expired Nokia 8 TA-1004 6GB Ram 128GB Dual Sim SIM $344 Delivered (Grey Import) @ TobyDeals


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6gb Ram and 128 GB storage space for $339.20 with free standard shipping- seems like good deal to me - So sharing the love.
*Nokia 8 variant- with 4 GB Ram and 64 GB storage - in the last deal was $329 (cheapest I think it was $299).



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    I bought one of these in the last deal and have actually found it to be a great little phone for the price.

    Feels nicer than my S8, not any real noticeable lag anywhere. Near-native android. above average battery life etc.


    Is this better than the Nokia 7 Plus?


      Smaller screen for a start

    • +1 vote

      7 plus is pure android one and currently on pie with jan 2019 security updates.

      i own the 7 plus ….very happy with it.

      don’t confuse nokia nokia 8 ( grey) with the nokia 8 sirocco ( au stock) which is what jb sells.


        What apps do you use that won't run without Android Pie? What are the main essential features of Pie that makes Oreo poor?

        • +1 vote

          Bunch of small improvements.

          Better audio controls, better gesture navigation, more developer options, cleaner design, digital wellbeing, latest security patches.

          Nothing is a game changer, but small improvements all round make it nicer overall.


    The top and bottom bezels look so ridiculously huge, does anybody know the dimensions of them?

    • +9 votes

      You kids and your notches. A bezel is nothing to be afraid of.

      • +6 votes

        notch is a way to make the phone physically as small as possible yet provide as much screen information as possible hence done waste space for left and right of the speaker , use it for screen and notifications.

        you can get apps that blank out the screen where the notch is but then where would the dominos, and kfc notifications appear, or how strong your signal is , or the carrier you use …..they would need to appear in the main part of your screen ….with notch you can see notifications and signal strength yet have full 1080 p screen to watch stuff or play a game …..

        it’s functilnality through design.


          Ah, no. With my Huwawei 3e you have an option of notch or no notch. Either way your battery, signal, time and other notifications all come up at the top of the screen. So it really just depends on preference.

  • +1 vote

    been very happy with the Noki8 4GB version. Just got the Android Pie update then a few days later the Jan 19 security patch.

    Would like to have the dual sim functionality but going against he ozbargain spirit of it's cheap so should buy it.

  • +3 votes

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  • -1 vote

    With only 3000mah…don't think the phone lasts a day.


      my nokia 7 plus goes 2 days on a charge, a lot has to do with how many apps run in the background, and if you have wireless turned on or not, on an 60Gb plan I can't be bothered turning on the wireless and just use 4G, gps turned on or off, etc.


      i can have 3+ hours of screen time and after 18 hours still be over 50% charge.


      Lasts more than a day for me. But when I had a VPN client always on, it was dying in half a day.


      Got the 4GB version. Easily lasts 2 days between charges.


    Worth for money for SD 835 phone …..Just side load GCam app (Google camera app ) https://nokiapoweruser.com/google-camera-apk-download-for-no... . …..You won't miss expensive phone.

    • +1 vote

      Not sure about the 8 (non sirocco) but with the pie update they revamped the camera app and I no longer find a need for GCam on a 8 sirocco.