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Nokia 8 Steel (2017) 4GB / 64GB Snapdragon 835 $299.25 Delivered (HK) @ TobyDeals


Just used Officeworks price match against Tobydeals $299.25 sale price on the Nokia 8 to get for $284.29. Note: Price match at Officeworks may be rejected as this model is dual sim (Officeworks is selling single sim).

Currently $548 at Officeworks (saving $263.71). Not showing on OW website (stock will vary store to store, superseded by Nokia 8 Sirocco).

Not a bad deal considering I paid ~$320 for a Nokia 6 not long after release and this puppy had a (too-high) RRP of $899.

Cons for me

  • no Android One, will get Android 9 Pie.
  • camera, although marketed as Ziess, isn't the best.
  • no qi

Pros for me

  • Snapdragon 835
  • expandable storage via microSD
  • USB-C
  • Band 28

Manufacturer website - https://www.nokia.com/phones/en_au/nokia-8

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    For those that have any resistance with price match - https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/169424/63854/img_20181…

      • +11

        Sorry, I definitely mentioned it wasn't on their (OW) website.

      • Read the deal description.

    • I love you. thanks

      • +13

        Please exchange phone numbers and sext privately on new nokia's.

    • Good stuff.
      I bought the Nokia 7 plus 2 days ago because I couldn't get OW to price match the 8 at about 4 different stores.

    • +2

      Officeworks Malaga insulted my husband when he showed them this receipt as evidence of a price match. They treated him like a scammer, and refused to even look at the deal because it was for a dual sim model, not single sim.

      Very upset by this.

      • +2

        Have you tried the 1300 number on their price beat page? Kick up a stink!

        • +4

          I'm going to, just because of how he was treated.

          • @sevenseacat: Good luck!

          • +2

            @sevenseacat: Should leave a review on Google about your experience.

            Apparently your not the only one to get a rude person, seems like normal practice at that store.


            • +1

              @[Deactivated]: *EDIT by that standard, they rate better than my local OW at Milton who get 3.3/5

              Brisbane CBD is 3.3 also.
              Browns Plains gets 3.5
              wooloongabba gets 3.9
              Oxley gets 3.5

              Shops always get bad reviews,they rarely get good ones so that's all you see. I remember some guy here complaining about his local Chinese shop and he got OzBargain riled up enough to review bomb them.

              I don't expect OfficeWorks to give me good service, just to sell me stuff quickly and price match begrudgingly.

      • +4

        I've always had issues at Malaga store. You're not alone, (profanity) them seriously. They said they couldn't price match a tablet so I walked over to Harvey Norman and bought it on special

      • +1

        East Vic Park is great

  • Do you know when the deal ends? 7PM today? I see on the website it is 44 hours?

    • I was merely basing off click frenzy timing - will modify. Thanks

      • +2

        Note that TobyDeals isn't part of Click Frenzy, they are running their own 'Tony Frenzy' deal. TobyDeals aren't an Australian retailer, they are based in Hong Kong.

        • Thanks for clarifying Hamza23

        • Thanks for clarifying. Was almost about to hit the button.

        • Is Tony a mate of Toby?

  • Anything great about this phone?

    • Band 28 and NFC under $300

      • +5

        Effectively no NFC.
        I've got the phone and the NFC is dreadful and in an idiotic spot.
        Also, no status LED, which is a stupid decision.

        • +1

          I have had no problems with NFC and use it daily. I don't even carry cash or card anymore.

          • +5

            @Buyingcrap: So, when it's stolen, they have your phone and money while you can't even call to say it's been stolen since you don't have the phone, no cash and no card. Ladies and gentlemen, the future is here 👌

        • +1

          what's wrong with the nfc ?? I've been using it with google pay just fine over the last few month and the ad file share from time to time !

    • -7

      You'll get all the elderly women you want with a Nokia phone.
      Jk but it does have alright specs for the price and it's from a reputable brand unlike most phones with similar specs at this price.

      • +13

        Don't think you'll find a phone with Snapdragon 835 for <$300 anywhere

        This is a 2017 flagship phone for a bargain price

        • +1

          Oh my bad somehow that skipped over me entirely. That is the same CPU that's in Pixel 2 or some Galaxy S8s correct? if so you're right it's a bargain. +1'd accordingly.

          • @Ostrk: Believe so, and OnePlus 6 etc.

