expired Huawei Mate 20 Pro + Bonus Watch GT (via Redemption, Valued at $399) $1349 Delivered @ Mobileciti eBay


AU stock, GST tax invoice with ABN, TRS eligible, 24 months Warranty

Huawei Mate 20 Pro Huawei Watch GT promotion

Thanks to rOxz for the Original PUSH5 5% off Sitewide on eBay Deal Post

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    Anybody tried completing the claim form for the watch? I seem to have trouble with it as i have entered all the information & uploaded proof of purchase however the final button to put the claim through will not click through & i have tried it on 2 seperate devices & am getting the same issue.

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      I have seen the same comments about this issue on their Facebook page. Maybe if they get a lot of messages and comments, they fix the issue.

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      Hi ABZ300

      If u have any issues with your claim, feel free to contact our customer service or PM me with your order number and IMEI.

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        I purchased it from JB Hi Fi, not through your store so are you still able to help with the claim process?

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          Its online claim with your JB Receipt


            @asa79: Yeah i understand that but the online claim form doesn't work hence why if you read my original post you would understand that it does not go through no matter how many different devices i try submitting the claim form so no need neg my post if you cannot understand what it actually means.

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    Everytime i see you post a deal i know its for adults only ;-)

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    Whats the likelyhood of next ebay 20% off apply on the phone and watch combo?

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      Thank goodness the ozb bots are upvoting lol


      You are right. Once it's gone down to that price no one cares about anything higher.

      That's how ozbargain works

      Therefore this deal isn't good enough

      Give it a couple months hope p30 comes out.

      Price are coming down slowly for mate 20 pro.

      However IMO still not work it right now


    not good price,last week cheaper

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    Inb4 conspiracy theories invented by intelligence agencies and spread by the mainstream media.

    You'd think people would learn after the conspiracy theories they invented about Iraq that the news helped with.

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      Heh. People that have actually worked in China will be shaking their head at this comment.

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      Why would you think it's a conspiracy theory?

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        Because ignorant people like that think that China don't have a hand in Huawei. Much like how USA has a hand in Google, Apple, Microsoft etc, China has a hand in Huawei.

        DOJ pursuing criminal charges against Huawei for theft of tech
        Polish authorities arrest a Huawei employee for high level espionage

        It should be noted that it is mandatory for a Chinese citizen to obey the orders of the Government, including espionage

        In a nutshell, the National Intelligence Law gives authorities sweeping powers to monitor and investigate foreign and domestic individuals and institutions. It allows Chinese intelligence agencies to search premises, seize property, and mobilize individuals or organizations to carry out espionage.

        China is all about spying with plenty of precedence to support this, and for the Uyghurs, they will go to jail if they do not allow the government to spy on them

        This whole thing has been upgraded and turned into the Social Credit System, which comparable to the world of 1984

        And these pro-china shills would have to be one of the dumbest people alive to truly believe there is no risk of spying happening. Just because it hasn't been detected doesn't mean it's not happening. Plenty of security breaches have been caught after the fact. This is the exact reason why Edward Snowden is on the run and facing prosecution by The United States.

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    No way this phone is worth more than $1000

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      Agree and I told a month ago the same, bought for $ 970 after the math, no way close to NOTE 9 from my point of view.

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      Why would anyone buy this over the one plus 6t

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        For the camera only. Not for the green tint screen and its crappy EMUI. Simply not worth it

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        Bought for the better screen, better cameras, better faceID, bigger battery and wireless charging.

        Stayed for the 7nm processor, fast charge, IR blaster and the reverge wireless charging party trick

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          compared to note 9
          * better screen: no
          * better camera : no 4k @ 60fps
          * better face ID: yes
          * bigger battery: dint notice any diff
          * wireless charging: its basic
          * IR: good to have but rarely used even once
          * fast charge: good feature but no complaint with Samsung fast charge
          * Reverse wireless charging: nice option, but too slow to be useful.

          yes, I do have mate 20 pro and I have used all the note series phones including note 9, note 9 is fast superior.
          Good things about note 9, better build quality, headphone jack, micro sd card, dex, and so much. one of the best feature of note ( regardless anything is its screen quality and reading mode/night mode. I don't care about ppl disliking my comment but truth to be told.

