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HGST 8TB 7200rpm Hard Drive AU $263 Delivered (US $206) Amazon US


Good price on a well regarded brand

Sold by a third party but fulfilled by Amazon US so shouldn't have any issues with delivery

Cheapest I can find here in Australia is $519 at Skycomp

Edit 2:
Link updated

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • suitable for NAS right? seems cheap.

    • Based on current market rates yeah it seems cheap. Based on technology and price tends, it's expensive! Hopefully this signals the beginning of falling hdd prices again =)

      Now if only the reds would slide in under this price!

      • These are as good as reds IMHO.
        I have a combo of HGST and WD.

        • In a NAS I assume? I'm considering picking up 2 for my NAS; you'd recommend them?

        • +4 votes

          Look at the BackBlaze failure reports. HGST drives are their best performers overall.

        • @matthewk85:

          ive had 4 of these in my qnap for about a year, flawless.. backblaze/fail stats don't lie.

        • @marlor:
          Was going to say this as well. They're the best but not cost efficient for a cloud storage business.

        • @matthewk85:
          Yep I use them in my NAS.

        • @autolux:

          im not saying backblaze lie - but people that dont understand statistics grossly misrepresent what the stats mean.

          eg. if you have a drive that has low sampling then 1 small change can make major differences to the stats. This is why some "boutique" drives can look good.

          this is why seagate always looks bad in the stats because they are used more than 3x by volume.

        • @voter1:

          agreed, misrepresentation of statistics is common in more than 90% of cases.

          but i dont think failure rates as a % of volume is missed by people…… thats obvs. seagate look bad in the stats because their fail rates are really bad. regardless of them hitting every every market segment under the sun, they have a high percentage of fails all over the place. its in any stats and ive seen it personally and anecdotally for over 20 years.

          ive managed datacenters and been responsible for 1000's of servers running 8+ drives and up and kept detailed stats, seagate (profanity) suck full stop.

          the only seagates i ever use is ones i get free, or if it makes sense economically at scale for certain applications, or if im chucking them in large raid arrays and expect failures/have replacements anyway. in my experience against seagate sucking, WD are always decent but overrated and their price segmentation from green to enterprise is largely a complete conjob. meanwhile Hitachi slash HGST were never anything but phenomenal. this experience is also mirrored in the maybe 60 hdd's i've purchased/used for home needs over the last 20years. i had an original of the first breakthrough "big" drives, an IBM "deathstar" 75GB and must have been one of the few who didnt have it fail (its still going), hitachi bought that tech and sorted out the qa problems from IBMs failure rates and never looked back. ive heavily used over a dozen hitachi 1 & 2+TB drives for many years. they're owned by WD anyway and consolidated as HGST, and the tech is no doubt shared but whatever HGST continues to do, it is rock solid and without the "NAS" red yellow green purple marketing nonsense their parent company uses.

        • @autolux: I agree on the stats - in one of the Backblaze blogs there is a link to another blog where a fellow has done analysis of the stats, using techniques used in the medical profession.

          HGST still come out looking good - WD not bad and Seagate is all over the place but maybe getting better. Toshiba is a small representation and they I believe own some of the old HGST/Hitachi IP on disks. The Toshiba 4TB drive runs to about $175 in Oz at present.

          I have just spent several hours going through old HDDs - every Seagate and WD are dead and show no signs of life. The other 40% are very old Samsungs (down to a 250Gb) and while they are all showing bad sectors they are all still working. Time to get out the drill to destroy before I toss them.

        • @autolux: I'm interested to know how you managed to get free Seagate HDD?

        • @voter1:

          The information becomes more accurate with a larger sample but it doesn't necessarily mean the information is incorrect.

          For example,

          Sample size 1000 product x - 1% Failure
          Sample size 5000 product y - 2% Failure

          I'd trust product x more than product y any day of the week.

        • @matthewk85:

          In a NAS I assume? I'm considering picking up 2 for my NAS; you'd recommend them?

          I've been running two (in my four-bay NAS) for three years now and neither one has skipped a beat !!

  • Damn. My ds413 can't handle 8tb :-(

  • I am assuming that there would be no warranty from HGST for these? I am not sure I'd want to risk a device that can be so easily corrupt or damage surviving shipping with no warranty to back it.

  • very different i know but this one regularly gets down to 149USD -
    has a seagate drive inside it, just need to crack it open, I got three and RAID 1 2 of them for protection…and kept one for an offsite backup

    that said as soon as you open them up warranty gone :( - so for a HGST internal this is a good deal in its own right.

