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12% Doubled Cashback (Was 6%, Capped at $50) at Amazon AU via ShopBack


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Referral: random (3828)

$40 for referrer, $20 for referee after referee qualifies.

Qualifying requirements for referee: 1. Made a minimum $20 online purchase (below exclusions apply), 2. Received a minimum $10 confirmed cashback online, 3. Added banking details to account.

Users will need to fulfil the referral criteria within 180 days from referee's sign-up date to unlock cashback. See all terms

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  • +1

    YES!!!! Your move cash rewards

    • +3

      Do cashrewards normally beat shopback offers? In the times I've looked, they'll get close but never beat them…Not sure whether to pull the trigger now or hold out for the CR reply

      • +25

        just do it now - i tend to reward the mob who move first. Even if shop rewards beat the cash back by 1-3%

        • That's a very good point - now I won't feel like I missed out even if CR somehow beat this offer!

      • +1

        At best they usually copy the cashback, but with no cap

    • +4

      Don't think CR can/will match this. Shopback are loss leading with this deal. With a larger customer base CR would make too big of a loss!

  • +14

    Makes Ebay 10% look even worse.

    • Got any deals to compare?

  • Does anyone know (OP might be able to answer) if Shopback will work with pre-order games? Cash Rewards will track pre-orders if they're within 2 months of release - does Shopback have the same setup?

    • +4

      Hi asubtleviolence,

      Yes, it's the same condition. You can refer to our notes section on the store page

      Pre-orders are eligible for Cashback provided the item is scheduled to be shipped within 60 days of purchase.

      • Perfect, thanks.

      • Hey Dude - what has happened to the Amazon shopback? It is a giant wall of text now. Just a mess. And I have no idea how to click through to Amazon from your site. How do you expect people to use your service with such a terrible user interface? You should consider reverting it back to the old interface.

        • Hi x853,

          There were some redirection issues which have been fixed now.

  • Can I buy Echo Devices with this offer?

    • +3

      Hi BruceJack,

      You can buy any item except for gift cards with this offer.

  • Good guy Shopback raises the cashback on the last day of Amazon Prime $4.99/pm

    • cashback include amazon prime membership?

      • +2

        Hi ce5himm,

        Cashback is not applicable to purchases of Prime membership.

      • I wish! I meant that it's not too late to jump on cheaper prime to enjoy this deal.

        • i see. still good to have 12%

    • +19

      Please increase it to 101% and include a pony too thanks.

    • As mentioned, it s a loss leader. They are losing money on this in order to build a customer base. The cap is to limit their potential loss.

  • +1

    IMPORTANT: Empty your Amazon cart before clicking through ShopBack. Only add items to your cart after clicking through ShopBack.

    If you move the items from Cart to "Save for Later" and then move it back to Cart after clicking through, will that work? Or do you have to manually search for the item and add it to cart?

    • +2

      Hi lostn,

      Yes this works.

      Or if you have the direct link to the item you want, open it after clicking through ShopBack, add it to your cart and pay as usual. Would recommend the second option or manual search as you've mentioned just to be safe.

  • So that's a $350 Nintendo switch, right?

    • Amazon were selling them for $348 for months and months over Christmas period.

      • I know… Common price I saw was $359 without cashback. Was waiting for it to go back down to that price, but it's taking a while!

  • As i am going for a holiday on march Got a go pro hero 7 at $400 with this cash rewards and trs what a bargain thank you op and shout of this rep cheers !


  • +1

    So I'm not really clear on this - if I buy something on amazon.com.au, but it's an international item (ships from USA), is this still valid for cashback? Could be good for some computer parts! Thanks

    • +4

      Hi fLaMePrO,

      Yes it's still valid - as long as the purchase is made on Amazon.com.au.

      • Brilliant, cheers :)

      • -3

        Oh one more thing - any chance on a cashback increase for Lenovo? Quite a few eager people ;)

        • +3

          We'd love to but at this stage they're not paying us a higher percentage :(

          • @gotyourback: No problem, was worth a try :) and lol at getting downvoted for a legitimate request

            • +1

              @fLaMePrO: Just providing an update with some good news - Lenovo will be giving us a higher percentage temporarily, so you will see an increase tomorrow.

  • +6

    So is the $50 capped per order?
    Can we make multiple orders with each having a cashback up to $50. Or is it a cap for all orders on the day?

    • Hi gunnie,

      It's per order, so yes feel free to make multiple orders.

  • +3

    Hi store rep

    12% cashback at amazon - is this $50 cap per transcation? couldnt clarify that in T&C , i can make multiple transcation for the $50 cap ?


    • Hi BIGANKO,

      Yes it's capped at $50 per transaction, so regarding multiple transactions, go for it :)

      • Rep, You should probably make it clearer that its per transaction and not per account (or per day or per any other factor) .

        This is a question that often comes up each time you note a "$50 cap"……..if in doubt, people are less likely to spend.

  • +1

    Still waiting on shop back to track my $1700 lens purchase on the 24th of Dec. 300$ flash got tracked straight away, lens didn't. All procedures were followed.

    • Have you contacted them? Given how long it's been I suspect the horse has bolted.

      • +1

        Was told to wait for 35 days for an investigation to go on. I highly doubt they will do anything.

        • Geeze…. That does sound like a lengthy investigation.

  • +1

    Thanks! Bought a switch + super smash game, which brought it down to $415 with $50 off. Not many sales for the switch lately, so this will do.

