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10% off Kogan, 10% off Webjet, 15% App Store & iTunes, 15% off Google, 15% off RedBalloon @ PayPal Digital Gifts on eBay


Selected discounts on gift cards @ PayPal Digital Gifts.

10% Kogan
15% Apple App Store & iTunes
15% Google Play
10% Webjet
15% RedBalloon

Limited stock, running until 15th December.

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    Kogan and webjet seem to be pretty good?

    • +6

      I strongly don't recommend Webjet, avoid if you can and use FlightCentre in my opinion. My partner and I had an issue with our flight booked via Webjet on the way back from overseas and they asked us to pay more in order to come back to Australia which we did for a next day alternative flight.

      As soon as we paid, they stop helping us and it has been over 2 months dealing with them for over 4K refund. Their customer service is shocking and no helpful at all. Also their comprehensive insurance with Allianz is useless. DO NOT BUY IT.

      • +8

        If an OzBer is recommending Flight Center over anything, the alternative must be really bad.

        • +1

          yep, Webjet is that bad…

        • +2

          Ive never heard one good story about flight centre

      • +4

        Surely people only use webjet and flight centre to research the cheapest flight, then book directly with the airline to save paying the “webjet/flight centre” fees?

  • is this for their ebay stores or their own online stores?

    • These are for redemption on their own stores.

      • Sorry just to clarify, these are redemption for Kogan ebay or can also be used for as well?

        • +5

          The codes are for redemption on the brand's direct website. They cannot be redeemed on the brand's eBay store.

  • +5

    The $20 and $50 Google Play codes are 15% off, but the $100 code is 20% off ($80).

    • How? Showing as $85 for me?

      • Same here. $85 for me as well.

        • Price was $80 when I looked earlier. The listing says it's now been revised.

          • @maxlawman: Did you manage to score 20% off?

            • +5

              @brisdaz: 4 people managed to get 7 of them before it was fixed:

              n—-a ( 219Feedback score is 100 to 499) Value (Dollars): AU $100 code (email delivery) AU $80.00 1 10-Dec-18 10:05:00 AEDST
              1—-0 ( 454Feedback score is 100 to 499) Value (Dollars): AU $100 code (email delivery) AU $80.00 1 10-Dec-18 10:03:56 AEDST
              h—-p ( 183Feedback score is 100 to 499) Value (Dollars): AU $100 code (email delivery) AU $80.00 2 10-Dec-18 10:01:30 AEDST
              o—-2 ( 32Feedback score is 10 to 49) Value (Dollars): AU $100 code (email delivery) AU $80.00 3 10-Dec-18 10:01:06 AEDST

  • +1

    Selected discounts on gift cars @ PayPal Digital Gifts. — so cheap bought 3 gift cars from google play. Thx OP

  • All App Store/iTunes cards are showing out of stock.

    • Click through the link, they are in stock

  • +6

    Could be good for Kogan mobile renewals?

    • I think I used Kogan giftcard last year to renew mobile plan. Good point

    • Yes

    • Interested in this as well, can anyone confirm?

    • Yep, wondering if I could use these to add a bolt-on (such as International Roaming).

      • Hey MathNerd, I pm'd you before not sure if you saw it. But do you still do Kogan giftcards? Not that it matters now that these are available ><

        • +1

          Hi there CVonC, I can't find any PMs from you. Could you check yours now?

          • +1

            @MathNerd: thanks mate, got yours but replied via the original message from me :)

    • -3

      No it cannot. See my comment below. Not sure why people are saying 'yes' when it's clear they haven't read the Kogan GC T&C's. It's downright misleading.

    • -1

      No. Gift Cards are only redeemable for goods and services at, and are not redeemable for goods and services at any other Kogan branded websites (eg. or any other Kogan branded subdomain (eg.

      • +1


        But you can buy kogan recharge vouchers on So your answer of no is incorrect to the question being asked.

        You didn't even read the above comments too -_-

  • +1

    Well, I needed something worthwhile for the Velocity 10k bonus point spend anyway so…

    Via the Velocity e-store i go~

  • +1

    can I use kogan egift card to pay for the mobile plan?

    • Same question here.

  • Can I buy hardware products from Google (like say a Chromecast 3) using a Google Play gift card?

    • No you can't. Only books , music , movies , apps.

  • App Store/iTunes out of stock?

  • Thanks. Mum was looking to buy some stuff from Kogan.

  • +1

    can we buy these gift cards (i.e. google gc) with ebay gift card?

    • +1

      Usually you can't. Gift card categories are usually excluded. Please correct me if I'm wrong though!

    • +4

      Tried to pay with gift card. Says "This code can't be applied to some of your items."

      • +1

        Thanks for trying Ceri

  • +1

    FYI people who are interested in mobile top ups. Direct from website:
    " Gift Cards are only redeemable for goods and services at, and are not redeemable for goods and services at any other Kogan branded websites (eg. or any other Kogan branded subdomain (eg."
    Hope this helps

    • +5

      They should still work on mobile top ups, as they also sell the vouchers on their main store.

      • Can anyone confirm?

        • Here mate:
          "Yes, Gift Cards can be redeemed for purchases made from, including our Kogan Mobile Prepaid Vouchers.

          Please note that a Gift Card cannot be redeemed on a purchase or recharge made directly from the Kogan Mobile app or website."

        • +7

          Yep. Bought 2 $100 kogan giftcard for $180. Redeemed them on and used redeemed credit to successfully pay for 365 plan.

 << this plan here.

          save meself 20 bucks.

    • -1

      Your comment is not helpful at all. You are just making thing even more confusing for people who are not already in the know.

      You should clarify that you cannot use gift card to directly top-up on the koganmobile website/ mobile app but you can still buy recharge voucher from the main kogan website and recharge using voucher. It literally make no difference.

