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Kogan 26800 mAh PowerBank, 60 Watt with PD, QuickCharge 3.0 $69 + Delivery @ Kogan


I haven't seen this one before, a 60W USB-C PD powerbank (Specs say 20V 3A) for $69 is quite a good deal. My email says this price is for the next 32 hours or so. For comparison the Cygnett 27000 which also does 60W PD is $140.

You can get free shipping with shipster (which all good ozbargainers should have gotten for free) - otherwise shipping to metro melb was around $9-10.

You can also stack with 10% off kogan gift cards

So you can potentially get this for around $64 shipped (10% off $50 gift card and free shipster shipping)

Quick specs:

Battery Capacity 26,800mAh
Input Type-C: PD 5V=3A, 9V=2A, 12V=2A, 15V=2A, 20V=1.5A
Output Type-C: PD 5V=3A, 9V=3A, 12V=3A, 15V=3A, 20V=3A

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  • +10 votes

    PD 3.0 supposedly.

    Sounds like a good deal. I need to see some reviews on it. You never know who Kogan is rebadging.

    • Oh I miss the zmi powerbank old prices, such a great Powerbank. Not sure about these ones tho, kogan’s rebadging normally not that quality build tho.

    • +4 votes

      I understand your concerns. You may seen some 300,000 power banks on ebay before, we all know that is not true. But at Kogan we cannot and will not do false statements.

      This is our most advanced power bank so far. All the Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 power banks are proper certified, include other 18W power banks. They are all real capacity as well.

      Some good things to notice for this model are:

      1. this model support charge passthrough

      2. with PD 3.0 and anti reverse charge, when you charge your laptop via type c, it will always charge the laptop, not taking power from the laptop.

      3. Type C to C cable included so it can be used for fast charge out of the box

      The new range of 18W power banks have good reviews, and I am confident people will like this one.

      Also I suggest to check this out, our portable 5000mAh type c power bank , with free A to C cable included.


      It is at lowest price ever, it may be the smallest 5000mAh type c power bank on the market. Cannot do fast charge on this size though.

      • What is the total watts it can output at a time? I know the C port is 60w, but if you have QC3.0 ports being used at the same time, will it eat into the 60w going through PD?

        this model support charge passthrough

        You have one USB C port which is shared between input and output, so how do you support passthrough?

        • +2 votes

          We marked it as 60w total but the actual total output can reach 78w. You can get one full speed QC 3.0 a port and 60w pd, or two normal speed a ports and pd. We were conservative so marked as 60. You may seen other brand Mark as peak output 73w or 78w while actually is the same thing.

          Passthrough is type c input and USB A output.

          • @Talaria: So no passthrough PD charging then?

            • +1 vote

              @mrdavedave: I thought passthrough usually refers to USB out, never heard of PD passthough since as you mentioned PD is for both input and output.

              Can you share me an example of a power bank has PD passthrough? I am interested to do a bit research and see if it is something we can improve.

      • Are you sure there is a cable included with the 5000mAh model as the description does not mention that. Your 10000mAh 18wPD does list it in the box.

        • +1 vote

          It is listed at the top part of the listing. See the dot points section, type c cable included.

  • Just wondering if this is compatible with the Lenovo E485 by any chance? Cheers.

    • +2 votes

      From what I can see E485 is 65w pd.

      Most of the time it will work, but please note if you running your laptop at full power, since this is 60W, you may experience a slight drop.

      Otherwise if it is for normal use it will be fine.

      We tested it with major brands and Lenovo models have no issues, but I forgot which models being tested. If you are not happy with it just use 14 days change of mind to return it.

  • In the box
    Kogan 26800 mAh Powerbank (60W)

    No type-c cable?

  • No idea what this is but seems decent for the price. I've only just picked up the Cygnett 27k 73w unit but this is significantly cheaper. Wonder if it's any good.

  • It’s actually pretty damn good. Charges my devices pretty quickly. Unlike cygnet rav and Anker I don’t know what the actual capacity is; whether 26k mark or much lower or what. Never used Anker or rav but only cygnet.

  • Nice got free shipping with Shipster.

