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Buy One, Get One 50% off - Brand Optimum Nutrition @ GNC.com


Buy One, Get One 50% Off
Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey™
Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass
Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Casein™
Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard® 100% Plant Protein
And more.
This is first time i have posted a deal.

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    Confirmed with live chat that free shipping is not available on international orders, they have a $8.99 USD flat rate for international shipping. Update the OP, add some prices it might help. i.e. 10lb WPI for $87 USD +shipping. Haven't bothered to check this compared to other aus protein sellers. Just negging to make other users aware of shipping costs unlike the OP. Also curious if they will be adding an extra 10% for GST

  • Expensive shipping when title says free, plus very expensive by themselves. Can't see how this is a bargain at all.

    • I only did a quick search but it seems like a decent price for bulk order of ON protein. Any sites you found that make this deal very expensive?

  • VISA2018 got me $10 off as well.

    Edit: got an error on checkout around the lines of "does not meet export restrictions". Likely as it is classified as a milk product and can't be imported into Australia.

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    It also added a 48% sales tax to my order at checkout!
    All up, even with that code provided above, it would cost $177 AUD to ship it to my dorr..

  • Costco have ON 2.88kg for $69.99 at costco, this is the cheapest i have seen in australia

  • even with 50% off on the 2nd and using VISA2018 to get $10 off it is still not cheaper than my current supplier aminoz.com.au which frequently have 20% off specials

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    I have no idea how these niche Supplement Stores survive charging these prices