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            @MorningStar: You sure? I didn’t have note 9 but I sold my note 8 cause it is piece of crap. Samsung is horrendously bad to loyal customers, good luck to get you next android updates.


              @auslei: its personal choice, my main sim is in mate 20 pro atm, however, I love my note 8, it just feels more premium to me. I use note 8 as a secondary phone with Kogan sims for temporary hotspot and other smart home apps. I sold my note and I miss it.


                @MorningStar: how is your battery life? mine, without installing much apps and optimised for long life (minimised all notifications, lower resolution) plus a new battery gets to about 70% after 10am and 30% by the time to leave home from work at 6PM. The fast charge is nice, but the software really needs improvement, so is every other phone manufactures.


            @MorningStar: I was replying to the OnePlus 6t comment. I think all three phones are great, they all have their pros and cons depending on your needs and lifestyle. For example I personally would easily take three lenses over having 4K60fps, something I don't even use on my video cameras for bitrate reasons


          You guys all forgetting the way how it charges the phone. The fast charging component heats up quickly and is inside the phone itself.

          Phones like Oneplus and Oppo are better using VOOC, the heat is on the power adapter.

          So whilst mate 20 pro charges very fast, it generates heat very quickly and it will kill off the internal battery much quicker than other brands in the long run

          I expect people who fast charge everyday on mate 20 pro. In one years time battery life might substantially shorten. The phone would become pretty crap in battery life I reckon in a year or over

          Battery condition is hammered by the heat

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    If you have access to a University email address, you can get this phone on a 24 month contract for $285 more. Basically you would be paying $11.8 per month for an Optus plan with 30GB data with quota-free netflix + free nat geo subscription. This is one of the few scenarios where purchasing the phone outright doesn't make much sense. I think Harvey Norman will discount Optus plans by 10% - so even if you don't have a University email address I still think you should be able to jump on that deal.

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    For someone looking to buy this phone I guess have a look at the plan optus is offering. Port in 10% off from harvey n 10% additional from student discount through live chat. Brings down to 1492 for 24 month and u can claim watch too.


    Trying to get a phone and tablet for two of my elders, anyone recommend a good combo, maybe on contract with possibility to pay out?

    They're technologically impaired so many have mentioned iOS can cater to the elderly, not sure personally (android Boi).


    Won't be surprised if Samsung bundle their galaxy watch with the up and coming S10.


    Back doors are in every device. If there is no back door they can't push updates to your device. Do you think iPhone are safe … 🤣😂


      Your argument makes no sense.

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      Companies don't use backdoors to push updates, you have no idea what your on about

      They set up a secure HTTPS connection to the remote server for the phone "PULL" down the update, download it and then update it.

      There is no companies that "PUSH" updates via backdoors, and rarely any that "PUSH" updates either

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    The watch was free on release via redemption. Launch price was cheaper than current advertised mobilciti price. There's no deal here unless you bought the phone at their RRP and tried buying the watch sepearely at the highest possible RRP you could find at the same time.

    Mobilciti reps really need to learn what constitutes a deal. 20% off this price? well, that's more like an OzB deal….


      HI ro0sta

      not sure what did you mean buy "Lanuch price was cheaper than current advertised Mobileciti price"?

      we don't have watch GT in stock yet, when we have stock the price will be $399 or under.



    this phone only takes huawei's overpriced external memory card. Can't use microSD. I wouldn't bother with this phone.

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    I bought my partner this phone. Moved from iphone, she says this is a much much better phone than iphone and also iOS. Good build quality, camera is superior (she loves taking pictures so her feedback is validated), battery lasts 2 days, fastest charge, amzing screen with clarity and super thin bezel, OS isnt that bad though it obviously needs to be improved to match the phone features. Totally worth the price when bundled with Optus plan ($74month for 50gb few weeks back)
    I am using Note 5 atm, and thought about upgrading to Note 9. But after having played with Mate 20 Pro, i really have put Huawei flagship phone under consideration


    Negotiated $1,300 the other day at JB noting these sales. Had no issue convincing. Worth a try.


      Can you upload the invoice by any chance? I've been trying to get a mate 20 pro deal at JB, but the sales people wont budge (been to Parra westfield & the Strand Arcade so far). Maybe if i brought your invoice there to them they'd match it.

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