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NAS Synology DS918+ and 4TB Seagate HDD $550 @ Synology


Received an invitation to the Synology seminar and workshop. Package 2 includes the NAS Synology DS918+ and 4TB Seagate HDD for $500.

Great NAS, I had it for 2 months now and don’t know what I would do without it. Wish I was able to attend considering the NAS alone goes for around $750.

From the site;

Important information for registration

Who should attend: Synology Workshop 2018 aims to introduce advanced soltuions to distributors, resellers, IT administrators, and business users.
Participation packages:
Participation package 1: Free hands-on training
Participation package 2: 500 AUD (ex. GST) for the hands-on training, a DS918+, and a 4TB HDD (limited opportunity)
*Please note that your contact info will be forwarded to our distributor Multimedia Technology for further invoicing and payment purposes.
Please Note: After submitting the registration form, you will receive an automatic email regarding your registration. Synology reserves the rights to evaluate your registration. We will follow up with a notification once your registration is confirmed.
For those who select the paticipation package 2, Synology will forward your contact information to our local distributor Multimedia Technology for further invoicing after confirming your registration. Once the payment is received, your registration will be completed.
Since seats are limited, please register at your earliest convenience. Thank you!

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  • You should correct the typo in the title … 4GB HDD won't "catch" anyone today

  • I'm assuming you'd need to attend to pick up your NAS?

  • Damn a whole 4GB HDD!

    • Synology and QNAP do lots of things beyond just NAS, they do backups to AWS S3 (possibly Azure also now, haven't checked in a while) so if there is a house fire, burglary , flood you can get your data back.
      They also do snapshots, so if you get ransomware you can restore to a safe point in time.

      You can run XPEnology , a community supported port of Synology (not supported by Synology) but you need an Intel chip not an ARM.

      Yes, there is a lot of DIY stuff around, but also need good enough hardware to run it.
      This DS914+ is intel quad core, and has encryption and is fast …… it's business grade, not home grade.

      bargain at $500 with a drive….. over $700 on it's own…. and training so you can bypass a lot of you tube and googling, probably so is lunch and morning tea as part of training.

      • Lol this guy comparing Synology/QNAP to a RaspberryPi. At least quote FreeNAS and I might give you some credibility.

        • I am using FreeNAS. Few years back I would have bought one of these, but no longer need to for home use.

        • I am looking at getting a NAS. Could you give me some pointers to hardware, etc for using FreeNAS?

      • +2 votes

        Mine backs up to Azure.

  • All other event locations listed @

    Including Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Auckland…

  • Very tempted for the Brisbane one…. hmm

  • Possible to get the NAS without attending?

  • Online registration page question;

    Where did you hear from this event?

    I predict lots of "other" responses, "OzBargain".

  • Anyone signed up to this yet? What does the invoice say, is it for the training or the NAS?

  • Afaik this is just to register your interest in attending? Pretty sure unless you are selected you can't get this for $550.

    • It's a first in, best dressed arrangement for Participation package 2. Places are limited

      • Clearly wasn’t a first in best dressed, of course preference would be given to businesses, where they can actually get an ROI.

        • Yes well, I see that now! It did say places had been limited, so assumed it was a first in best dressed, but appears it was a OMG we oversold the event, so just waitlist anyone without a business looking email address.

  • Meh,

    Lose a half day income so I can save a few hundred dollars? Not worth it to me unless the training will save me another half day in f**ing around time normally associated with the setup

  • Supports 2 x NVME slots inside for cache. This thing is quite a beast for what you get. I presume it has a 64bit processor to do about the 16TB limit? Would be pretty awesome to outfit it with 4 x 10TB and stick 2x512GB NVMEs in there. But need to take out a mortgage to do that..

    edit runs the latest 64bit Celery inside. Definitely will run the highest capacities. lol

  • I have DS916+. In my own opinion from 1 year usage, it is pretty darn good. I use it mainly to link between my seedbox and my NAS. This allows me to basically connect to it and watch movies, listen to music, share photos, or really…creating usernames for people I want to access certain contents. If i feel like it, I can test build a website just to learn. Kid me not, I had to upgrade my phone plan to 25 GB after since I just have too much time on the train watching movies, documentary, and tv shows. It is quite powerful for home usage…Synology's interfaces are quite well designed. They made it feel like using normal Windows. Hence, you might feel like you are just using another windows.

    I remembered I bought this for around 700 (8GB variant) back in 2017? Given it is a newer version and it can do NVME, I think it is a great deal for 550!

  • Tempting just to skip work and go to the event. I've been using the hp proliant ml10 v2 as a storage/window server/back up system.


    This is a great offer
    If not I have just bought the DS218+ November last year
    I would definitely be getting this!

