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Agoda - 12% off Hotel Bookings with AU MasterCard


Return of the Mack!

An extension to my last post as the offer has been extended!
An easy saving of 12% on already extremely competitive Hotel rates
No code or voucher required
Just use the Agoda Portal and pay with eligible Australian MasterCard's on Pre-Paid (Pay Now) Hotel Bookings
to enjoy an easy saving of 12%!
I use my Citibank Debit MasterCard and it works a treat!

***Please double check for the -12% discount before selecting 'Book Now' as it will only appear if the appropriate booking and card has been applied

Book Period - 30 January 2019 to 30 April 2019
Stay Period - 30 January 2019 to 31 December 2019
Destinations - Worldwide
Devices - Website Landing Page Only (https://www.agoda.com/mastercardau) - Not applicable to Agoda App

Note: The T&Cs mention that some eligible Credit Cards and Commercial Cards are also included in this promotion but does not specify which specific ones are suitable, feel free to comment below on which cards work for you.

Happy Travels!

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  • Awesome - was just about to book something I found on Agoda!

  • Are these eligible for cash rewards?

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      Use of any coupons and/or incentive offers/links (including Amex/Mastercard/Visa discounts) will invalidate any cashback and/or any cashback claims, including our cashback guarantee, unless specifically listed on this site.

      So I'm assuming not.

  • Hmmm…Any ideas if this will work if I have a check out date of Jan 1st 2020? I suspect it won't, right?

    • Actually - it looks like it will. Now to see if I can book the places I've already booked with the Wotif 8% cashrewards. :D

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    What's with their pricing? It says for example 70% off today only but seems to be like that very day.

    • +5

      It's like a permanent closing down sale on a shitty rug shop…

  • I've put in my Bankwest mastercard and it hasn't changed the price

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      Last time I booked I didn't get the discount with any mastercard CREDIT cards and had to use a debit card. Not sure if still the same problem.

      I think there was a way to get around it involving booking with the debit and paying with the credit afterwards but idk.

      • +1

        Pretty sure there's no difference from a Mastercard credit/debit card number from a merchant's perspective.

        • I don't know either but I tried like 4 different MCs. Westpac black, Bendigo plat, Qantas Premier, 28 degrees none worked. Citibank plus debit did though.

          • @fishball: I'm using my Citibank Mastercard debit card and there is no discount.
            I'll stick with Expedia which has an identical price.

            • @DisabledUser110907: Good call mate, duno why it is so hard for them on the MC discount. When I used AMEX for some discount (11%?) it was very easy on Agoda.

          • @fishball: 28 degress didn't work but Citibank plus did. However, i can't pay as i got an authorisation error. Any ideas? Is it a security thing that i need to call them up on?

    • Bugger. I was just about to use mine.

    • +1

      I had the same issue with them.

      Their support is RUBBISH too.

      Their T&C's regarding the Mastercard discount are confusing, the hotel you're booking has to be part of the deal according to the chat support person was speaking to.

      Most of the hotels posted are not.

      I tried both my debit and credit mastercards but none would display the discount.

      This deal has been posted before and people had issues with it then.

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    Expedia 11% off usually has more hotels than this

  • A hotel that I was considering on Agoda a couple of days ago was exactly 12% cheaper then than now, and it is 'Promo Eligible'.

    Now I know why the price has gone up.

    • Yes same here have been looking at prices for a hotel for my parents in Hong Kong and today it went up by approx 12% as well!!

      • Now, thanks to this offer, I can get it for exactly the same price as before, but only if I pay by Mastercard - brilliant.

    • +2

      I've found this too with the 10% off Amex promo, and in my experience it largely comes down to Agoda's sneaky placement of the "24HOURSALE" coupon (which has always been ongoing, has no details, and cannot be removed).

      E.g. for a $300 room I'm looking at, the regular Agoda site shows a coupon discount of $24. But when searching for the exact same room via the dedicated agoda.com/amexau website, the coupon reduces down to only $12, thereby making the final price after Amex discount only a few $ cheaper than not having gone through the /amexau site at all!

