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Roccat Kone Pure SE RGB Gaming Mouse $39 + Delivery @ PCCG


$20 off at PCCG, next cheapest on Staticice is $50. One of the cheapest with a flawless sensor.

Similar to the more expensive Owl-Eye but with lower DPI and IPS. Medium size for right-hand use, suitable for claw or palm grip.

  • Sensor: Pixart PMW3325DB
  • Switch: Omron (50 million)
  • Dimensions: 120x70x38
  • Weight: 88g
  • DPI: 5000
  • IPS: 100
  • Polling: 1000hz
  • Acceleration: 20g

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  • Straight up my favourite mouse, and this is a great price.

  • also my favourite mouse, have two.

  • how does the size of the Pure compare with the XTD?

    • Pure: 120x70x38
      XTD: 135x78x40

      Picture for comparison: https://images.anandtech.com/doci/6802/Small%20(12%20of%2012).jpg

  • $15 delivery?

  • I have the "Owl Eye" edition which is the latest model with (i think) the newest top quality sensor and it goes great. One good property is that it's one of the few high quality gaming mice that is under 90 grams, many of the more mainstream Logitech, Corsair and Razer brands tend to sit around 120 grams which obviously doesn't sound like a lot of a difference, but it provides you with less hand fatigue during a long session. Additionally it's not overly big either and can cater towards a standard-small hand size unlike hugely popular mice such as the Razer DeathAdder which is freekin huge.

    Only thing I will say is I have noticed that the feet don't slide on my mouse pad as cleanly as my old Logitech G402 did, it kinda has this weird gritty feeling like the surface isn't smooth (might just be me needing a new mouse pad though, not sure).
    Definitely would recommend despite this, especially for this awesome price.

    • Nothing worse than hand fatigue after a long session

    • "many of the more mainstream Logitech, Corsair and Razer brands tend to sit around 120 grams/"

      You really think that about Logitech?

      G pro wireless - 80 grams
      G300s - 82 grams
      G102/203 - 85 grams
      G302 - 87 grams
      G403 - 87.3 grams
      G pro - 87.4 grams
      G305 - 99 grams (weight can be lowered depending on battery type used, Mines at 82 grams)
      G703 - 107 grams
      G402 - 108 grams
      G903 - 110 grams
      G502 - 121 grams
      G602 - 129 grams

  • $15 delivery :( Good if you can pick up

  • A+++ mouse for smaller hands.

  • It's Back !! Just ordered me one.

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