            • @[Deactivated]: Not OnePlus 6, SD845. OnePlus 5 & 5t

              • @follow: Sorry yes, meant OnePlus 5

    • +2

      Snapdragon 835 is last gen flagship… Absolutely amazing deal for this price.

    • I don't think the camera is very good judging from here;

      Currently have a LG G4, and I don't think its worth the "upgrade"

  • the question is which OW store has this model in stock?

    • I'm not privy to that. I uploaded receipt from Albury store and they had stock (wouldn't tell me how many).

  • Would the camera on this phone be better than a xiaomi redmi note 5?

    • +4

      No idea, but it's on par with the Galaxy S5 and MUCH worse than my wife's Pixel 1.

  • Damn. Thought they got rid of it and went for the 7 plus instead for$ 100 more.

  • For a moment, I thought I was looking at a pic of the Nokia 8 Steel.

    • +10

      Er, that's because you are.

  • What's the situation with these nokias and unlocking bootloaders, rooting, custom roms etc.?

    • +3

      Nokia 8 was recently (September 2018) made to be bootloader unlockable even though phone was released one year ago


  • Officeworks in Mentone say this product line is dead at OW. Of anyone has any luck please let us know.

    • There's no Officeworks in Mentone. I assume you mean Highett?

  • +1

    This was on clearance at my local officeworks (Penrith,NSW) for $288 on the weekend. The bootlader can now be unlocked for this, I haven't tried it yet.

  • +4

    This is a steel at this price

    • +2

      It's a steel at any price.

  • -5

    No notification light…shame, great looking phone & price.

    • +2

      It has a glance screen instead. Stay classy.

      • -2

        It's not an OLED screen so to make it into an always on screen is plain stupid.

        • +2

          They are not plain stupid, as it isn't always on - it is activated when you pick the phone up.

    • -3

      Negs? really? Gees….

      I'm in the market for a new phone, and I love my current one with notification led. From across the room I can tell if I've missed something and what it was by the colour of the led. Really hooked on this feature.

      More negs coming I'm sure…..

  • Called my local OW, they said they have a few but locked to Telstra. How hard is it to unlock?

  • Also I'm correct to assume the OW version isn't dual SIM?

    • +3

      Correct - TA-1012. Still has microSD expansion capability. Not fussed on 2nd Sim so not a neg for me

  • this or the poco?
    not that im gonna buy just wanting to know.
    im waiting on that good good note 9 deal from officeworks lol

    • Poco is much newer specs, but no NFC and no Band 28

  • Looks like import… Their contact address is Hong Kong.

    From Nokia warranty terms:

    Even though one or more countries may be mentioned herein, this Warranty is only applicable in the country where the Product was purchased through Manufacturer’s authorised sales channels, provided that the Product was intended for sale in that country (“Covered Country”).

    As such, this may only be 12 months warranty - not the 24 usually seen on Australian stock.

    • +7

      The deal is the price match at officeworks. And if you buy it there then you get Australian warranty.

      • +4

        Unofficially, because a price match is not a deal ;)

        • +1

          Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad.

  • That's so cheap, it's refurb price.

    Got mine 11 months ago. It's been great.

  • Hi Op, is your Nokia 8 model number TA-1004? TA-1004 is the only global dual sim model.

  • Screen is 5.3"

  • -6

    Is part of the Android One program.

  • Was very close to getting this if only it was local stock.

    • +3

      … price match at Officeworks??

      • IF you can find one…??

        • Can't find if you don't look

  • Need help, this or Nokia 7 plus or Moto G6 plus?
    Currently using Moto G4 plus, good phone except battery is basically dead(randomly shut itself after it still have ∼90% battery full, hopefully Moto G6 plus don't have this problem.)

    • You'll be lucky to find stock of this. 7 plus over g6 plus. 7 plus can be had for $372 price beating joybuy

      • How can OW price beat when Joybuy don't even the price in AUD?

        Sorry if I am been ignorance, but I thought OW only price beat AU sites.

        • Toby deals isn't an Australian site.
          You can change the currency on joybuy

      • sadly the nokia 7 plus isnt in stock at joybuy, so officeworks wont pricematch

    • That does not sound like normal wear and tear of battery. Is it a common problem for that/different model?

      Did you end up getting Oeo on the G4+ yet?

      • there are custom android 8 and 9 roms on G4+ see XDA forum

        • Thanks, but Motorola mentioned something online about official OTA Oreo update was wondering if that has come through yet.

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