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QCY T1C/T1 TWS Dual Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones + Charging Box, Noise Reduction $28.63 AUD ($19.89 USD) - 52% off @ Geekbuying


Not the cheapest, but i thought quite a reasonably cheap price for what appear to be quite well reviewed and regarded alternatives to the airpods, if you do not want to wait for a killer deal. These are allegedly 52% off RRP

Don't forget Cashrewards/Shopback which may bring the price down even further

I am not an expert on this tech, nor do I know much about them, other than to say I needed a pair since my corded Sol Republic Jax's have nearly kicked the bucket

Bought a pair myself with the "5-8 day" direct line to Australia shipping option

Youtube Unboxing/Reviews:


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  • Have a pair of these I bought in Hong Kong (BT 5.0 version) for closer to $40AUD ea.

    Absolutely fantastic for the price.

    - Real world battery life is about 3-4 hours before putting it back into the case.
    - Despite no cover, case is pretty secure due to magnets holding them in place
    - Solid bluetooth connection - can walk maybe 15m away from my phone in the Gym before it starts to drop packets.
    - Sound is reasonably good though i'm not an audiophile

    - BT pairing is based on right ear so if you put that back in the case to charge, the left ear won't work
    - initial pairing is a little fiddly.

    Overall would recommend if in market for cheaper TWS earphones.

      • Despite no cover, case is pretty secure due to magnets holding them in place

      What's the likelihood because of no cover, button get pressed in the bag?

      • Pretty high the buttons sit at the same level as the edge of the case.

      • I own these in black. Even if a button gets pushed, the earphones are off until they are taken out so a press won't do anything. Also they're not the easiest to pull out of the case until I learned a tip from a fellow Ozbargain member.

    • 100% agree with this review. I love the size of them too, they don't stick out excessively. Fantastic for use at the gym.

    • Pretty bang on point.

      @tempura: accidentally pressing the buttons can happen but honestly rare enough it hasn't bothered me since the first time I used them.

    • It is possible to pair just the left one, I do it regularly. But you need to wait around 10 seconds before it gives up trying to pair with the right side for stereo sound. After that you can pair it with the phone. It shows as QCY-T1_L.

  • For under $30 I'm happy to give them a shot for running with as my old wireless headphones went missing last week. Thanks OP :)

  • Still cheaper here

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      If you use Cashrewards/Shopback it's cheaper at Geek ;)

      • It's worth the extra few cents to avoid dealing with Geekbuying.

        • I'll take Geekbuying over GearVita any time. First order with GearVita arrived smashed up. They only offered me a 5USD store credit for my next order. Paypal gave me a full refund and I got to keep it after they didn't respond.

          • @skwashd: My 2 GearVita orders have arrived perfectly, both within 10 days. My 2 Geek orders, one was the dreaded mibox fiasco they cancelled on us last year & the other was a tablet, I paid express shipping for & they took 3 weeks to actually ship it. It was faulty (screen), I sent it back, then they tried to appeal the Paypal refund.

            Every experience is different but I wouldn't go near Geek.

  • Bought these from the last deal, the right ear would pair but couldn't get any sound from either side when paired together. Tried on three separate devices and reset the pairing at least a dozen times. Could pair the left ear on it's own as a separate device and get sound which wasn't very useful. Gearvita did say they'd send me a replacement though.

    • I have Soundpeats branded one which look the same to this product.

      Try to switch off both sides, put it on the charger.
      Take out the right side, and make sure it's connected with the phone. Then take out the left side. The left side should connect to the right side instead of the phone (you should hear chime).

      • Tried that, hear the chime on the left side only and nothing when I try to play music/podcasts. I can even use the button to stop/start playback but just get no sound.

    • I had the same issue, I tried holding the power button on both for longer than usual (this does a factory reset). Try that first.

      If not, I managed to fix them by completely draining the battery and then recharging them.

      • Tried a bunch of times to do the reset and it didn't work. Will try to let them drain the battery and see what happens.

  • How about call quality?

    • Good question. Honestly, I have heard mixed reviews about that aspect, and at this price I am willing to take a gamble to see if they're decent with calls. Will report back after receiving them.