    • Seagate archive drives inside normally. Pile of junk for any moderately intensive write loads and completely inappropriate for a nas.

      • 5400rpm.

      • mine seem to read/write at a couple hundred MB per second…

        • They can as long as they are not given certain tasks that it can't keep up with.

          Most comments about archive drives are exaggerated.

      • Well I've got 4 of the Seagate drives sitting in my NAS, working perfectly, so I'd have to disagree.

        • Buy me a lotto ticket? Because you, sir/madam, are lucky.

          Actually it's really only the Seagate 4tb drives that suck, with > 30% failure rate. Keep in mind the age of the 4tb drives in testing is older. The 8tb's I'd say we don't know just yet, and 10/12tb is spanking new.


        • @justtoreply:

          While the drives can be less reliable, backblaze's type of usage is completely different to normal usage and shouldn't be used as fact, just a very very rough guide.

        • @justtoreply: You might note that the 8tb drives backblaze use are not the Archive drives.

          But anyways, Archive drives have been in use since early 2015 with no widespread reported issues that I can find.

          It was known from the outset that the Archive drives were not designed for high sustained write speeds, so I wouldn't call that an issue.

  • Seems these tended to have a higher than normal DOA rate, just FYI.

    • I think that was only with the 4TB version?
      I've only had 1 DOA.

      • +14 votes

        DOA is the best way of disk to die.
        Its much better than having the disk died few months after usage.

  • damn..just ordered a Hitachi 6tb HGST locally that arrived today

    warranty wise though, pretty sure you are on your own with these locally.. so a long round trip to amazon if somethings wrong

  • there 10 bucks between 2 listings?

    one states sas/sata the other just sata?

  • Can this drive used as normal hard drive inside PC?

  • After having 3 out of 3 Seagate 3TB green drives fail, I moved to these. The first 2 4TB have now outlasted the SG's. I've also got 2 8TB, so wasting half their capacity. Not holding my breath waiting for the 4TB to fail, but don't need the extra space atm.

    • Seagate had shit QC after Fukushima which caused a line of 3TB drives to fail hard. SG now much better with their stuff. I run entirely Seagate now in my 24TB setup.

    • in regards to the hard drive "failing", was this a gradual bad sector count increase or a case of it just stopped working one day

      ive run a few programs which give a basic green light\yellow light warning system in regards to hdd health, however could anyone recommend an in depth program


      • It really depends on the drive. I had a samsung give heaps of warning of imminent failure in windows and other programs. I had a seagate scream and grind yet throw no warnings. Even seatools said it was fine. It was not and died within days.

        Seagate are still no go in my book. HGST Toshiba or WD for me.

        • so windows itself can warm you of a potential failure? interesting. the only way i knew one of my previous hdd's was slowly on its way out was i installed a program to monitor background activities, and it also did hdd health checks which gave me a slight warning, otherwise i would have had no idea. the hdd behaved fine btw, it just started to get a few unrecoverable bad sectors.

  • I spotted this one yesterday and I'm still trying to figure out what the catch is? Are these brand new drives or are they 'refurbished'?

    • +2 votes

      Now that they're owned by WD I'm sure this anomaly will be corrected.

      • Indeed - if you look at the BackBlaze stats, the 8TB HGST is 4x more likely to fail than the 4TB HGST.

        Sad, that WD have made them unreliable.

    • Who's down-voting this? Back-blaze are the only ones with such huge test sizes that report failure rates. You won't find a more reliable test size.

  • Dammit, just bought 4 8tb seagate ironhorse in the last ebay 20% tech sale.

  • This is HDD wet dream:

    ✅ HGST
    ✅ 8TB
    ✅ 7200rpm

  • Damn! I bought an HGST UltraStar 4TB for $350 last week. :(

  • grabbed one. only 4 left in stock!

  • Does anyone else get anxiety and/or indescion on these harddrive deals? I follow /r/datahoarder and I watch these deals like a hawk but it seems like anything other than WD Red or the other kind (I forget which is liked as I'm not on my home computer at the moment) gets scrutinized and I get cold feet about it. I was very disappointed about the lack of boxing day or black friday/cyber monday deals for the larger capacities (except for Seagate which has too much of an overwhelming negative sentiment about them for me to continue buying despite that they've served me pretty well over the years).

    The main thing is I do want 6tb/8tb as I've got ~12-14tb split across smaller drives that needs a proper back up and some redundancy.

    I'm not sure if I should pull the trigger on these but it seems like folks are saying these should be more or less as good as WD Red? Maybe slightly underperforming but quality/failure rate and the neccessary levels performance are all the way there?

