[NSW/VIC] Free Burrito @ Mad Mex via Liven App (New Users)


Here's how to get your free burrito:
1.Download Liven
2.Open the ‘Promo Codes’ page
3.Apply the code below, valid for $8.90 (a small burrito) at any participating Mad Mex outlet.
4.Head to your nearest restaurant, order and click 'Pay Now'. Your code will be applied!


Participating locations:

• Central Station
• Sydney Central Plaza
• MET Centre
• Wintergarden
• Randwick
• Harbourside

• Chadstone Shopping Centre
• Bourke St
• Highpoint

Referral Links

Referral: random (635)

Referrer and referee get 250 LVN ($5).

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  • +1 vote

    Wish you could add more than one promo code…

  • +3 votes

    liven's gotten pretty stingy with their offers this year - sing up offers, rebates and other special offers. I hope they come up with something decent soon, otherwise I might have to delete the app.

    • +1 vote

      Agreed, other apps like EatClub are offering better discounts. Hope they are listening on here, there is only so much space a phone can have


        Further, a food app who's sole purpose is to process payments is just lame in today's day and age.

        I mean, navigating to the restaurant inside the app, finding the right branch and hitting pay now is just painful. I only need a fingerprint and a tap to activate google pay on my phone. If there's no incentive apart from saving me a $1 on a meal, its just not worth it.

        They really need to get on the order-ahead bandwagon. Heck, even menus and reviews would be a big improvement on where they're at now.

        No idea why they wasted all this time and effort on another digital currency. I feel sorry for their investors.


          Agreed, can’t see where the added incentive is with the LVN digital currency for app users. Seems like one additional thing app users need to consider when using the app.

          Perhaps the company is moving towards fintech rather than just a food app. Good luck to the venture capitalists/angel investors who had invested!


        Besides EatClub what other food dining reward/cash back apps are out there that covers multiple merchants?

        The only ones I know of are Hey You and Ritual (Sydney only)

        • +1 vote

          There is Skip.

          Also The Fork (formally Dimmi).

          Anorher small one called OzFoodHunter.

          Menulog app gives you an option to also pick-up.

          Hopefully Foodora relaunches or get taken over as they have a pick-up option too.

          Groupon has food dining discounts too.

        • +1 vote

          There's also FirstTable, Dimmi/TheFork and Entertainment Book.

          Although the restaurants offering discounts on these platforms tend to be the same. They only seem to be worthwhile, when you can stack it with another discount, like good food gift cards or citi dining.


          Thanks guys! I’ve not been ordering enough from menu log/foodora etc to know there is a pick up option and there is a Cashback/discount option… I’ll have to explore a bit, thanks!!!


    Yeh they reduced the referral credit from $10 to $5 and it expires so fast! Didnt get to use mine:(