  • -8

    Shopback never works, always get rejected. Still waiting for my Deliveroo confirmations from over 6months. Cashrewards is just better. Not worth the hassle with Shopback.

    Lots of amazon ones got rejected as well..

    • If you're ever missing cashback you're meant to follow it up after 48 hours. I haven't had any problems with Shopback when shopping with Amazon.

      • That's what I did, they reinstated my cashbacks and they are back to pending again.

    • Maybe you’re doing something wrong …

    • +1

      Not sure why you are being downvoted. Same experience like you too.

      • +1

        This thread seems to be full of shills.

  • Does it work for purchases done on amazon app? Thanks

    • Hi YLC,

      Yes it does for iOS, however with a recent Amazon app update we've disabled the ShopBack app to Amazon app redirect since there's been some funny redirects happening.

  • Dont know how I missed the Amaysim cashback, but close enough to Amazon, so purchased that instead

  • Nooooooo I just ordered so much 3 days ago and all shipped

  • Hi Rep, regarding your offer of

    $54 Cashback on a $44 Vaya Mobile Plan

    at Shopback it shows:
    30Gb plan / $44 cost / $46 cashback
    50Gb plan / $56 cost / $54 cashback

    is this a mistake?

    • Hi axeology,

      Thanks for spotting! It should be $46 - fixed now.

  • +6

    I would think twice about using Shopback for Amazon. I followed all procedures correctly and only 1 of 3 purchases was awarded on the same day with two being rejected even though they show I clicked through Shopback to purchase from Amazon. Shopback has not responded to email questioning the issue either. There has been plenty of others reporting the same issues. I have not encountered the same problem with Cashrewards and have been happy to receive 1% less back to know I will receive the cash back. Hopefully Cashrewards moves close to this offer rate.

    • +1

      Same, much easier with CashRewards.

    • +3

      I’ve had the same issue with cash rewards so it is not just SB.

    • They are not bad. At least no drama for me yet

    • Hi dandandan,

      Do you have a ticket number we can use to check on your query? More than happy to follow up.

    • I've followed their instructions (ad-block off + add to cart while shopback is active) and I've never gotten cashback from the extension. I've tried with at least 3 purchases. The app seems to work a lot better, 5/5 of my purchases got cashback. I've never had any problems with CashRewards.

  • Any way you can increase the cash back @ Aliexpress for a few hours? 🙂

    • +1

      Hi ShouldIBuyIt,

      Not today unfortunately, but just keep your eyes peeled!

  • +3

    Goodbye eBay, Amazon my new best friend.

    Really maximises the tax refund

  • Where is the expiry date?

    • Lol, 3rd word of the post:today

    • That date and time near the bottom of the deal? Yeah, that's the expiry.

  • Shame the camera backpack I had been keeping an eye on has increased from $121.59 to $169.96 via Amazon AU since this deal went live.

  • The best part of this deal is increased competition with eBay and hopefully we'll see even better deals from both going forward.

  • Check your previous cashbacks before using Shopback.

    • exactly, when it comes to $1000 purchases, it seems they never track it, or decide not to pay out

  • Hi everyone, this offer applies to international PRIME products sold in Amazon AU? Thanks

    • “Yes it's still valid - as long as the purchase is made on Amazon.com.au.” - gotyourback

      He said this a few comments up.

    • Yep I've got cashback from international Amazon products. It's fine.

    • Yes. US products are eligible as long as you purchase through amazon.com.au

  • damn, i just spend on amazon late yesterday. You win some you lose some i guess.

  • Not worthwhile buying anything more than about $420 with this… good for smaller purchases, was eyeing a laptop so will have to wait.

  • Hi OP,

    I believe I have a $10 Amazon credit linked to my account.. if I use this when making a purchase, will Shopback still apply?

    • Hi jeeft,

      Cashback will not be applicable to orders that are funded with credit (in full and partially).

      • +1

        I see! Thanks for getting back to me - wonder if I can decide to not use the credit. Also comes up applied for me. Cheers.

  • I bought a few things off Amazon via CASHREWARDS on one transaction last year, used their app, bought it on one order and never got cash rewarded. Did an enquiry and they had no record of it.

    I want to buy a intendomswitch today but just not sure if it will work and the same result happens.
    Hoping there is some sort of way to get it 100%. I’ll shutdown everything on iPad and only use ShopBack app and see if that works.

  • Just on time, looking for ravpower c charger or mbeat gorilla… thanks!

  • too late, I just bought sone stuff on amazon with 5% cashback yesterday

    • Yeah I did too. It's a shame we missed it

  • Just purchased some milos earlier this morning and followed procedure, nothing came through as of 5 hours later?

    • Hi cloudie9,

      Tracking for Amazon is not instant so you'll need to allow up to 4 days for tracking to appear on your account.

  • -2


    • This expires today.

  • Out of topic, anyone know why every time I sorted by price the numbers of result show different if I sorted by featured? Its via Amazon apps btw

  • About how long does it usually take for the cashback to be moved from pending to confirmed?

    • Hi nikrox29,

      Around 75 days.

  • OP,

    If I select free delivery, it counts as $7.99 promotion applied (just removing the charged delivery).

    I assume this does not count as 'credit' being partially placed on the total?

    • +1

      Hi jeeft,

      You are indeed correct.

      • +1

        Awesome! Made the purchase. Thanks mate!

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