expired China Southern to London, UK from Brisbane $838 / Melbourne $857 / Perth $931 / Adelaide $936 / Sydney $960 Return (UK Summer)


Be among the first to visit the UK post-Brexit! :) A skytrax 4* airline to London for under a grand, sometimes under $900 depending on the port.

A full service (drinks included, bags, food) airline, with summer dates!

Airline: China Southern
From: many ports
When: summer (EU)

You too could be among the first post Brexit tourists to the UK!

(disclaimer: we do not endorse Brexit, just cheap flight deals ;))

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    Interesting that Skyscanner doesn't show these China Southern fares by default. Probably because of the awkward stops and long layovers required. Malaysia Air coming in at $25 more from Perth but 21hrs duration vs 46hrs on the return leg with China Southern.


      Yeah it's weird how that happens. Same with our booking engine, sometimes through 3rd party APIs you can get different deals, and from different countries. The joys of aviation!

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        Skyscanner is attempting to find the traveler a nice balance between price & duration by default.


    you could get some nice hotels if you fly CS and stay overnight in Guangzhou. just apply online.

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