  • Thanks for this one. My aging DS413j is still cruising along but since i've had it for 4.5 years so far I figure it's due for replacement. This deal is perfect, and for me, worth attending anyway since I work with synology gear occasionally :)

  • Too bad this model does not do kodi native installation from its DSM app. Plus does not come with HDMI port, otherwise this would be the good replacement for my Asustor AS-6204T (which supports HDMI connection and kodi, but the other apps are so so)

    • QNAP have NAS with HDMI, and Kodi installed, all reviews I read about them said it was a piss poor experience. Far too slow, and far too many file types it just did want to handle like a proper media player would. I was thinking of getting one, but there were far too many flaws to consider in the end. Keep the NAS to store the media, and get a proper media player for palyback and Kodi.

      • I have asustor as-6204t, not too bad for kodi and plex server.

        The ADM (which is the app store software for asustor) could be better, but after all a not too bad and cheaper NAS, if compared with qnap and Synology

        Oh…also asustor support is quick too (although they are located overseas, thus you need to be patient in receiving response if you raise it in the morning)

        • Plex, Emby etc… that's pretty simple with enough RAM. Transcoding can be the catch, if it's required.
          Using it for Kodi playback, that can be the hugely limiting factor with things like frame rate switching, HD audio, Hi10P, HDR and 12 bit playback causing many issues for non dedicated hardware.

    • I wouldn't use the NAS + Media player option ever. Let the NAS do it's job and get a NUC i3. Works really well. You can do whatever you want, dual boot windows and openelec (with Plex plugin) on the NUC.

      • I suspect you have no kids as yet? (Or are least your kids are all grown up now)

        Once you have them, you won't have time to fiddle too much in installing dual boot, compatible hardware, psu, vga, etc…

        With NAS, it's pricier but easier to install and manage, plus support team is just an email away

        Well after all, there is always an alternative approach for everything :)

        • My point is having NAS to run as a NAS and a Kodi/Plex media player is not a great idea at all. Let the NAS serve files and do its job. Have a seperate PC/RaspPi as the Media player. Imagine NAS having to transcode media files and play it at the same time. That's not going to be very enjoyable watch.

          You don't have to dual-boot. You can just install windows on a NUC and that will probably support pretty much any codec that might emerge in the future. Even if you get the lowest grade NUC you could get pretty decent setup. You can keep the Big-black-box (NAS) hidden somewhere else in your house while the NUC goes on the back of your TV.

        • @dealspider: fair point on intel nuc approach as it is small enough to be hidden behind the tv

          Ah well…there is always next project to give this a try

  • Cheers OP! Got my manager approval and funding for me to attend.

  • Good find. Thanks OP!

  • This would be an awesome replacement for my tiny QNAP ts109, had it for over ten years, never missed a beat. Replaced stock qnap os with Debian Jessie, does everything I need for now. Agreed, don't run Kodi on the NAS, run it in your Sony Android TV, killer combo!

  • Signed up for it .. Thanks ..

    Wonder if there will be any ACTUAL techs onsite, their email support can't figure out my issue and just dropped the case. I have an older reporting MORE space than actually available ("Storage Manger" vs calculations from "File Station" and "MS Explorer") .. about a 17TB difference. =(

  • Who should attend: Synology Workshop 2018 aims to introduce advanced soltuions to distributors, resellers, IT administrators, and business users.

    Hmm, I want to sign up for it but my usecase is more, I want a dope media server.

  • Out of curiosity ..

    are any Synology owners/users running DSM 5.2-5644 Update 8 (or that range of firmware)?

    I am wondering if you have experienced any issues with the device reporting you have TONS of empty space when you know it to be full(er) what their "Storage Manager" app displays.


  • Signed up, not merely for the cheap NAS but also because I do actually want to learn a bit more about using NASs for backups etc (this'll be my first NAS).

  • Wonder if home users will be given a look in or preference will go to business users.

    • That's what I'm worried about.

      • +1 vote

        Hopefully the distributor is still making money at $550 and they don’t actually care if you go through with the registration or not.

        • I imagine the cost of the NAS's + HDDs will be covered by Synology themselves, so I don't think the distributor will be getting a say since Synology will be the ones to forward your details on if your successful. But I could be wrong.

          Home Users may be at a disadvantage, as businesses are more likely to upgrade/buy future models. Though it would also make sense to target people who marked their interest in Surveillance since that means they can further sell their very expensive camera licenses to you.

          Purely speculation, though.

  • Does it tell you during registration if there are HDDs left or not ?

  • Registered for Brisbane.

    I put that I’m a home user.

    Will see if they accept my registration.

  • Why does Brisbane have to be the only full one. Thats really irritating.

    • Yeah I just mentioned it to my co-workers and now it's full.

      • Would rather have not seen this deal at all, now just pissed to have missed it by a few mins. Would've loved going to that conference too, I wonder if it's a yearly thing..

        • Think you can still go, but obviously not with the NAS to play with after.

        • @xS415x: Yeah I really want to go, it sux but can live without the $150 discount I guess but unfortunately only my area is unavailable to go (Brisbane) ;_; boo

          EDIT - Woot Brisbane is back, they replied to my emails and somehow it had been temp closed but they reopened it just now :) Just to elaborate the training option is now available, the buy option is sold out still.

