

    • Yes, it does. Plus a battery % display which also shows the direction of charging/recharging via animation.

      Double-press the power button to activate low-power mode for 2 hours.

  • Thanks OP! Just confirming that this doesn't charge a Macbook Pro at the 'standard' speed? No mention of PD.

    • If you are referring to the Xiaomi 3 Pro, it will charge the newer MBP at 40W speed via USB PD.

      Compatible with Apple: MacBook Pro 13" 2016, 2017, 2018, MacBook Pro 15" 2017, 2018, MacBook 13" (A1534), MacBook Air 2018

  • Is the QB820 still the top one?

    • It's on par with Cygnett 20k and the new Xiaomi PB3. But it costs more due to its scarcity.

      • The ZMI QB820 is the top one as it has USB hub capabilities which the others don't have. So not only does it charge everything super fast, it'll keep your devices connected to one another at the same time.

        This is especially important for me as I plan to use the ZMI to power a Zenscreen portable display.

        I wonder when and if the larger PD powerbanks will hit the $50aud price point again like in late 2017 https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/335192

  • Newb here with USB C. How do you charge the battery and a device at the same time via single USB C?

    • +2 votes

      Not at the same time, you use the same port on the power bank to charge and recharge:
      Powerbank USB-C —> Device
      Powerbank USB-C <— Wall Charger

      • thanks,does anyone know if there is like a Y style type c cable to split one USB C into two. I want to use this powerbank on a handheld project where it would power a Single board computer (12V 3A power draw) so one female type C into 2 Male type C connectors

  • Hey all,

    I bought a ZMI QB815 from the Boxing Day sale and I'm wanting to use this with my Nintendo Switch docked (which has enough wattage to power the dock), but for some strange reason, my Blitzwolf BW-TC8 cable didn't power it but the included USB-C cable with the powerbank worked.

    Does anyone know which USB-C to USB-C cables would be similar to ZMI's included cable and would power the Nintendo Switch dock?

  • Any suggestion son what to use for a Pixel 3? Something good for 2-3 chargers and not too heavy to carry in backpack.

  • Which would be the best for the Nintendo Switch? Mainly for air travel.

  • So which one would be best purely for Nintendo Switch, iPhone X and maybe a Camera? Looking to travel with it in a couple of months.

  • is Xiaomi 3 Pro 45W the successor to QB820? Seems to have the same specs.

    • Maybe Zmi has some secret weapon hidden in its sleeve to be released soon, considering Zmi 10 came out more than 2 years ago

      • Can the USB-A ports on the Xiaomi act as a hub when connected to a computer like the ZMI can do?

        I do like the look of the Aura, but I'm waiting for something better than 27W.

        Also I need to kick this power bank addiction.

  • Can i charge the 3 with USB-A while charging my phone through one of the USB-A ports?

    • The PB3 gets charged via USB C.

      The Type A end normally doesn't receive charge but delivers it.

      • Woops sorry I typo'd that, I guess short question is does it support Pass Through Charging?

        • +1 vote

          Not 100% sure, I'll test it out and let you know when I get a chance.

          • @Mostly Melbourne: Thanks! Would be super handy if I can have it charging (or not discharging as quick) while I've got my phone/mac plugged into it

            • @GamblorsNeonClaws: @Brandiano @ozhunter68

              Tested and it works (charging an iPhone whilst recharging itself with a wall charger).

              I also spoke to the Xiaomi people about this, I was told that functionally it's supported no problem, however it's not recommended to do it for extended period due to potential damage to the health of LiPo battery cells from exposing to high temperature conditions (this applies to all lithium batteries)

              I reckon it's better get a multiport charger šŸ˜‰

          • @Mostly Melbourne: Don't some manufacturers state that certain power bank models are capable of pass through charging but do not recommend it to do often?

            So my point, if you test the PB3 andit works, how can we know if it will stay durable without excessive reduced life span?

  • Just checking for delivery I assume ParcelPoint drop-off points are okay?

  • I just bought, thanks OP for answering so many questions and the discount :)

  • Other than the hub function of the ZMI 10 20,000 mAh, why would I get the 20,000 mAh ZMI 10 over the newer power bank 3 pro? Both seem to be very similar products by Xiaomi

    • +1 vote

      I personally prefer the slimmer and lighter aluminum body of Zmi 10 than the Xiaomi 3 Pro, feels a little bit more premium that way. But it does tend to get scratched in the bag easily so kinda need a protection case

      • You're answers are very well considered, they're clear and you really know your stuff! Thanks for being so helpful, thumbs up!

  • I've asked this before but I don't know if the answer may have changed by now or not: Is the ZMI QB820 20,000 back in production or are they just clearing left over stock?

    Is there any chance of it returning to $50 it was a couple of years ago?

    • Maybe maybe, as Zmi USA is still promoting the QB820 so Zmi could still make them until the actual successor comes out

      • Wasn't the QB15 supposed to be the successor?

        • I think it's more a downgraded last resort substitute due to lack of the particular battery cell supply at the time. I'm hoping for something fancy from Zmi this year, at least 60W output and metal body hopefully

  • Is there a power bank capable of Supercharging (5V 4.5A = 22W) my Huawei Mate 20 and also supporting PD to charge my MacBook Pro or Surface Pro?

    • +1 vote

      Haven't seen anything that can do both SCP and high power USB PD at the same time.

      Maybe something will come out later this year when QC4.0 and/or PD3.0 PPS get implemented in new power banks (similar to the Baseus PPS Dual port car charger which supports SCP and USB PD)

  • I am currently using ZMI 10 20000mAh, pretty awesome charging speed and battery size. One thing to consider is its weight, quite heavy in the pocket, if you don't carry a bag with you to hold it, a bit painful along the road.

  • I'm flying overseas soon.
    What powerbank do you have that is at least 20,000MAH and has USB input/output that has the WH rating printed on it and is under 100WH?
    I need to be 100% sure I can take it through with no issues!

  • Just had to leave a positive note: Got a refund of $2.60 from Amazon on a powerbank case - proactively and literally without having to do anything - because:

    Thank you for the repeated order with us. A 20% off has been applied to the leather sleeve for Zmi since you bought the Power Bank previously from us.

    I'd completely forgotten I could even get a discount. That's a nice surprise.