      • Did you bother reading my second comment or not? It explicitly states what you just said I should have said…

  • +2

    Can this be combined with this? (so basically get a pixel 3 for $815?)

  • +1

    Can you pay for Tinder with Google Play?


    • Yep you can indeed!

      Or even better - can pay for MEGA ;)

      • What's MEGA?
        I probably know, but having a blank ATM

        Awesome, Tinder Gold even cheaper. Apparently you start a new Facebook stating you're from Eastern Europe somewhere, and out in age 18 and you can get it for like $5-6 PM lol

  • If "google play credit" listed at top of payment options list in "google pay" settings will this credit be used against ongoing youtube red family subscription? Would be a nice saving if so..

    • will answer my own question now that I've bought 400 bucks worth of credit…

      NO…. not for family plans, only CC



      • +2

        I use my gplay credit to pay for my family plan for YouTube at $18 pm.
        Extract from email:
        Google Play Music family plan $17.99/month
        Monthly Subscription - Auto Renews on X Jan 2019
        Total: $17.99/month
        (Includes GST of $1.64)
        Payment method: Google Play balance

  • I had a problem with the 15% off Catch gift cards PayPal sold before and when I tried to get help, they told me they don't cover it with their purchase protection. Horrible business.

  • iTunes gift cards are out of stock

    • If you click through the link you will be able to purchase the iTunes gift cards. The original listing has no stock because the 15% offer is a new listing altogether.

  • Anyone else find these are taking a long time to come through? I’m at 3.5hr mark- I’m well aware they may take up to 4hrs to come through.

    • My kogan gift card came 10 minutes after purchased. Might be bcos u bought them during peak hour? after work time I guess.

      • Yup, landed exactly 4hrs after purchase.

  • +2

    TLDR: no more cash rewards on ebay for now.

    Important Notice - eBay Australia
    Commencing 9 Dec 2018, eBay Australia has paused all activity with Australian Cashback partners.

    What does this mean to our valued members? There will be no Cashback on any eBay Australia purchases from 9 Dec 2018 until further notice.

    We acknowledge that whilst eBay's decision is untimely and unfortunate, we remain hopeful that it's only temporary.

    We'd like to thank you for your ongoing support and apologise for any inconvenience this change by eBay Australia may cause.

    • The Team at CASHREWARDS -
    • ZOMG NO MORE 1%!!!

  • +1

    Bought the $100 Google Play for $80 yesterday around 10am. Still no code as of now. Hitting the 12hr mark. Sent 2 emails yesterday and no response. Unprofessional mob.

    • Same here. I guess $100 gp cards were not meant for 20% discount. May be they wana make us to pay 5 bucks more. :p

  • If I buy 8 or 9 of the $100 Kogan cards can I stack them to buy a Pixel 2XL, or do they only accept one per transaction?

    • +1

      I did two as gift's when buying the medium mobile plan and it adds it to your available credit that can be applied at checkout on your kogan account.
      So acts like a Wallet it seems in that regard when you specify it as a gift at checkout.
      Unsure of the non gift option.

    • +2

      · Limit of 5 digital gift cards per person.

      But you can stack 5 together, no problem (I did this and bought a pocophone)

  • +1

    I just got a $100 Google Play one and had the code in about 5 minutes. I paid the $85 though.
    That my Netflix sorted for another 12 months

  • Hmmm.. can we buy with $10 off ebay gift card bought with 5% off coles egiftcard from Suncorp… giftcard-ception.

    • Nope

  • Thanks OP, I bought 5x$100 kogan cards and bought a pocophone f1 for effectively $450 delivered.

    • you could get it for cheaper online mate.

      • @lordra not from anywhere that actually has stock and a decent reputation.

  • Good time to stock up Google Gift Card and hoping in a year time another Google One benefit with future pixel 4 phone discounts!

  • Kogan T&Cs say any unused balance will be lost. Do they mean

    a) at the end of 12 months, anything unused will be forfeited
    b) if you're using a $100 gift card and spend $90, you lose the $10.

    I assume they mean A, but wanted to check just in case it was B.

    Thanks in advance

    • Solved my own q.

      Instead of using the giftcards at the checkout, you 'pre-load' them onto your account.

      So the credit sits there in your account for you to spend. All good.

      • When does the GC credits in your account expire? According to the item description, it should be 3 years.

  • No more iTunes Gift Cards. Have to wait until Thursday for the Big W 15% off deal now.

    EDIT: Now seems to be back in stock.

    • 3.6 hours later and no email (apart from the usual PayPal ones) so far. Was kinda hoping for it to be within the first 30 mins of purchase but I guess I'll have to wait. Lucky I only got $100. Might be faster to physically go to Big W tomorrow.

      • I bought kogan voucher this morning. Arrived 6 mins later.

        Good luck with your delivery

        • Jut got the code 4.25 hours later. It wasn’t a Kogan one though. It was from another reseller who sold iTunes cards.

  • I bought one gift card of Kogan today and waited for nearly 5 hours without getting it. WHAT is going on ?

    • Ordered and got mine just now, took under 5 minutes, Check your paypal address

  • Nice. Kogan $50 voucher for $45, scored converse Chuck Taylors for $49 (free delivery until midnight). Effectively $44 delivered. Sweeet!
    Now, what to do with that spare $1?

  • -1

    Need jbhifi at least 15% up

  • Is this voucher applicable with kogan mobile? It states that it isnt under their T&Cs, but someone else has mentioned it works.

    • Yes mate it works.I already purchased and used it to get the 365 day renewal.

  • seems deal above says until December 15th, but ebay listing says until December 24, 2018 ? which is correct ? ebay listing i suppose ?

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