    • Ha. I just discovered /r/datahoarder two days ago (subbed!).

      I found a post from a few months agowhere they were raving about this drive for USD$230.

      I'd definitely buy this if I hadn't just yesterday added a WD Red 6TB into my NAS.

    • Yes, definately. I feel your pain :)
      I finally jumped on this one mainly due to whatever the equivalent of dutch courage is with caffiene. Both Colombian and Brazilian courage bring other things to mind…

  • MUCH better than reds but have occasional duds. Because of the cost of return - yes amazon will want them back - people being picky.

  • So tempted!

    I want x4!

    But I've still got 4TB free in my NAS.

  • I had 4 x 4GHST Deskstar drives in my NAS for about 5 years, and only recently has one started to show signs of failure. My only comment is that since they're 7200rpm drives they appear to run warm, but these Ultrastar drives are apparently a bit more energy efficient, so it looks like a good deal!

  • Grabbed one! Thanks OP!

  • What are all these variants for sale on Amazon?


    Which one should we buy?

    • BDE = Bulk Data Encryption
      SE = Secure Erase
      ISE = Instant Secure Erase

      I don't think most people will require any of these features.

  • Hey uhhh… I just checked and it says "This item does not ship to my suburb, Australia. Please check other sellers who may ship internationally"

    Did I freaking miss out already?

  • Out of stock now :(

  • Cheers OP, grabbed one.

  • Ozbargained it seems!

    Same product but $10 more


    Thanks fatice

  • Being 7200rpm how do these compare to Western Digital Blacks or Seagate Barracuda Pro's?

    Or should they purely be used as an archive/nas storage type affair?

  • I think they are Enterprise drives and can be used in PCs similar to WD Blacks

  • Checkout using USD from the second link which is US$219, result in Au$279. If checkout using AUD on Amazon, they will charge AUD291.


    Less than $300, fully deductible for next tax return.

  • Price dropped back down. Just bought for 206.81 USD delivered.

  • I use these as backup HDD's for my music production on a simple NAS setup. I even store my larger sound libraries on one of them to access frequently… A little noisy but they're fast and reliable (thus far, touch wood) xD
    For years I've used WD but after researching tests these seem to be quite reliable.

  • Bought one…Thanx for the link mate!!

  • Got two. Thanks!

  • Ordered three at $270.30 each. Would have been $269 something if I got them shipped to a 'pick up' location. I thought I'd splurge a little on direct shipping instead.

    Going to ask a family member to order another one tomorrow if they're still available at this price.

  • Currently just one available - I tried to order three. Ah well, I'll keep an eye on them.

  • Now up to US$246 and shipping

    Meanwhile is there any way to stop Amazon listing sellers that won't ship to Australia/my destination?

    • In the left sidebar there's a checkbox (when searching). But this one is now screwed because they started with one that would ship here, and replaced it with one that won't.

  • I don’t know why I buy just because it’s cheap I just have that mentality , if it’s a good deal, it’s too hard to pass, even my wallet is hurting…

    • I'll take one off your hands if you're feeling too much buyers remorse. I got 3, need a 4th. Would really like to start my nas with 4 matching drives (without paying a premium to do so)

      • You can still get one delivered to Shopmate or similar forwarder after buying for $195. Cost me $34 for delivery to Sydney via Shopmate

        • AU or US$34? Although I guess even if it's US then AU$291 is still a good deal, especially if it's only one of them…

          Did you use the 20% off shopmate fees to get that rate?

        • @hetzjagd: A$34 with Shopmate with the current 20% discount. Amazon had packed it in a huge box hence the steep rate.

          Drive is US$193 now. Total then comes to A$280.

        • @lahiruwan:

          I'm quite tempted but after reading this feedback (admittedly it is only a couple of people saying these things but still…) I am getting cold feet https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/343828

          Having a look at HopShopGo as an alternative it seems like there is no easy way to work out what the total cost of it all will be.

  • is it international warranty if we have it delivered via shopmate?

    • Don't think it matters how you get it down here

      • Cool, so once we get it here it goes to the local HGST/WD rma address for warranties? Coz if they make us send it back to the US ourselves its probably a deal breaker for me.

        In my experience, if it was delivered by amazon they would have covered the return shipment if there was a need to return to manufacturer for warranty issues.

        • There is some question about if there is International Warranty on these. Please do your research before buying. I wasn't too concerned about it so I bought 2

  • home come it says "This item does not ship to Australia."