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Synology DS918+ for $662.40 Delivered @ Futu Online eBay


Original link: 20% off All Items at Selected Sellers @ eBay

Been waiting for this NAS to go on sale. Cheapest I have seen so far. Definitely cheaper than getting it outright from local stores or even Newegg.

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  • good deal. amazon have this for $597 BEFORE. but this price is good for the NAS.

  • I got this when it was going for $597 on Amazon + Cashback. Its a good NAS!

  • +1

    This is their standard price roughly 10% above other retailers.
    Available during any of their fortnightly 20% off sales.

    Wait for an eBay 15% off site wide and get it from Computer Alliance for cheaper.

  • +1

    Amazon for $695 delivered with 6% cashback ~ 42 making it roughly $653.

    They had 12% cashback capped at $50, making it $645. Didn't post it thinking it was a bit high compared to some previous deals below $600 :/

    • Got one last night at that price with the 12% cappped at $50 deal. If not for the cap would have been $627.36 inc (12% being off the ex price). I don’t recon it will be sub $600 until May if at all.

  • $624.75 from Computer Alliance if you have the "AUPLUSJAN15" 15% off sitewide offer (eBay Plus signups). Hanging out for that <600 Amazon deal again

  • Great deal!

    Anyone know where to get some good prices for NAS Hdds?

  • Bought. Mine showed as $835, less 20% $668 (free delivery)

  • Anyone running Plex on one of these?
    My NUC is giving me the shits, been thinking about getting a NAS.
    Currently have 3x 4TB external HDDs hooked up

    • I am. Works a treat. Just be sure to manually install the 64bit version of Plex.

      • Awesome!
        What HDD’s are you using/do you recommend?
        I’m currently using 4TB seagate expansion drives and haven’t had any issues over 3 years

        • When I have the cash, I will be getting Seagat Ironwolf's. I looked at the WD Red's, I just prefer my HDD's to be running at 7200rpm. Also waiting for a good deal on the 10TB ones, they seem like the right size to start with, as in buy two of them to go with the random HDD's I have installed in it now.

        • I would certainly pick NAS spec'ed drives, I happen to use Western Digital Red's in my home NAS, and generally find them good value/TB, and fairly reliable. Sometimes I repurpose drives from a NAS as second drives in a PC, but they're to slow as a primary.

          Drive speed in a NAS isn't super critical, the NAS unit is. These Synology's really go fast, and are probably best improved with additional RAM or SSD cache, but I haven't found that necessary. If you had specific performance needs then you should investigate based on those. By this I mean are you video transcoding, file transferring, running apps on the NAS - each had different characteristics.

          • @norkle: I just couldn’t bring myself to outlay near $500 on a 5400rpm drive 😂

    • Love my Plex setup with this NAS. I have these hard drives installed.

  • Does anyone know if this years Synology events will have similar packages to this deal? -> https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/361089

    I'd be keen to go to a seminar and learn about the product as well as get a good deal.

    This page shows some events, (https://event.synology.com/en-global/workshop_2019_asia_ocea...) but I can't see any package deals in the descriptions.

  • Missed out on last years event.. keen on the brisvegas event..

    is the workshop focused on the SMB/enterprise clientele??