      Also keep in mind Cashrewards most likely won't track if you are going through a dedicated merchant page such as /amexau or /mastercardau, so you are losing out on potentially another 5.6%.

      Always do your research first, and don't be afraid to search again via incognito and VPN - geotracking is real and it's happening!

      • Hey mate, I've found exactly what you mean here. I'm just wondering if you know that if you go through the normal Agoda page, does the "24HOURSALE" coupon make you ineligible for cashback from cashrewards or shopback because it says a coupon was applied that doesn't exist on the cashback sites?

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    You should be comparing on cheaptickets.com (an expedia reseller such as wotif, hotels.com, lastminute) for better deals as their perpetual 16% coupon - https://www.cheaptickets.com/lp/deals/promo-code - is usually difficult to beat. 12% off agoda is good though!

    In the past I was doing free hotel rooms with hotels.com and getting 4% cashback and it was still better on cheaptickets.com after the discount was applied

    • +2

      Thanks guy! A cursory look at my hotel in order of cheapest to more expensive: Cheaptickets (with 16% off) -> Expedia (with 11% off) -> Agoda (with 12% off). Difference from price between Cheaptickets and Agoda was 15% so it's definitely not chump change!

      • +5

        Remember Cheaptickets is in USD

    • +1

      I tried cheaptickets for some Melbourne hotels and their discount codes don't work on any hotels or dates I have tried even though they are within the promotional period. Does it work for you?

    • +1

      Thanks so much for sharing this. These prices are indeed competitive. However i did find for my trip that the Agoda deal was cheaper so it certainly pays to shop around.

  • how do you know the 12% discount has applied? it says early in the booking process its eligible but even after I entered my mastercard, the total price is still the same. I'm loathe to click Book Now until I'm sure it will be applied…

    • Under "Price (1 room x 2 nights)" [or whatever] it'll have "MasterCardAU 12% -$ XX.XX" in orange. Like others I was only able to get it to work with my Citibank debit card.

      • Won't work with my Citibank debit card :/

  • +2

    I tried 28 Degrees Latitude Mastercard.. NO LUCK

  • +1

    It's worth noting that the prices default to USD, but can be changed to AUD very easily. I thought the prices for Singapore were way too cheap!

  • Didn’t work for me either, using both Commbank master credit and master debit

  • Hi to all,

    Just let you know if you need another ex 10% off by using the code: WX255BL

    Happy Travelling~

    • +1

      where do you add it?

  • Ha I chose a hotel I liked and input MC details and the price went down, all good. Then it prompted me to log in as apparently I had an account there from ages ago.. I did and the price went up $3! Logged out and created a new account for the lower price. Very slightly dodgy…

    • As soon as you log in the price goes up, so shonky.

  • +3

    Always go Icognito mode when buying flights and especially hotels!

  • Remember to change the currency to AUD because Agoda default currency is USD.

  • Shit! Made a booking on USD prices :(

    Dont make the same mistake guys

  • Not working for me using a Coles Mastercard within the dates for the period and using the mastercard link.

    Beware with Agoda the price is before tax,even when it says taxes included. Add approx 21% tax for Indonesia.

  • +3

    I just did a comparison of the prices with and without the merchant discounts.

    1) Plain Agoda.com - Original room price: $400.75 | Instant discount: -$24.20 | Price: $376.55 | 5% Cashrewards: -$16 (approx on before-tax price) = $360

    2) Agoda.com/mastercardau - Original room price: $400.75 | Coupon discount: -$6.70 | Mastercard discount: $40.94 | Price: $353.10 | No Cashrewards: -$0 = $353

    3) Agoda.com/amexdau - Original room price: $400.75 | Coupon discount: -$6.70 | Amex discount: $34.11 | Price: $359.93 | No Cashrewards: -$0 = $360

    Note the above calculation is not taking into account the value of any credit card points you might earn as well, since it appears only Citi Debit card is working for the /mastercardau promo - you can easily earn 1p/$1 which has a minimum value of 1c/1p, equating to another $3.60 off 1) and 3).

