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[PS4/XB1] Red Dead Redemption 2 $67 @ EB Games


Cheapest available price for Red Dead Redemption 2 at the moment. Other games in the deal aren't really worth it as they have been/are cheaper at other stores. Sale starts Monday.

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EB Games Australia

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  • Wasn't it $69 Day 1 at JB? How is $67 a bargain after 3 months?

  • remember kids, best price doesn't necessarily mean a good price.

  • Just a heads up, if you are planning on buying any of these games right now, cheapest bet would be second hand. RDR2 can go as low as $40-50, saving you a bit :D

  • If for some reason, you want to exploit the unlimited gold bar glitch (chapter 2) and get nice free horses glitch at chapter 6, you need to make sure your console is offline (no Internet) during the install and game play - as Rockstar had long patched both bugs.

    • but what is point of playing the game with these exploits..
      it's like getting unlimited health etc..

      it will ruin the challenge of playing.

      • Kids these days think being hand-held through a game and given everything when they want it is fun. I however think the fun is in the challenge.

        • Kids these days? Mate, people were doing this 20+ years ago as well. I remember all the Nintendo Power and Playstation magazines that would have dedicated areas to glitches and cheats like this for SNES and PS1 games.

      • My main issue is the chapter after chapter 6 (without spoiling it for people who haven't played). Besides, unless you have the right satchel(s), you are restricted in the total number items you can store. With auto-aim, the game isn't THAT hard.

        [Spoiler alert] And, after chapter 6, those satchels can be purchased?! Gosh, I wish I knew that, sure hunting legendary animals is kinda fun initially, but the game does have glitches often in those areas (I don't enjoy reloading a save game multiple times when hunting a legendary animal to fix the not spawning issue) - that's not challenging, that's suffering. If you want stats boosting / health boosting items in the game, you cannot just buy them. Since you played the game, you would know that.

        However, is it really worth it to spend that much time if you just want to quickly get all the outfits? Also, most of the time when you try to collect loot, your gang members constantly goes: Arthur, what are you doing? Let's go Arthur, come on Arthur.

        Let's not forget what actually happens after you finished the game once, you get a big lump sum.

    • If you actually play the game you'll realise there's no reason to do this. The missions and treasure hunts give you more money than there are things to spend it on.

      • How about the two chapters after chapter 6? Discount rate gets a reset. So, after all the effort to reach all the way to the highest level and enjoy the benefits of 50% discount, that gets a reset? You might enjoy the very next chapter after chapter 6 very much, but I don't.

        This game puts too much emphasis on realism. Fast travel is one way only. Until you reach certain points of the stories, certain weapons cannot be bought anyway. Using those exploits only improve the quality of life slightly. Your gang members always complain when you spend time collecting loot. Also, before chapter 6, unless you hunt legendary animals and get the necessary satchels, you are limited to what you can store.

        Don't get me wrong, it is an awesome game, but parts of the game can be quite frustrating and the quality of life part of the game is not great.

  • i'd wait a week to see if anyone else beats this price but if you are that desperate to play the game then go for it, i wasn't as hooked to this one as i was the first one. im still on chapter 3 after 2 months of owning it.

  • very poor sale unless its been added to today


  • $64.99 @ Costco