This was posted 3 years 3 months 19 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Free - 20GB Dropbox Storage for 6 Months @ Thingiverse


I was able to get an extra 20GB in my Dropbox by following the steps below -

1) sign up to Thingiverse
2) once you've signed up and logged in, click on "Explore" and then "Things".
3) randomly choose a thing
4) Click the “Download all Files” button on any Thing page on Thingiverse.
5) Click the “Claim Now” in the modal to claim the offer.
6) Thingiverse will redirect you to the Dropbox authentication page on a separate tab or pop-up.
7) Sign in or create a Dropbox account.
8) Authorize Thingiverse to access your Dropbox account information (It won’t have access to your files or folders)
9) delete your Thingiverse account. The 20GB storage will still remain.

Credit to mydealz

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    What happens after 6 months? Do they delete your files?

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      The files in your Dropbox are still available on your computers, phones, and even if:

      Your paid account expires
      Your paid account is downgraded
      Your promotional space expires

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        I guess you're left with a mostly unusable Dropbox account until you get rid of the excess files. So I don't see how this is really helpful unless you need some space temporarily for large files, e.g. video transfers.

        • +8

          This is good for people who want to make their Dropbox read only.

          • +1

            @muncan: …oh yeah…..make multiple accounts and free 20GB storage on each of them…..nice…..

        • +1

          I recently received an email from Dropbox that my account wasn't accessed/logging in to for a while (2 or more years) and they were warning that the account and files would be removed.

          Just something to note with this service. Thankfully they sent a warning email beforehand.

          • @sghetti: …so they do delete files if you don't access your account in two or more years……great just login every couple years to keep alive and you're good to go!

            • @Zachary: Just checked, it's if you haven't logged into it in over a year. I got a 30 days warning to take action.

              I wouldn't say this is bad, just a PSA to anyone thinking of setting up additional boxes with different emails addresses (especially if they're addresses they seldom use).

              • @sghetti: oh it's one year then? Well then I guess keep reminders on yourself to login to these accounts every year to keep it alive….

      • My OneDrive's content is only accessible for 6 month after my promo space expire, after that unless you remove excess data you are not allowed to download the files.

  • how to delete my Thingiverse account?

    • Click on settings and it's at the bottom.

      • Done thanks

  • THX, got it

  • Thanks OP, was hitting my limit

  • I must be the only fossil around who does not know what drop box is :)

    • +3

      Also known as a Long Drop.

    • +2

      Online storage for your data.

  • Thanks m8

  • +3

    …would be great if this was for life……..

  • Legend, that is a great deal, thanks OP!

  • Nothing happen after I click on "Download all files". Is that offer location limited by any chance?

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    I just notice MEGA has gimped their 50GB offering for free users now to 15GB and to get back to the original 50GB storage space you need to do some achievements…..

    • +1

      Like helping Kim Dotcom on his next adventure?

      • -1

        From your link:

        "Dotcom posted a statement on his website saying that he had information relevant to the investigation into the July 2016 murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich. Seth Rich's family issued a statement calling Dotcom's statements "ridiculous, manipulative, and non-credible."

        What a piece of garbage Dotcom is.

  • worked for me thanks op

  • Got rid of DropBOx as soon as they introduced their 2 computer limit. Shifted to One drive.

    • any sign up deals for 20gb plus data with onedrive?

      • +1

        It's very easy to get free OD space.

        I got like 1.5TB.

        I believe basic signups give you 15GB, and if you link your camera roll you get an extra 15GB, so that's 30GB for everyone.

        If you have a Samsung phone they will give you 100. A Seagate portable HDD gets you 200 more, but that deal may have expired. Telstra customers get a bonus 200.

        It's the most generous out of the 3 major ones.

        • Camera roll, Telstra, Seagate offers are expired :(

          I made my account long ago and its still at 5GB

          Will stick with Mega for now

          • @kehuehue: I still have the Telstra offer. It may be closed to new signups but the storage bonus itself is indefinite.

            Same with my camera roll. I got 15GB for that plus the original 15GB.

            Maybe I'm just grandfathered in. I remember the controversy when they reduced it to 5GB, but those who had used more than 5GB got to keep the 30GB they had, and got a year of Office 365 thrown in for free (comes with 1TB storage).

        • Samsung and Seagate promo space have expiry, after that your data exceeding the limit are only accessible for 6 month


      Are they telling the truth for "all account types" or free accounts are an exception?

    • +2

      Am I missing something here? What 2 computer limit? I've always had at least 6 devices linked and accessing my main Dropbox with no issues.

      • +1

        I'm with you on this one… my drop box syncs with a heap of my devices…

        Maybe @Rumbaar might possible have been thinking of Evernote?

  • Thanks. Will come in handy to store songs to play on google home via home assistant.

  • I tend to stick with OneDrive, seems every time i buy a new phone i get given some 200+ gigs for free for 2 years so have accumulated a fair bit of storage on that platform. It also integrates with windows 10 seamlessly (although to be honest so does dropbox).

    • That needs to be one of Samsung phone right? Regardless the models?

      • Possibly, although I got given upgrades from my S9 and my LG G7 recently.

  • Not sure if this is allowed here but I have used this service multiple times without issue. Always worked, still have my referral space years later.

    • ….or you can do it yourself for free…..that is if you got friends…..can also do it solo too, for about 3 or 4 times before they block you…..hahahaha….

      • ha ha ha ha [blocked]

        • Yeah that's basically what happened to me…..since I didn't have any friends keen on the service or a way to advertise my referral link that wouldn't make me look spammy….

  • I have 1TB+ cloud storage with Degoo.

    • oooh 100 GB cloud space, not bad…..but have to login every 2 months or else they will delete your account……and stuff on it……..

      There used to be SurDoc that also offered 100GB free but it's discontinued….

      I guess this is a good site to refer to free cloud storage services….

  • Thanks but no thanks. Self-hosted Nextcloud FTW

    • Usenet works pretty well albeit that there's a 10% or whatever you choose for error correction additional upload. You can fully automate Linux backups to it, trying to do Windows :D

      Five bucks a month for unlimited storage with full speed uploads and downloads. Files deleted after 15 years after upload or whatever the time limit is now, not sure if it stopped going up by one day each day yet.

      Caveat:P anyone can download your files, use very strong password.

  • If you can be bothered there's Chinese dropbox like apps that do 10TB and higher for free. (Unless they've reduced their offerings). Cue the traditional "but it's the Chinese gummints!"

  • Thanks OP.

    I didn't need to signup to Thingiverse (skipped steps 1-2) and it worked.

    • What exactly did you do to make it work?

  • Does this offer still work?
    After downloading a Thing, I can't see any 'Claim Now' to click on, and I'm not sure what you mean by 'in the modal'.

  • +1

    I authorised it, but it didn't give me the 20GB :(

  • Self reminder

  • Does this still work? I just tried and after the download modal, there is nothing on there to claim the offer from Dropbox.

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