    FYI, Dicksmith also has the same sale

  • Anyone know if this is safe to take on planes. I think there may be a max mAh for planes now after the Samsung debacle.

  • Would this fast charge my P20 Pro? None of my current powerbanks do.

    • What other powerbanks have you tried? If PD what are the specs? Would think your using correct cable yeah.

    • This will not work with the P20 pro.

      Huawei uses their own proprietary fast charge system called Super Charge.

      The only power bank which supports this is one made by Huawei themselves, the AP09S which will set you back around $90-$100 imported from China. (Damn that is overpriced)

  • What's the output for type A? I couldn't zoom any of the pics to see

  • Giving this a go. Do not disappoint me Ruslan!


      Any feedback? Thinking of getting one

      • It is pretty good. The fast charging works great on my LG G6.

        For some weird reason if I use the USB C port to charge my phone I get some kind of notification of moisture on my phone, but USB A to my phones USB C uses the qualcomm fast charge with no issues. Not sure about this issue it might be user error or something up with my phone.

        I wish it was lighter, but I guess that is what you get with the huge capacity :)

  • You know what they say" you can fool some of the people some of the time,and generally speaking that's enough to make a profit!

  • What's a good case to put this in?

  • I have numerous large PD chargers and ive found the biggest issue if your device requires a high wattage PD charge to keep the charge (Eg. XPS 15), it will only charge for a few minutes before the voltage or current drops below level in which its not longer putting how as many watts and therefore its only useful or charging lower wattage devices until its next full charge.
    Ill admit the other two i have are 20,000, so id be interested in what the 27,000 would do, but unless it has seriously high grade cells and electronics, im not confident im going to find anything soon that would even half charge the small battery version of an XPS 15 (56Wh), forget about the 97Wh version….
    Macs seem to be a little more forgiving, might need to try my new Macbook pro 15 2018 and see what the cutoff is. I actually have one of those USB in-line digital displays so show voltage and current, wish i had the time to do a full rundown of them all for you, but my baby eats all my time these days….

    • Can you please elaborate on the xps 15 details? I am considering getting this and I am happy for the oowerbank to keep the battery level afloat or even to slow battery usage. Will it work or will it stop after a few minutes like you said?

  • Ordered for my MacBook Pro 15 2018.. let's hope it does 60w charging


      What's your thoughts on the powerbank now? Thinking of getting one.

  • I brought one of these on Presale and it arrived last week, I can confirm that it took 9.5hrs to charge using a QC.30 charger from 20% battery.

    Something is off on these specs.


      Hi alpha bravo, thank you for your purchase, hope you like it.

      QC 3.0 charger provide up to 18W input, if you use a PD charger this power bank can take 30w input and the time will be much shorter. If you have a laptop PD charger like the MacBook one you can try again with that one.

  • +1 vote

    Its still 69 dollars

  • Can anyone else provide feedback with this product?

    • I bought one of these yesterday, the only feedback I can give thusfar is "hope you have a USB type C to type A cable or a type C charger", as the included cable is a C > C cable. I wouldn't really be able to give much else in the way of proper feedback for a while though.


        Updated review/feedback on the powerbank? Looking at getting one.

    • +3 votes

      Bought it, received it 2 days ago and it charged my Xiaomi Air laptop 12.5in 2017 from nearly empty to full while in use day after I received it. I was able to charge my phone as well while charging the laptop which was an LG V20 with QC 3.0 pretty quickly without dropping the charging symbol on the laptop. I wasn't really being careful with the capacity so I managed to drain the entirety of it the same day. Also, it's able to charge the Nintendo Switch on the day that I got it after it was fully recharged as it said on the manual. That's all I gotta say and that's all I have. I have no comment on the cable that came with the power bank as I have used the one that came with my ZMI QB820 instead.

      Several edits because I can't proofread and Grammarly still needs work on sentence structures on the free model if you can't tell with the youtube adds that have been running around on there.

  • Don’t keep in the car during the day because it heats up a lot.

    It charges devices very fast.
    It takes a long time for the powerbank itself to charge but with a 30w input charger it takes a much shorter amount