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Free - 250ml Remedy Kombucha Ginger Lemon @ 7-Eleven via Fuel App


The last one! Hopefully everyone has enjoyed these freebies from 7-Eleven.

Redeem through 7-Eleven fuel app. There isn't a redemption limit so it is while stocks last today (thanks alvian for description).

Original Freebies in January @ 7 Eleven deal post..

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    Hopefully everyone has enjoyed these freebies from 7-Eleven.

    I only managed to get the coffee and Slurpee ones, and the first time I went for the Slurpee (starting of month) I was refused.

    But hey even one thing free is free :-)

    Hope you had better luck @chibot and @trush

    And all, Happy Oz Day 2

    • one of my local 7 Eleven Tingalpa North QLD gives out free coffee or slurpee with any fuel purchase. So everytime you want a slurpee or coffee just go pump $1 and grab the free coffee.

  • I just walked into 7eleven servo Kogarah at around 12:30am - they had quite a few of other flavours but strangely all these had gone - 30mins into the promo at a dead servo…. Now either they had a sudden rush of people running to buy them, or something fishy is happening at that store (staff removing from shelves / mates sending through the barcodes to the guy working there?) - had luck at other stores with this deal - just not that one even though I'm very close by!….

    • It's not uncommon for them to remove stock from the shelf.


        Won't they get paid even if the costumer has a voucher?

        • they get reimbursed..but they still remove stock from the shelves..physically saw them doing that and denying it outright


            @seigweilo: I'm guessing that is because reimbursement may be a little less than retail because 7-11 markets this huge sale.

            But they are stupid to keep load of stock if they make at least some cash.

    • One 7 eleven here tried to hide one of the free items behind another same item with different flavour so the freebie looked out of stock. i found it anyways lol…

    • Ozbargained!

  • How often do 7-11 do freebies after this one per day type of promo?

    • Well they have freebies occasionally in the app. It used to be super regular but it started to slow down (for me personally, probably because I don't use fuel lock or something). This is the first time I think they've done the one freebie per day for a whole month.

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    My 7-eleven hid all stock. None on the shelf. I rocked up at 12.15am demanding one and he "found" one for me. Dodgeeee.

  • Will this remedy my hangover? Get it? Remedy :-)


    sorry out of stoc k.

  • I don’t get why they hide the stock. It’s not like they’re losing money.

    Perhaps 7-eleven only pays then cost price.

  • Out of stock at my local. Strangely I was able to get other hot ticketed items such as the banana bread and the chocolate milk. Luck of the draw I guess, or word of mouth means many new comers to 7-11. Well played, franchise.

  • It really depends on which 7/11 you go to. Throughout the month, I have visited 6 7/11 fuel stores frequently and you can consistently tell which 7/11's are shifty, removing stock. I was able to predict which 7/11 today would have the Kombucha.

    I guess I just know which 7/11 stores to support from now on.

  • Sadly you would think these guys would be doing all they can to improve their reputation.

    Stories of stock being hidden just smells of dodgy behaviour to me. I encountered a guy who had issues with his scanner.

    On top of wage underpayments, I don't have any trust in 7/11 any more.

    • You can't blame the entire 7 eleven brand when the practice of underpaying wages was with Franchisee's not paying their staff properly

    • Stories of stock being hidden just smells of dodgy behaviour to me

      Ya think?

    • Well could it be head office doing something to better their image and the franchisers just not playing ball?

  • got one - tastes terrible

  • Time for my rant at 7-11! Arrived at 1am on my way home at the store in Clayton. So the store isn’t going to put of stock at that time of night given it’s location. Get in and search far and wide and can’t find any in stock. Ask the guy behind the counter if he had any around. His reply was “Oh we don’t do those promotions. It’s only a few stores that do it and not us.” I told him that we both know that is a lie! Refrained from abusing the bloke and left. If 7-11 want to do this then they need to stop having franchises behaving like tools! And what will 7-11 do about it, nothing! Just let these scum come up dodgy excuses!

    • Ring 7-11 HQ, the number is in the app, and leave a complaint. That's the best way to have stores comply in future. I have and have had the number of issues decrease at those particular stores.

  • At least half a dozen out on the shelves at Hoppers Crossing VIC 7-Eleven (Old Geelong Road near Spotlight).

  • I gave this to my son to drink… He came back to me soon after and says ' hey Dad, do you want to have some of my dog sweat?'


    .. Then I tried the drink.

    I guess if you bottled dog sweat I would believe the taste of this drink would be close…

  • I think the freebie offer is damaging 7/11 more as very few people redeem these sorts the offers. Many more angry customers walk out of the store empty hand.

  • This promotion hasn't been done very well. The only thing I've managed to score is the coffee and the the slurpee (as they both only cost $1) The others have been a miss because i think many of the shops have been hiding stock.

    • I start work at 11, couldn't get any at 10Am. I think the offer should be available with fuel top up only. As last time I saw 3 kids about 10 years old going into the shop to claim their 250ml cokes.

      • I think that's a good idea but I doubt it'd attract new foot traffic as much as just giving them out free (they must be pretty desperate to just give out stuff like this). I think the whole point of this is to get as much people as possible into the stores and hope they buy something along with getting the freebie. I personally don't use the fuel lock thing and doubt that I would have started using it to get this stuff for free.

  • Heaps available in Surry Hills (NSW), on Elizabeth St near Central Station.

  • I tried this product before.
    I know I do NOT like the taste.
    So I gave up early.

  • I made my own kombucha. Taste so much better.

  • About 9 left on Glebe point road in Glebe, NSW.

    Staff was friendly and when asked if they make money out of it he said the supplier pays for it because it’s a promotional item. Why would there be reports of staff hiding items then?

    • Maybe the store is keeping stock, scanning with their own 7-11 accounts and then re-selling them after the promo. Instant 100% profit margin to the store.

  • I went a bit late (8:30 pm) to two 7-11s and both "didn't have stock". Still feeling like trying a kombucha I picked up one at Woolies. Amplify Raspberry and Lime 330ml kombucha (same price if this one wasn't free but larger), and it's actually not bad tasting. Sorry 7-11 no money for you.

  • Very rarely do I miss out. I get these most days as I am close to a 711. Only things I have missed out was a V, ice cream for my slurpee.

    Had plenty of these at 4pm today.

  • I went to 7/11 Blacktown
    As expected no stock
    Peeked through the back of the fridge where they keep all their stock on the shelves
    As expected they had heaps of cans of ginger lemon kombucha
    Asked the guy who worked there if they had any in the back , he tells me no
    Told him I can see heaps on the shelf behind the fridge
    He plays dumb, has no choice but to fetch me one
    Now drinking an ice cold Kombucha

    Tip for anyone else still planning to go
    Blacktown had at least 20-30 back there

    • I went into the back fridge at my local 7-11 for one of these deals, I think you are allowed to go in there yourself if it is not locked and there are no signs indicating you cant.

  • Tried 3x 711s on the way home for the Kombucha - all 'magically' no stock
    All I got all month was one iced coffee. Just dodgy poorly controlled staff.
    I think this promotion has not helped 711s reputation at all.