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Half Price Frappuccinos 4-5PM @ Starbucks (3-5PM if Starbucks Rewards Member) 4-17 February


Starbucks are bringing back their Happy Hour - half price Frappuccinos between 4-5PM, or 3-5PM if you are a Starbucks Rewards member.

Available at all Starbucks Australia stores, excluding Sydney International Airport.

P.s. You can also get any drink at half price if you sign up for Starbucks through their app.

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    If you give me for free then also i wouldn't have these sugaries drinks its worth peanuts .

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      Barista coffee is worth peanuts?
      Anyway if you're not interested in the deal then you don't have to comment.
      I love these drinks but consider them more of an occasional dessert than a coffee.

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        It's hardly barista coffee. It is weak and too sweet, hardly a step above instant. I wonder if they even use real beans? I'd rather have percolated coffee than their rubbish.

        why starbucks failed in Australia

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          I dont know how it is in Australia, but I worked for Starbucks in England and the coffee used in Frappucinos is indeed instant coffee.

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      This 👆

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    Again, it's always half price if you use the app and make a new account.

    The advantage of this Happy Hour offer is you can order several drinks to share.

    They actually do Almond Milk and Soy Milk by the way if you ask.

    • can you keep creating a new account? They don't check imei or phone number or anything? (a la G&G)

  • Thank you @sage help your self .lol

  • I didn't think there were even any Starbucks left in this country

    • They went down, shut a ton of stores and are slowly opening stores again.

      Strawberries and Cream Frappucino here I come!

    • There's 4 in Sydney CBD.

      • with 3 of them within 10 minutes of each other… on foot

  • Starfu… oh never mind.

  • I didn't know they still existed in Australia

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