  • Sydney full too - says SOLD OUT prefixed to option 2

  • it is gone already?

  • Melbourne no longer has any Option 2/NAS Bundle Options available. The deal is pretty awesome, so guessing most events will be sold out.

    Now it's time to wait and see who of us got in…

  • Anyone received a confirmation email?
    (Apart from the auto reply?)

  • They will be calling the people who got the NAS bundle on Friday to collect payments for the NAS+HDD
    The delivery is going to be @ the venue on the session day.

    • How did you find this out?

      • The website had issues submitting the form so i called, They fixed the issue pretty quick, The lady commented in the background "someone posted on OZ Bargain" hahaha

        Probably due to the number of people signing up from OZB cause them some temporary issues

        • Haha ozb is also a community based performance testing platform

        • There was a number you can call? .. Can you please share the number you called?

        • @lamb: I'm wondering this also, tried their main international line and got a message that it's Chinese new year so bye bye. Can't see a point in ringing the U.S or U.K numbers. No idea how Geoff897 managed to catch them..

        • @ninjataki:

          Yep. Got the same in their email reply:
          Please note that we are currently out of office due to the New Year's holidays. We will reply to your message when we are back on 21th Feb, if not earlier. Sincere apologies for the inconvenience. Thank you.


  • Is this something they do every year?

  • Received this email:

    We would like to thank you for your interest in our workshop.

    Synology Workshop 2018 Melbourne is currently at its full capacity.

    We will keep your registration on our list and contact you again once more seats become available.

    If you don't receive further emails or phone calls from us, it unfortunately means there are no available seats.

    • Just got the same email.

      Shame, was really looking for some hands on time with a Synology NAS to help me decide if they were worth deploying for work.

      Maybe next time.

      • have received mine.

        Dear xxxxx,

        We herewith confirm your registration for Synology Workshop 2018, participation package 2.

        Since you have opted for a paid package, we will then forward your information to our local distributor Multimedia Technology, who will advise you with payment details. Please note that your registration is not completed until we have received your payment.

        Probably because I used company email registered, and my title is System Administrator.

        • Don't think using a work email nor your title made any difference. I did the exact same thing, with a similar title, and no invite for me.

          Guessing it was just luck of the draw.

        • yeh i was confirmed on 16/2, definitely they are picking those whom are in a position to facilitate future sales. Melbourne, used business address.

          Haven't been contacted by "Multimedia Technology" yet

  • Just got an email confirming my paid package. Excellent.

  • Waitlisted.
    Maybe they are doing that cause I’m not a potential business user.
    Pretty disappointing considering registrations were open again well after I registered.

  • Pretty pissed off, I got waitlisted and I signed up many hours BEFORE it was posted to ozbargain as I receive the newsletters etc.

    All these 'free loaders' who didn't have an interest are impacting REAL users of the products.

    Whats also funny is I'm waitlisted, so not even given package 1 option! So turning away someone who was going to give them $550 dollars, even before it was ozbargain'd is just crazy!

    • I own 2 Synology's NAS devices totallng around 7k (and having issues). Got waitlisted as well.

      Just wished their technical support was a quick to respond. 😂

      • Same, I've spent LOTS with them before, the email address used is the one I used for other roadshows etc. Not happy!

        I guess existing customers don't need any extra 'love'

    • I'm in a similar situation.

      I work for a SME who's looking at deploying NAS across our sites, this was actually a perfect timed event for us. This probably would have been enough to push me into buying more Synology Products after all the research I've done, but without having hands on time, I'll probably opt for a cheaper solution I had been leaning towards.

      I really wish they'd requested an ABN or ACN for this. As someone who wanted to participate for legitimate business reasons, I'm annoyed that this got OzBargin'd, but as a OzBargin'r, I also feel if anyone got lucky, good on them.

    • To be honest I never would have found out about it prior to OzBargain but I am a business user and have interest in trying to run some of our software on these NAS's as part of our roll out which in theory could see us spending $$$$$$ with Synology.

      This was probably pretty evident in my application so I can see why they would pick me vs someone with a gmail.com email or a home user etc.

      Ultimately these things are about getting more SME/Business users on board. They only have limited seats so they are right to be choosey.

      • Well good for you, but its a crappy way to treat your existing customer base, when this offer was OPEN TO ALL.

    • Oh look at the freeloaders downvoting!

  • Just received the email confirmation from them:

    We herewith confirm your registration for Synology Workshop 2018, participation package 2.

    Since you have opted for a paid package, we will then forward your information to our local distributor Multimedia Technology, who will advise you with payment details. Please note that your registration is not completed until we have received your payment.

  • Update - So a week on, after I've been waitlisted for Package 2, I'm not even been offered package 1 as an option! Looks to be a just don't show up kind of thing.

    So turned away someone who was going to give them $550 dollars, and not even offering them package 1!

    And yes, I signed up before it was ozbargain'd, so not one of the freeloaders jumping on board for a cheap NAS.