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      Call quality is pretty good but there is no noise cancelling, so the person on the other end will struggle to hear you if there is any noise on your end.

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    How long delivery time?

  • Price is $21.89USD. Am I missing a code?

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      Expired. Stay tuned I might be able to have something in 2 weeks with the next shipment of stock. Maybe.

  • Bought these (black version) for $25 last time they were on sale and they are so damn amazing!

    Definitely recommend! The earphones last for hours on end when out of charge then charge time is super quick. I wear them on my 1hr train rides to and from work and recharge them once every 2-3 weeks. The only downside i see for these is that the earphones when charging dont have a lid that covers them from elements or whatever so store with care when not in use. There is no worry of them falling out due to strong magnets but the buttons sit on the same level as the case's top. Good thing is that in charge mode the earphones are "off" so it doesnt matter if buttons get pushed in charging position

    Definitely still recommend for quality, build and battery time

    • Thanks Ninja, how do you find the call quality? Does the mic come through clearly and strong? Do you have to shout?

  • @Clear
    I see you're associated with GeekBuying, are you able to help me track my order?
    I ordered these headphones on the 23rd January 2019, Order #4846760, and paid for the Australian Priority line shipping, but the tracking only shows " Shipment info received by Australia Post "

    Does the tracking just not work until the item reaches Aus Post in Australia?

    • It was a different seller but when I bought these headphones, the status stayed in the "shipment info received by AP" for a week until AP actually took possession of them. Then it started to track properly like any other AP parcel.

  • I have a set of these I bought from last deal, during call, the other side always have a hard time hearing me.

  • Anyone got shipping confirmation on these? My order still says Processing.

    • I paid for the "Australia Direct Line" (5-8 business days) as I wanted mine quickly. I got the tracking number the same day. It hasn't been lodged with Aus Post yet. When things go well Aus Post takes a week to get a parcel from Sydney to my place. Customer service haven't replied to my enquiry. I'll be submitting a PayPal claim on Tuesday if the tracking isn't showing some activity.

      • I was Shipping method Australia Direct Line also
        No shipping email yet. I'll chase them up.

        • Same, Au direct line, and no shipping info yet. Pls let me know how you go :)

          • @GenghisGun: Customer service replied today with:

            Sorry the shipping company hasn't updated the tracking. But the parcel is in transit. We will contact them to ship it faster. Once the shipping company updates, we will inform you right away.

            AusPost is still showing as pending. Looks like tomorrow I'll be contacting PayPal.

            • @skwashd: Thanks for reverting here. Annoying that sellers give us the run around all the time. Apparently honesty for them is not the best policy

              • @GenghisGun: Mine arrived today and I got a refund on the direct line shipping.

                • @skwashd: Was that a refund through Paypal? What method did you use to claim it? And will you have to send the item back? Sorry, never done a claim before, but am irked that the whole direct line thing was a sham.

                  • @GenghisGun: I did it through their support email address. I kept on insisting on a 3USD refunded for the direct line shipping as they'd missed the window they advised. Took several emails to get it.

            • @skwashd: From the dispute page on paypal:

              Dear customers, GeekBuying will have the Chinese Lunar New Year holiday from Jan. 27th to Feb. 5th (GMT+8). During this period, we can not send any of your orders out (All shipping couriers are enjoying the new year family reunion as well. The unshipped orders will be gradually processed and shipped out from Feb. 6th. Service Team can only partially fulfill the emails or the online inquiries during the holiday time. And the unsolved item problems will be also handled after then, please be patient. Thank you for your kind understanding and sorry for the inconvenience. Any urgent problem , please send us an email via: http://www.geekbuying.com/help/about/address/ or call service representative via : 86-13421815093 sincere geekbuying service

              I didn't see anything on geekbuying about their CNY shutdown dates. Most of the shutdown dates I saw for on other sites were from the 1st.

        • Purchased Jan 31, 2019, 1:43 PM

          Reply from Geekbuying : "we have checked that the order item is an Pre-sale item and it is will be available on 19th Feb"

          Wasn't presale when I ordered. Asked for refund.