    Verdict: I'm not sure the $7 saving (~2%) is really such a bargain after all. As many others have said, you might even be able to find cheaper rates on other websites, instead of giving your money to a scumbag operator like Agoda. But Ozbargain being Ozbargain, $7 saving could buy yourself lunch, so YMMV.

  • Seems a bit of a bait, followed rules and no discount at end so didn’t book.

  • +1

    Didn't work with my 28 degrees, but booked it anyway, then spoke via live chat and they refunded me 12% of the booking. Which is handy.

  • Just booked Canberra hotel using Citibank Debit Mastercard and it worked. AFAIK price was not jacked up before discount.

  • Worked great for me, thanks OP. Clicking back and forth in the site I somehow triggered the 24HOURSALE to be automatically applied and went from Save 71% to Save 75% Today. I think it's their algorithm when they think you are having second thoughts?

    So that price was already cheaper than the best from Booking/Hotels/Expedia, and then the 12% made it even better. I used a Commonwealth Bank Debit Mastercard and Pay Later option - hopefully I can actually pay it with a credit card later to get points.

  • Kindly be informed that not all properties are eligible for the card promotion, you should be able to see that the room is promo eligible while selecting the room type. Do also make sure that you'll need to make a prepaid booking in order for enjoy the discount.

    Yes all good, but still does not work!, before hitting that final BOOK NOW it should reflect the price with discount,
    Waiting for reply……….

  • This didn't work with any of my credit cards but worked with my debit card

  • Thanks anGuz was booking our winter escape this weekend and agoda was the cheapest for our hotel. Came and checked here and got the discount with Bankwest debit mastercard, saved about $80. Greatly appreciated!

  • Booked with a Westpac Altitude Black Credit Card and it did not work. Currently in contact with them but they are dragging their feet

  • I have 2 Mastercard credit cards and 2 Mastercard debit cards. Putting the credit cards didn't trigger the discount but both debit cards did. Only problem is I don't have money in the debit cards, going have to move money in first before I can book which is really annoying.

  • Anyone can help why I input the Citi debit MasterCard, the discount didn't apply. Is it only for selective hotels?Thanks.

  • not getting 12% off.. only 10.4% for some reasons.. 28 degrees doesn't work. citibank debit works

  • Didn't work on 28 degrees :-(

    • I advise buying it then going to online chat and tell them the deal didn't work. The unhesitantly refund the 12%!

      • you've tried this and worked?

        • Yeah it worked for me!

      • I tried via. They said no due to their policy :(

        Also if I request a cancel, the money is returned as credits.
        Meaning that if I rebook, I will use the credit and hence not eligible for the MasterCard promo.

  • The landing page which gives you 12% off is actually more expensive (also in USD).
    Booking without going through the landing page gave me 25% off without any promo and discount code.
    The 25% off was a daily special or something.

  • Last I checked Agoda processes all their payments in London, so you will get slapped with a ~3% forex fee if you pay with your bank mastercard (Westpac/NAB/ANZ I know will charge this, not sure about CBA) and not a 28 degrees or similar.

    In that case, the 10% amex one is probably better since amex do not pass on forex fee if you pay in AUD.

  • My big issue is getting the coupon box to appear.

    well after some fluffying around I've come up with the following (worked for me)

    1) Use one browser to search and do your recon.
    2) Fire up a new browser in desktop mode - Do Not Login
    2) Follow the instructions down the bottom of this page to get offered a 10% off coupon from Agoda

    (basically goto here on a desktop https://www.agoda.com/deals?cid=1795758 you'll be offered a 10%off coupon, then there's another link on the page to use for browsing hotels)

    NB don't login until after you've entered the coupon, or the coupon box will disappear.

    it stacked for me on top of the "72 hour 30% deal" the room I got was $3k+ on Booking, Expedia, Lastminutetravel, etc it was $1900 on agoda and then got 10% off that.

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